WebXpress enterprise mobility capability and solutions


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This Presentation highlights WebXpress Mobility Solutions:

-Transportation & Fleet Management
-Transaction Management using HHT
-POD Scanning using HHT
-GPS Integration

-Mobility Solutions: Warehouse Management

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WebXpress enterprise mobility capability and solutions

  1. 1. WebXpress Mobility Extending Horizons
  2. 2. Contents • About WebXpress • WebXpress Solution Architecture – Mobile Solutions – GPS Integration • Mobility Solutions: Transportation & Fleet Management – Transaction Management using HHT – POD Scanning using HHT – GPS Integration • Mobility Solutions: Warehouse Management
  3. 3. About WebXpress
  4. 4. Company Snapshot Genesis • Promoted by ECFY Consulting Private Limited • Founded in November 2004 • Based at Mumbai • Development centers at Mumbai & Surat Technology • Web based technologies • Microsoft technologies • AJAX, C# .Net, SQL 2008, SSRS • Mobile: SMS/ GPRS/3G, Windows Mobile/ Android Solution Focus • Transportation & fleet management • Warehousing • Home Delivery Solutions • Supply chain visibility • Devices: Mobile, GPS • Business Intelligence Customer Segment Focus • Logistics Service Providers (LSPs) • User of Logistics Services (LSUs)
  5. 5. WebXpress Product Suite Finance & Accounts | CRM Business Intelligence- Qlikview DEVICES Mobile GPS Bar Code Sensors B2B Integration EDI RosettaNet XML Allied Services: Managed Web Hosting | Connectivity Customer Portal • Tracking • Invoice • Complaints • Enquiry • Contracts • E-POD WebXpress Product Suite Fleet Management Transportation WarehousingFleet Management Transportation WarehousingFleet Management Transportation WarehousingFleet Management Transportation WarehousingFleet Management
  6. 6. WebXpress Customers WebXpress is used by
  7. 7. WebXpress WMS Deployments 3PL PARTNERS Eastman Impex Deployments Deployments
  8. 8. WebXpress Partners Qliktech Inc Business Intelligence Solution www.qlikview.com Banyan Commerce EDI Technology Partner www.banyancommerce.com Motorola India Enterprise Mobility Solutions Partner www.motorolasolutions.com Netmagic Solutions Web Hosting Partner www.netmagicsolutions.com
  9. 9. WebXpress Mobile Solution Architecture
  10. 10. WebXpress TMS Mobile Application Architecture Architecture • The Mobile device is Wi-Fi / GPRS/ 3G enabled • Mobile Device is connected to sever over the Internet via GPRS/ 3G • Mobile Device may be connected using Wi-Fi where available HHT Technical Details • Wi-Fi enabled/ GPRS/ 3G enabled • 64/ 128 MB RAM • Windows Mobile/ CE / Android OS • Camera 2.5 megapixels or higher Leased/ Broadband Link: 256 Kbps to 1 Mbps INTERNET Wi-Fi Router WebXpress TMS/WMS Internet Data Center. WebXpress Mobile Application Middleware Wi-Fi Hotspot/ Office PC/Laptop HHT/ Tablet HHT/Tablet GPRS/ 3G connection
  11. 11. WebXpress GPS Solution Diagram Cellular Network GPS Satellites WebXpress Users INTERNET Mobile Receiver GPS Tracker Box/ HHT with GPS GPS Tracker Command Center Application WebXpress Application GPS Module Third Party Tools: Google Maps
  12. 12. Advantage of WebXpress Mobility architecture • The application talks DIRECTLY to web-server over GPRS or Wi-Fi • There is NO MIDDLEWARE at the warehouse- thus no server, no maintenance, no downtime • The application uses Web-services over Wi-Fi or GPRS over HTTP, thus not requiring special firewall settings needed for an FTP or an SQL query. • This also does away with docking, sync partnerships etc. • The application retrieves data from web BUT then works offline. ALL validations of a given form are carried out within the device.
  13. 13. Mobility Solutions: Transportation & Fleet Management
  14. 14. WebXpress Mobile for TMS • WebXpress offers a range of transaction using Windows Mobile HHT • All that a user requires is – Windows Mobile phone with touch screen – GPRS/3G connection – WebXpress Mobile Application – Authorized username and password • With WebXpress Mobile, you can now get information on booking, delivery and POD right at the point of data generation This will enable REAL TIME information update to customers and help planning upcountry loads
  15. 15. WebXpress TMS Mobile Modules • Booking – You can use WebXpress Mobile to enter Cnote/Docket • Tracking – Any Cnote or Vehicle can be tracked directly from mobile • Delivery Update – All delivery information of a docket can be updated from mobile • One Click POD – You can take a picture of POD and upload the same
  16. 16. WebXpress Mobile Authentication • WebXpress mobile can be used only by authorized personnel • On login, WebXpress will automatically identify – User name – Rights – Location of operation – Document series • Thus, WebXpress mobile is a fully secure application
  17. 17. Quick Docket Entry on Mobile Device • Click on enter CN/ docket button • User can also press number 1 key to avoid using stylus • Do note that only CN with DCR allocated to given location can be entered
  18. 18. Cnote/ docket entry 1. Docket number from DCR 2. Valid Docket Date 3. Select Delivery Location 4. No of Packages 5. Total Actual Weight 6. Total Charged Weight 1 2 3 4 5 6
  19. 19. Cnote/ docket entry • Click Next to Enter another Docket and • Click Submit to Upload all entered dockets • You can also upload dockets later using Main Menu
  20. 20. After Clicking Submit Shows confirmation Screen. Cnote Uploaded
  21. 21. Effect in WebXpress Application
  22. 22. Cnote completion Shows information entered at time of quick entry in Mobile device.
  23. 23. One Click POD Update
  24. 24. WebXpress One Click POD • Mobile device can be used to capture a photo of POD and upload the same • Following rules are validated: – CN is valid – CN is delivered
