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Avaliação diagnóstica de língua inglesa 9º ano


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Avaliação diagnóstica de língua inglesa 9º ano

  1. 1. SERVIÇO PÚBLICO DO ESTADO DE MINAS GERAIS Superintendência Regional de Ensino de Campo Belo AVALIAÇÃO DIAGNÓSTICA DE LÍNGUA ESTRANGEIRA - 9º ANO Escola:___________________________________________________________________ Nome:____________________________________________________________________ Turma:___________ Data da Aplicação:___/___/___1. Leia o texto e responda. English poet and dramatist (1564 – 1616) Shakespeare is considered to be the greatest English dramatist of all time. His work influencedgenerations of later artists. We know little about Shakespeares early years. His father, John Shakespeare, was a merchant and a manof some importance in his local community. His mother, Mary Arden, was of higher social class. (…) Shakespeares plays are still performed more often than those of any other playwright. Film versionsappear frequently. Acesso em: 26 out. 2011Sobre o texto, podemos afirmar que:a) além de escritor, Shakespeare tocava e tinha uma boa performance.b) apesar do trabalho de Shakespeare influenciar gerações, não foram produzidos filmes com muitafrequência inspirados em suas obras.c) Mary Arden, mãe de Shakespeare, pertencia à classe alta da sociedade.d) Shakespeare é considerado um dos maiores dramaturgos de todos os tempos, já que seus pais eramtambém grandes escritores.2. Na propaganda abaixo, o pão com gergelim de um sanduíche simula algo que pode sercomparado ao seio materno. Foi intenção do publicitário:a) deixar claro que os mesmos nutrientes que possui o leite materno, são encontrados nos pães doMcDonald’s.b) evidenciar o contato com os produtos do McDonald’s desde a infância.c) lançar o site, que, como sugere a foto, é uma criação recente.d) mostrar que os sanduíches do McDonald’s causam um retardo na aprendizagem das crianças.
  2. 2. 3. Leia o texto e responda: Eat Like a Star Unless youre the ridiculously healthy Gwyneth Paltrow, chances are that from time to time, youeat things that arent good for you. Now we often think about foods being bad for our figure, but didyou realize that what you put in your body can also affect your looks in other ways? Some foods, forexample, can add years to your looks -- something no one wants. Find out exactly what these agingfoods are so you can avoid them on an all-new episode of "The Thread"! By Raechal Leone Shewfelt | The Thread on omg! – Wed, Nov 23, 2011 8:27 AM PSTO texto “Eat Like a Star”, trata-se de:a) um relato de uma “estrela” sobre seus hábitos alimentares.b) uma notícia sobre comida e beleza no universo feminino.c) uma série de dicas para os cuidados com a beleza e saúde.d) uma sinopse de um episódio sobre hábitos alimentares.4. O uso da fonte em negrito na fala da personagem indica que:a) é para Cebolinha repassar a mensagem de Mônica.b) Mônica está aconselhando o Cebolinha.c) Mônica está gritando com Cebolinha.d) o médico pediu à Mônica que desse um recado.5. Leia o trecho abaixo: Whats the Best Age to Have a Baby?Kilee Nickels , 24, stay-at-home momChildren: 21 month and 4 month old boysBest time to have a baby? Early 20s I got married at the age of 20. At the time, I was studying for a degree in nutrition. School isimportant, but I wanted to be a mom first. I was pregnant at age 21. I knew I was ready to be a mom because I had an inexplicable feelingthat it was the right decision. My first delivery was five hours, and my second was 20 minutes, and Ididnt use an epidural for either baby. I think Im built for childbirth. It was the most painful yetrewarding experience. (Adaptado de: documentid=27860608 - Acessado em 18 de nov. de 2011)
  3. 3. A palavra it, na frase “that it was the right decision”, refere-se: a) à capacidade de ter mais filhos depois dos 20 anos de idade. b) à decisão de ser mãe, pois Nickels estava pronta para isso. c) à resistência da mãe na hora do parto que durou 20 minutos. d) ao casamento de Nickels, que estava prestes a acontecer. 6. Marque a opinião correta A) Herself. B) Himself. C) Itself.Sue is looking at ________________ D) Themselves. 7. Escolha a alternativa correta de acordo com a gravura e marque a alternativa correspondente. ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) A) He is looking at her C) He is looking at himself B) They are looking at each other D) They are looking at themselves A) a,b,c,d B) a,c,d,b C) b,c,a,d D) b,c,d,a 8. The sentence has a problem with its verbal coherence and needs to be corrected. The following sentences are options to do that. I - I have got a Grammar. II - I have a Grammar. III - I got a Grammar. Qual é a correta? a) I and II b) I and III c) I, II and III d) II and III 14202948/uncyclopedia/images/5/55/ Knuth_don_has_a_gram mar.jpg
  4. 4. 9. According to the ad, where could a person find this offer? a) At a department store. b) At a supermarket. c) On television. d) On the internet.10. What is the purpose of this ad? 11. What’s the word FREE means?a) Fun the customer. a) Costíng nothing.b) Inform something. b) Liberty.c) Instruct people. c) Low prices.d) Sell a product. d) Not busy.12. Here’s a short conversation between two strangers:“Excuse me please, I‟ve just arrived. Could you tell me where the nearest bank is?”“Sure, but wouldn „t you Iike to buy a map? If it‟s your first time in the city, you must get alittle confused.”Where does this conversation take place?A) At a downtown drugstore.B) At an information counter.C) At a self service gas station.D) At a theater parking área.13. Read the sítuation described below:It is Friday. You are telling your friends your plan for the night. “I wanna dance all night.” In the statement above wanna means:A) want a.B) want an.C) want not.D) want to.
