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Dover Museums and Arts Group presentation: interim report

A summary of the work done in the past year

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Dover Museums and Arts Group presentation: interim report

  2. 2. CONTENT • KEY OUTPUTS – Main achievements – A few stats • KEY OUTCOMES / HIGHLIGHTS • WHAT NEXT?
  3. 3. OUTPUTS: management, coordination and admin • Steering and planning meetings • General financial and other admin • Shared DMAG documents with management team and evaluator • Interviewed and appointed an evaluator; this is helping us to be more self reflective • Various feedback and evaluation forms designed and used
  4. 4. OUTPUTS: management, coordination and admin • Met with and appointed all the artists • 3 young/emerging artists commissioned • Nearly all artists regularly work or live in Kent • supported artists in their meetings with the partners • Appointed Kevin Joyce (discovered and inspired by Sarah) to help with digital aspects of project
  5. 5. OUTPUTS: management, coordination and admin Mindmap…Remember this?
  6. 6. OUTPUTS: Website • New website design for DAD: • Regular project updates on home page • Created address to make it easier to visit project pages • Map to website added to provide overview of partner locations
  7. 7. OUTPUTS: Website • Individual sections for partners with image for each partner
  8. 8. OUTPUTS: Website • Blog posts in partner sections by each individual artist
  9. 9. OUTPUTS: Marketing including social media • Facebook group set up to provide information about the project: ps/Dovermuseumsandarts/
  10. 10. OUTPUTS: Marketing including social media • Links to artist’s blog posts and news on artist’s progress
  11. 11. OUTPUTS: Marketing including social media • Workshops also advertised across Facebook and Twitter and places bookable via eventbrite
  12. 12. OUTPUTS: Marketing including social media • Active Facebook group members: partners, artists, participants …
  13. 13. OUTPUTS: Marketing including social media • Active Facebook group members: partners, artists, participants … • We need to grow membership – please join if you haven’t already
  14. 14. OUTPUTS: Marketing including social media Development of consistent branding - Leaflet for volunteers at partner venues explaining the project – available for you to take with you today
  15. 15. OUTPUTS: Marketing including social media • Development of consistent branding • Project “business card” Kevin’s idea) • Please take some and help promote the project
  16. 16. OUTPUTS: Drawing and Stitching workshops • Marcia Teusink demonstrating one point perspective – different drawing techniques covered at each workshop so participants coming to more than one always learn something new • Workshops so far: • Dover Museum (4 Oct 2014) • Drop Redoubt (19 Oct 2014) • PWRRQR (12 Nov 2014) • Aylesham (4 Feb 2015) • Sandwich Guildhall (7 March 2015 • St Margarets (21 March 2015) • Artists encouraged to attend workshops at their venue
  17. 17. OUTPUTS: Drawing and Stitching workshops • Rosie James leading the stitching workshops • Drawing and Stitching workshops generally run on the same day allowing drawings to be used for bunting designs and allowing participants to make a day of it – only Dover museum run on different date (22 Nov 2014) • N.B. From feedback received we realise we need to make the connection between the workshops clearer • Upcoming workshops (drawing & stitching) • Deal – 18 April • East Kent Railway - 9 May • Transport museum – 27 June
  18. 18. Drawing workshops
  19. 19. Drawing: Dover Museum
  20. 20. Drawing: Drop Redoubt
  21. 21. Drawing: Sandwich Guildhall
  22. 22. Stitching workshops
  23. 23. Bunting for PWRRQR
  24. 24. Bunting for Aylesham
  25. 25. Bunting for Drop Redoubt
  26. 26. Talks and events • Presented project at • North Kent Museums network • Gateways to WW1 event at University of Kent • Events • Organised an artists’ networking event; opportunity for artists to share experiences, and realise they are not alone; was also an opportunity for them to see how they might link across with each others’ work • Museums networking event to follow if wanted • Artists currently planning or delivering public facing events at and with their venues
  27. 27. Souvenirs • Discussed souvenir development with Esther Coombs – she has started to discuss ideas with artists and to do market research with the museums • Survey card for visitors designed and produced by Esther Coombs – research into souvenir she will be designing to go across the whole project • Please take your cards with you today – the survey starts straight away
  28. 28. What we have been doing / What we have learned • Some changes from the original bid – Digital cataloguing: rather than use Dover Museum’s system for all partners, we have gone for a more bespoke solution. Sarah Corn has led on this and together we have appointed Kevin Joyce to find out what works currently for all the partners, what stage they are at on their “digital journey” and how best to improve their skills and digital offer/interface with the public – Resource box – terminology was confusing so this is now referred to as an artwork – St Margaret’s Bay Museum and St Margaret’s history society now treated as one, with one artist – Deal Town Council on board as partner (Deal Maritime Museum not ready to participate) • Learning – Importance of personal contact • between Stitch and draw artists, particpants and volunteers to get everyone enthused – e.g. Aylesham • Between DAD and partners • Within the management team – We have improved our communications and marketing by using clear language that everyone can understand (thanks to Neil, Valerie and Fay) – Importance of support at the right moment – brokering contact between artists and their venues – Working with a project evaluator has been challenging but has helped us reflect on and articulate our learning – We use feedback to improve processes and communication