  25. 25. Enter/ scan Cnote number
  26. 26. Validation to ensure proper entry
  27. 27. Photo Capture Screen gets activated on Shoot & Upload • Click on Shoot and Upload button to invoke camera function • Take a picture of POD- use flash if required • Click on done button • WebXpress Mobile will now upload POD automatically • Wait for main screen to appear again
  28. 28. View image uploaded through Mobile Application
  29. 29. WebXpress TMS: GPS Integration
  30. 30. Real time Track& trace of vehicle
  31. 31. Trip number (VHC) wise view of current status
  32. 32. Checking data of a particular vehicle
  33. 33. Consignment Tracking Status Details
  34. 34. WebXpress Bar Coding Solution
  35. 35. Solution • WebXpress helps you to manage entire work flow using Bar Coding • Every package is assigned a Unique Barcode Identification or UBI • UBI sticker can be pre-printed or can be generated using WebXpress Barcode Generation utility • All arrival and departure counting are then done using bar code scan, replacing manual counting of boxes • Any shortage or extra is indicated by WebXpress system by flashing the error • This reduces instances of misrouting and shortages • Also, at any point of time the UBI number can provide the details of the box such as docket number, origin, destination, consignor and consignee etc.
  36. 36. Solution Requirements • Option 1: Pre-printed barcode stickers – Series controlled barcode stationery – Bar code readers at booking location, hubs and delivery location – WebXpress bar code management module • Option 2: WebXpress generated barcode stickers – WebXpress barcode generation utility – Barcode printer to print labels – Bar code readers at booking location, hubs and delivery location – WebXpress bar code management module
  37. 37. Solution Option Comparison Option 1: Pre-printer labels • No need to deploy bar code printers • Series control required on bar code labels • User needs to enter exact range of labels used at the time of docket entry • User has to manually write docket number, from-to, no. • Useful when we have less number of packages and printing is not feasible at customer location Option 2: WebXpress generated labels • Bar code label printer required at point of generation of labels • No series management required as numbers are system generated • No need to enter data as system generated numbers after docket entry • Not required • Used for high-volume regular customers where onsite facilities are justified
  38. 38. Bar code label format • This is example of bar code label generated from WebXpress • As can be noticed system prints all information such as docket number, packages, bar code, locations etc. • This is printed using a thermal printer attached to a PC/laptop • Labels are generated on docket entry ABC Logistics info@abclogistics.com Call: 1 800 7650
  39. 39. Device requirements: Thermal Printer • Option 1: PC based printer – Customer can deploy a standard high-output bar code printer – This printer will be connected to a PC/laptop – User will enter docket in WebXpress and then print labels using WebXpress bar code printing utility • Option 2: Bluetooth Printer – In this case, user will use a mobile barcode printer – This will be connected to a PC/laptop with bluetooth connectivity – User will enter docket in WebXpress and then print labels using WebXpress bar code printing utility
  40. 40. Printer Option Comparison Option 1: PC based printer • Used for high volume printing • Needs connection to PC/laptop • Needs electricity connection • Lower cost per print • Not mobile- fixed to a desk Option 2: Bluetooth printer • Used for less number of prints • Connects wirelessly to HHT or a PC/laptop • Works on a battery • Higher cost per print • Mobile and can be taken to any location
  41. 41. Barcode reader option Comparison Option 1: PC based printer Option 2: Bluetooth Printer Price range: Rs. 7000-14000 Price range: Rs. 35000-85000
  42. 42. Device requirements: Barcode reader • Option 1: Wired reader – Customer can deploy a barcode reader connected to a PC or a laptop – In such a case, wired barcode reader or a bluetooth barcode reader will be used • Option 2: Hand Held Terminal (HHT) – Customer can also deploy a handheld terminal for reading barcodes directly into WebXpress application – This will require a Hand Held Terminal with Wi-Fi/GPRS connectivity and Windows Mobile/CE operating system – This will also require installation of WebXpress HHT solution into the device – The hub/branch also needs to be Wi-Fi enabled
  43. 43. Barcode reader option Comparison Option 1: Wired reader • Bar code reader connected to a PC/laptop • As length of wire is limited, scanning workstation needs to be near to loading/off loading gate • WebXpress application on PC should be running and online to use the system • Less flexibility for movement of reader. Typically suitable for small to medium boxes • Ideally used on a conveyer belt Option 2: Hand Held Terminal • Independent terminal used by an operator. Connected using Wi- Fi/GPRS • As this is a wireless device, it can be taken to any area in hub • Application is loaded on HHT and does not require online connectivity while scanning. Requires connectivity at start and end of each activity • High flexibility to user for scanning a box. Suitable for all types of loads, all weights • Ideally used for high volume activity over a large area
  44. 44. Barcode reader option Comparison Option 1: Wired reader Option 2: Hand Held Terminal (HHT) Price range: Rs. 35000-85000
  45. 45. Thank You info@webxpress.in www.webxpress.in KEEP IN TOUCH Headquarters Regional Sales Office 114, Sundervilla, S. V. Road, Santacruz (West), Mumbai – 400052 +91 93 232 428 02 +91 22 325 735 60 ECFY Consulting Pvt. Ltd. 107, First Floor, Suncity Trade Tower, Sector–21, Gurgaon – 122001 +91 93 117 363 59