  5. 5. 14. According to the bailoons of this comic, Garfield is:a) Laughing.b) Screaming;c) Talking;d) Thinking;15. Complete as frases com os advérbios adequados, a seguir marque a opção correspondente. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Julie We Lucy and Jane My catMy cat ___________ eats sweets.Julie ___________ goes to bed at 10 o’clock.We ___________ go to the cinema.Lucy and Jane ___________ come home after ten o’clock.a) never, always, seldom, sometimes;b) never, always, sometimes, seldom.c) never, seldom, always, sometimes;d) never, sometimes, seldom, always;16. Leia o texto abaixo: My name is Nicola. I’m 13 and I’m from Dundee, in Scotland. I live on abeautiful big farm, about eighty kilometers from Edinburgh. Dundee is a smalltown but I Love living here because there are always many interesting things todo. There is only one inconvenience! When I go out with my best friend Mark,everybody knows it in the next day. I usually get up at seven o’clock in the morning. While my motherprepares breakfast, my dad feeds the animals and I have a quick shower, butsometimes, when its freezing, I stay in the bathtub more than 30 minutes. I usually get up at seven o’clock in the morning. While my mother prepares breakfast, my dad feeds theanimals and I have a quick shower, but sometimes, when its freezing, I stay in the bathtub more than 30 minutes. I have classes in the morning from nine to midday. After lunch I have to do my homework and study.When I finish, I play with my sister, Sarah, on the computer and I often help my parents: we feed the horses,cows, chickens and pigs, cut the grass, water the plants…I always go to bed at half past nine very tired.I have got lots of friends. In my free time I like going to the cinema three times a month and watch footballmatches of Dundee United every weekend. February is my favourite month because once a year I travel toAfrica with my parents and visit a different African country each year.
  6. 6. Complete as questões com os interrogativos corretos e assinale a alternativa correta._________ is Dundee? It’s eighty kilometers from Edinburgh._________ does she like Dundee? Because there’re many interesting things to do._________ does Nicola study? After lunch, in the afternoon._________ is Nicola’s best friend? Mark._________ is her sister’s name? Her sister’s name is Sarah.a) when, where, why, who, what;b) when, why, where, who, what.c) where, when, why, who, what;d) where, why, when, who, what;17. Read the postcards, Then Mark T(true) or F (false). Paula, I cant believe my trip is over. I arrived in Egypt just two weeks ago! I was with a group from the university. We went to the desert: to dig in some old ruins. I didn’t find anything, but I learned a lot. Im tired., but I loved every minute of my trip. Take care, MargaretHi, Luis! My Hawaiian vacation just ended, and Iam very relaxed! I spent my whole vacation at aspa in Koloa, Kauai. Every day for a week Iexercised, did yoga, meditated, and atevegetarian food. I also went swimming andsnorkeling. I feel fantastic! Love, SueDear Michael, Alaska is terrific! I was Just on a trip inthe Artic National Wildlife Refuge. There weresix people on the trip. We hiked for days. Thenwe took rafts to the Artic Ocean. I saw a lot ofwildlife. Now Im going to Anchorage. See you In 3 weeks. Kevin( ) Margaret had a very relaxing vacation.( ) Margaret enjoyed her vacation.( ) Sue was in Hawaii for two weeks.( ) Sue got a lot o exercise.( ) Kevin spent is vacation alone.
  7. 7. A) F, T, F, T, F B) T, F, T, F, F C) F, F, T, T, F D) T, F, T, F, F18. Heres a short text we frequently hear: “You have dialed 320-5001. Please press 5 for information about investments. 6 to order aninternational card, or 7 to talk to one of our operators.” What kind of text is this?a) Its a recorded message of a bank service.b) Its an announcement at an airport.c) Its the instruction given by a tourist guide.d) Its the opening of a lecture on finance.19. The main objective of this poster is to highlight the _______________ of the drink. The word that correctly completes the sentence above is: A) flavor. B) location. C) price. D) size.20. What is the main function of this text? a) Advise people not to enter the area. b) Advise people not to have dogs in the property. c) Advise people there are dogs on property. d) Advise people to, enter the area.21. According to the text mark the sentences as true (T) or false (F).
  8. 8. ( ) Nora lives in Portsmouth.( ) Sandy is writing a postcard to her uncle. A) T, F, F, T( ) Pam’s uncle is a fireman. B) T, F, T, F( ) It’s snowing in Sidney. C) T, T, T, F D) T, T, F, F22. Complete o texto com: he, she, it, we, they, e depois marque a sequência correta: MY SCHOOL FRIENDS a) He - She - It - She – It; This is Paul. ________ is a Greek student. That is Paula. b) He - She - They - We – It; __________ is thirteen years old. Marek and Grenda are from c) It - She - They - We – He; Germany. _________ are German. My sister and I are American. d) She - He - We - They – She; _______are from Miami. I have a pet. ___________ is a cat named Pussy.23. Escolha uma seqüência que complete as sentenças:________ you like to play volley? a) Do – Does – Do – Do – Does;________ she like to watch TV? b) Do - Does – Do – Does – Do;________ they go to the cinema? c) Does – Do – Do – Do – Does;He ________ not eat pasta. d) Does – Do – Do – Does – Do;________ I sit in the right place?