  29. 29. CONTENT • KEY OUTPUTS – Main achievements – A few stats • KEY OUTCOMES / HIGHLIGHTS • WHAT NEXT?
  30. 30. OUTPUTS: A few key stats
  31. 31. CONTENT • KEY OUTPUTS – Main achievements – A few stats • KEY OUTCOMES / HIGHLIGHTS • WHAT NEXT?
  32. 32. IMPACT/OUTCOMES • “having the drawing workshop first was brilliant and unexpected how one could transfer the one to the other and come up with something really interesting” • “Meeting some of the ex-miners in Aylesham was such an eye-opener – and hearing some of their stories. Particularly that some of the miners who were black listed after the general strike in 1926 came down to Kent to work in the mines – and where “thus” a bunch of some of the most militant miners! ” • Many participants at the drawing and stitching workshops are visiting the venues for the first time • Many new to DAD as well as to the venues • Participants report on learning new skills with excellent practitioners • Some of the volunteers have taken part in the workshops and in all cases the volunteers have introduced the museum and the WW1 connections to the group
  33. 33. IMPACT/OUTCOMES Participants are learning about the venue’s connection to WW1 – Volunteers always at workshops to explain WW1 context
  34. 34. IMPACT/OUTCOMES • Ex-miners and participants meeting each other • Story telling • Visitor diversification? More women at some of the partner venues through the drawing and stitching workshops
  35. 35. IMPACT/OUTCOMES Volunteers getting involved
  36. 36. IMPACT/OUTCOMES The artists are starting to make connections and engage with the wider community: • Nicole Mollett had a presence at the 1940s weekend at the Pines Gardens • 9 Young people from Astor College for the Arts involved in Peter’s project
  37. 37. IMPACT/OUTCOMES • Gabor Stark discussed his project with volunteers and visitors at East Kent Railway (22 March 2015) (approx. 25-30 people) “I've got very positive responses from the EKR volunteers and the site is a proper material quarry/ a sculptor's paradise... “ • We got a fantastic welcome from all the volunteers at EKR – they all knew about the project and felt involved
  38. 38. IMPACT/OUTCOMES • Young people involved in Peter’s project – Link to Astor College for the Arts • Artists linking with national organisations – National Mills Trust, National Portrait Gallery, Tate Britain, Gateways to the First World War (UKC), Imperial War Museum • Artists linking with each other Thank you all for the links too and the amazing images Gabor! To those that I promised links i'll pass them on and I welcome more links/image if you are happy to share  Peter - thanks so much for the book list, that's greatly appreciated. Cathy, glad to hear you'd a good meeting today with The White Mill folks - I really want to be at the national mill weekend, please do keep me posted on that.
  39. 39. CONTENT • MANAGEMENT REPORT – What we have been doing / What we have learned • KEY OUTPUTS – Main achievements – A few stats • KEY OUTCOMES / HIGHLIGHTS – What impact have we had? Key Achievements – A few quotes • WHAT NEXT?
  40. 40. WHAT NEXT? • Matthias Koch will be starting his project in late Spring • Artists will be completing artworks, developing souvenirs and getting involved in partner events: • Bakers, Makers and Brewers Fair at White Mill for National Mills Weekend (Cathy Rogers) • Miners festival (Louisa Love)
  41. 41. WHAT NEXT? • Bunting making will be established
  42. 42. WHAT NEXT Looking ahead: • Visitor surveys during month of July with each venue collecting data from 100 visitors. (forms have been designed) • Baselining of partners’ digital resources and identifying needs • Supporting partners in creating stronger digital links with the project • Artists will be developing a digital ‘tool’ that will be easy to use by non-specialists and which will increase reach of project
  43. 43. WHAT NEXT Looking ahead: • Discussions with Richard Morsley at Betteshanger Sustainable Country Park regarding use of new building (future miners’ museum) for final exhibition of DMAG artwork, including musical works presented by Peter Sheppard Skaerved • Betteshanger Sustainable Country Park as potential outlet for sale of souvenirs • Linking with the Cultural Destinations Dover Pilot project, aimed at building cultural tourism
  44. 44. GET INVOLVED • Come to meetings and suggest topics you’d like covered • Join and post to our Facebook group @Dovermuseumsandarts • Follow us on Twitter @DoverArts and use #DMAG #codenamejoinedup • Retweet our tweets and let us know your Twitter and Facebook accounts • Visit the project page on the website and read the artists’ blogs • Let us know about your events by emailing or posting to Facebook • Contact Anne Edwards or Sarah Corn for extra support
  45. 45. Thank you