Coventry contemporary art forum (ccaf)


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By Laura Elliott, Artspace, Coventry

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Coventry contemporary art forum (ccaf)

  1. 1. Coventry Contemporary Art Forum (CCAF)
  2. 2. CCAF partners
  3. 3. Pluspace
  4. 4. Roots Gallery
  5. 5. Meter Room
  6. 6. Artspace
  7. 7. Lanchester Gallery Projects (LGP)
  8. 8. Mead Gallery
  9. 9. Coventry University School of A&D
  10. 10. The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum
  11. 11. Why CCAF• Because we see the benefit of sharing information, discussing joint issues/opps• We recognise that there are opportunities for working together, now and in the future• We see value in being seen to be working together• A space for institutions and independents to come together and to influence art stakeholders is needed in Coventry• We recognise the importance of us as individuals and also collectively strengthening the cultural offer in the city
  12. 12. CCAF Collaborations• Lindsay Seers in conversation with Jeremy Millar, programmed by the Mead Gallery, hosted by the Herbert• George Shaw for Turner Prize Party and after party, organised by CCAF partners and hosted by the Herbert and CSAD• ‘Best for the Most Club’ LGP and Meter Room events• ‘Synopsis 97’ Film Screenings at Artspace programmed by LGP• Artspace and Herbert ‘Insight II’ collaboration• Pluspace and Artspace Workspaces project• CCAF partners contributing to a programme of existing ‘test’ events and collaborations between January – July 2013
  13. 13. Next Steps and Conversations• Opening the forum to artists/curators and creating a regular platform for discussion via our joint projects.• Discussing /testing opportunities for a collaborative programme that supports development of a critical mass and promotes a lively cultural scene in the city.• Raising the profile of CCAF with stakeholders to develop high profile cultural influencers.
  14. 14. Contacts and more information about how we all work with artists• CCAF• Artspace / @CovArtspace• Pluspace @PluspaceGallery• Roots Gallery @roots_gallery• Mead Gallery• Herbert Art Gallery & Museum @The_Herbert• CSAD• Meter Room @MeterRoomCov• LGP @LGProjects
  15. 15. Coventry Priorities for TPWM• Professional development for artists/curators including critical conversation and writing• Visibility of what’s happening in Coventry and mobility of artists based in the city and linking to other networks