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Vantage Yacht Club Brochure

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Only The Benefits

  1. 1. © Sunseeker o n l y t h e b e n e f i t s
  2. 2. THE EVOLUTION OF YACHTING Leave everything you know about yacht clubs on the shore and take a voyage into the future of yachting aboard the fleet of Vantage Yachts. Vantage Yacht Club is a cutting edge, private membership club that unites its Members with an unparalleled selection of yachts, services and lifestyle privileges. Vantage has accelerated the evolution of luxury yachting with our Membership, Yacht Card and Yacht Shares programs. These offerings grant Members access to an exquisite collection of yachts without the significant capital outlay of individual ownership. The greatest benefit Vantage offers is our Turn-Key Yacht Management Service that allows Members to step-on and step- off the fleet, leaving every responsibility in the hands of the Vantage Team. Only the benefits of luxury yachting are known to Vantage Yacht Club Members. Vantage has created a way for our Members to experience yachting the way it was meant to be, free from the hassles and responsibilities. More importantly, Vantage has eliminated the financial risk associated with private yacht ownership by drastically minimizing capital costs and offering a guaranteed predictable pricing structure that is bespoke to individual needs and desires. THE INVENTION OF SHARING Although people have been sharing since time immemorial, the concept of asset sharing only recently has begun to drastically change the way we live. Just over two decades ago millionaires, and billionaires, discovered the value and benefits of shared jet ownership. The business model was successfully established when a big four emerged and Berkshire Hathaway acquired the leading jet share company. It now has grown to become the largest and most respected private jet operator in the world. Vantage Yacht Club has advanced yachting by simply applying identical business principles and service standards that have been proven in the private jet industry. Vantage yacht sharing is the most intelligent way to experience the luxury yachting lifestyle. Vantage Membership offers the lowest cost-per-cruise and delivers the highest levels of service. The ultimate value is revealed when one compares Vantage Membership to individual ownership and other yachting schemes. Consult with your Vantage Member Adviser to discover the many benefits of membership and request a© Sunseeker personalized cost-per-cruise analysis of your current or prospective situation compared to the yachting solutions offered by Vantage Yacht Club.
  3. 3. i n t e l l i g e n t l u x u r y © Sunseeker
  4. 4. ADMIRAL MEMBERSHIP Vantage Admiral Members are yachting enthusiasts who are trained and insured to operate Vantage Yachts. For initial captain certification, they participate in Vantage On-Helm training along with classroom-structured courses and testing. In an ongoing effort to sustain high levels of safety and enjoyment, Vantage continually requires training to sharpen and improve helmsmanship. Admiral Membership is individually held and is valid perpetually with annual training and participation in our Yacht Card or Yacht Shares programs. Admiral Membership is inclusive of all benefits and privileges that Vantage Yacht Club offers. FLEET MEMBERSHIP Fleet Members enjoy the flexibility of On-Demand access aboard our collection of yachts and personal watercraft. Cruises and yacht vacations are tailored to match each Member’s personal needs and exacting requirements. Members reserve their preferred yacht and instantly find themselves on the water escaping reality with one call to Member Services or a search on the Member’s only web site. Fleet access is based upon availability and captain services are required. Families, corporations and other organizations are eligible for Fleet Membership. SOCIAL MEMBERSHIP Vantage Social Membership is designed for private boat owners or individuals who would like to experience Vantage Yacht Club. Social Members receive unique benefits and gain access to our marinas, services and events. Social Members have the ability to utilize the Vantage Fleet to supplement their yachting needs when a replacement or larger vessel is desired. In addition,© Sunseeker they have the ability to generate charter revenue on their personal yacht when managed by Vantage Yacht Club.
  5. 5. va n t a g e m e m b e r s h i p a n d p r o g r a m s VANTAGE YACHT CARD The Yacht Card is a single season lease of a Vantage owned yacht for ten, twenty or thirty annual cruise-slots. The Yacht Card offers an easy way for Admiral Members to experience the unmatched service and accessibility that have made Vantage Yacht Club the innovative leader in the marine industry. • Gain access to the yacht that matches your skill, requirements and budget • Receive guaranteed availability and pricing • Free yourself from the escalating expenses and concerns of yacht ownership • Vantage does all the work for you - cleaning, maintenance, refueling, provisioning, compliance, mooring, storage, insurance and training • Schedule your yachting time, show up and turn the key! The Yacht Card program provides access to the yacht model of your choice with one simple payment. You control your schedule by reserving cruise-slots in advance and may book excursions over consecutive days. Card holders are responsible for the Consumable Expenses they incur. These expenses include fuel, taxes and optional crew services, gratuities, catering, and provisions. Consumable Expenses are invoiced on a monthly basis. VANTAGE YACHT SHARES The Yacht Shares program grants Members all of the joy, gratification and advantages of owning a yacht individually, only at a fraction of the cost and free from every concern. Vantage cares for you and your yacht while managing all of the details and logistics. There is a one-time acquisition cost, based on the interest size desired, as a percentage of the total value of the yacht. Upon exit of the program, you will recover the initial acquisition cost, less depreciation and a nominal resale fee. You are guaranteed to have access to your yacht for the number of days that your interest provides. A Quarter Share interest in the Great Lakes Region allocates seventy cruise-slots per yachting season that are eight or fourteen hours in duration. Yacht Shares owners are able to reserve their yacht up to seven consecutive days each month. Annual Management Dues encompass all ownership expenses, such as home port mooring, maintenance, insurance, cleaning, supplies and storage. The fee also covers operating costs including Owner Support, training, scheduling and concierge services. Owners are responsible for the Consumable Expenses they incur.
