Information on Bachelor of Public Relations
in Toronto
A public relations degree program focuses on offering comprehensive...
Program Eligibility
In order to apply for post-secondary PR courses, students will need:
 Secondary school diploma certif...
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Information on bachelor of public relations in toronto


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Bachelor of public relations is an intense and comprehensive program that prepares students for rewarding careers with public relations agencies, digital marketing companies, corporate communications and investor relations departments, not-for-profit sector organizations and hospitals and healthcare organizations.

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Information on bachelor of public relations in toronto

  1. 1. Information on Bachelor of Public Relations in Toronto A public relations degree program focuses on offering comprehensive education of public relations, a solid foundation in business principles and in-depth knowledge in research, social and digital media and corporate communications, and skills to manage issues and crisis, communicate with public/audience and create a positive image of a person or the organization. The bachelor-level public relations programs typically run for four years through nine semesters, incorporating in-class sessions, presentations and group discussions, hands-on computer applications, projects and assignments, seminars and guest lectures and an industry field placement. These are comprehensive and rigorous programs that focus on overall development of students. Program Structure In the first year, the focus is on developing a broad-based understanding of business. Students are introduced to business as whole, principles of marketing, the power of communications, public relations, media, organizational behaviour, business law, statistics, social media and writing for public relations. Second year courses include corporate social responsibility, accounting, media relations, strategic communications planning, fundamentals of research, financial management, business research and analysis, global citizenship and equity: world hunger, ethics for a plural world and internal communications. Students are introduced to communication design, humanities and natural science, non-profit communications, investor relations and communications law and ethics in third year. A strong emphasis is laid on helping students develop entrepreneurship, public sector communications, advanced PR writing, issues management and crisis communication skills in fourth year. In addition to this, the students develop skills in writing for different audiences at various platforms. The PR programs generally conclude with an industry field placement, which helps students apply their learning into practice, gain real world exposure and relevant industry contacts.
  2. 2. Program Eligibility In order to apply for post-secondary PR courses, students will need:  Secondary school diploma certificate or equivalent  Six Grade 12 U, Grade 12 M or OAC credits, with an overall average of 65% or higher  English Grade 12 U with 70% or higher  A letter of intent explaining interest in the program and reason for applying  To complete a writing test However, meeting eligibility criteria doesn’t guarantee admission to the program. The applications are thoroughly assessed and admission offer is made to the most suitable applicants. Studying Bachelor of Public Relations in Toronto Numerous colleges offer programs in public relations in Toronto. But not all are worth considering. A bachelor of public relations program may be the right choice, if it  Offers skills to develop multifaceted social media and integrated online marketing programs  Offers a deeper understanding of the role communications play in helping organizations make change  Helps build critical skills in professional writing, research, strategic communications and social and digital media  Offers excellent employment prospects  Prepares for diverse range of careers in this discipline Centennial College’s program in public relations fulfills all the above mentioned criteria, thus, making the right choice. The program also incorporates a fifteen-week industry field placement that helps students gain real-world experience. It prepares students to build dynamic careers in the exciting, growing field of public relations and corporate communications.