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How to recover from a water loss


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Published in: Self Improvement
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How to recover from a water loss

  1. 1. How to recover from a water lossBy: Jamie Sabatini
  2. 2. Loss Toilet Supply Line failed – Improper install – Manufacturer Defect
  3. 3. Damages Water damage to floor
  4. 4. Quick Response time is a MUST• Remove – Flooring – Baseboard – Drywall – Cabinets – Any other materials that will inhibit the drying process
  5. 5. Set up equipment• Air movers• Dehumidifiers
  6. 6. Specialty drying equipment• Cavity Wall Dryer• Floor extractor
  7. 7. Monitor Equipment• Relative Humidity• Grains per pound
  8. 8. Replace damaged materials
  9. 9. Get back to life!