  6. 6. t u r n t h e k e y a n d d i s c o v e r l i f eYACHT MANAGEMENT MEMBER SERVICESAt the core of Vantage Yacht Club is our Yacht Management Service. Our One call to Vantage Member Services sets in motion a highly trained team of customer servicefounder, team members and dealer partners bring a decade of experience in professionals, concierge staff, catering and provisioning specialists, dock attendants, meteorologists,managing private jets and over forty-years of experience as yacht brokers, schedulers, captains, stewards, detailers and maintenance technicians who are available around the clockauthorized factory yacht dealers and U.S.C.G. Captains. to assist each Member with all of their yachting needs.Vantage Yacht Club offers multiple Yacht Management Service levels. Thehighest level is our Turn-Key Yacht Management Service where we take CONCIERGE Our Concierge Service encompasses everything imaginable and beyond. From on-board catering andcare of all the day-to-day responsibilities of yachts owned by Vantage Yacht provisioning to pizza delivery while anchored offshore to planning a week long vacation aboard aClub, Yacht Shares Members and private individuals. With Turn-Key Service, Vantage Yacht. Our mission is to assist you in achieving the yachting lifestyle and connect you with all ofyachts are maintained to their utmost, peak performance level and to the the amenities that your Vantage Yacht Club Membership provides.strictest of standards. Turn-Key Services include: • Cleaning and detailing SCHEDULING • Pump out and refueling The Member Services Team designs yachting schedules and calendars to accommodate the varying • Provisioning requests of our Members. We take a personal approach and consult with each Member to ensure that • Mooring and storage yachting time is equitably shared between program participants on their respective yachts. Vantage • Maintenance management and coordination Members are in control of their schedules and have the flexibility to make adjustments. • Winter, summer and salt water preparation • Insurance and regulatory compliance CREW SERVICES • Scheduling, account management and support Our professional team of yacht experts is well versed in hiring skilled crew to operate our yachts • Accounting and human resources and provide the most comprehensive training for our Members. Each crew candidate is appropriately • Optional revenue stream for private owners screened and undergoes customer service training. Experienced in yachting, human resources and business, our team’s wealth of knowledge enables us to hire the best people in the industry.We also offer a Fleet Management Service for Social Members whoindividually own a yacht. The owner is responsible for the operation oftheir yacht and we generate revenue for them during their yacht’s idle MAINTENANCEtime by enrolling the vessel into our Fleet Membership Program. Fleet For the vast majority of yacht owners, maintenance is an unpredictable expense that is difficult toManagement is a service that offers Members the opportunity to receive thoroughly understand and an inconvenient hassle to be dealt with. Conversely, for Vantage Yacht Clubincome from their yacht by taking advantage of the abundant Vantage Yacht Members these issues are of no concern. Vantage yacht maintenance costs are guaranteed, flat-rated, andClub Member demand. To participate in this program, the yacht must meet included in our program costs. Maintenance is the key component to safe and enjoyable cruising. Vantagespecific requirements, be added to our commercial insurance policy and Yacht Club takes the safety of our Members seriously and has made it our top priority. As a Vantageutilize our cleaning and detailing services. Other Vantage Yacht Management Member, you will have the peace of mind knowing that our professional maintenance team is inspectingServices are available by request of the yacht owner. your yacht daily and is on-call to immediately respond to maintenance events as they occur.
  7. 7. VANTAGE LIFESTYLE MEMBER BENEFITSFrom the moment you first step aboard a Vantage Yacht, you become a part of an Vantage Members are not limited to a clubhouse. Rather, they achieve VIP right of entry toexclusive circle, the fortunate few, who have discovered the true joys of yachting. We exclusive venues, restaurants, luxury hotels, resorts and lounges. There are many additionalembrace the extraordinary when it comes to life experiences. Vantage Event Planners privileges such as access to special events, professional sports, golf, concerts, performingcreate amazing group activities for members such as the Green River Flotilla and Venetian arts, fashion, culture, sports cars, private aircraft and yacht vacations.River Nights. In addition, our event planners will share their expertise in assisting you witha surprise birthday party for your daughter or arrange to have flowers, champagne and At Vantage Yacht Club, our goal is to provide the best possible yachting and lifestylehand dipped Belgian chocolates for an anniversary. The possibilities are endless. experiences for club members. This pursuit often encourages forward-thinking partnerships with complementary businesses. From arranging for substantial incentives from first-classVantage Membership truly shines is in the special moments that you share with family, companies to granting access to A-list events, we feel privileged to partner with the best-friends and colleagues. The yachting lifestyle has many rewards and the greatest of them is of-the-best and pass the benefits to you.the creation of lifelong memories. Our passionate dedication to surpass your expectationsfollows you ashore and brings you closer to the ones you love the most. To learn more, request our partner list from your Member Adviser.
  8. 8. Corporate :: Willis Tower | 233 South Wacker Drive | 84th Floor | Chicago, IL 60606 Marina & Club :: Marina City | 300 North State Street | Chicago, IL 60654 +1 855 777 1855