Story of my life


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Story of my life

  2. 2. MARIA DO CARMO SILVA THE HISTORY OF MY LIFE Paper presented to the Department of Languages as part of the grades for the P1 of English discipline, from the Institute Aflredo Nasser, under the supervision of Professor ArianePeixotoMendonca. Aparecida de Goiania – GO April/2013
  3. 3. I dedicate this work to my family and all my colleges from the LN3 at UNIFAN as well as to all my professors.
  4. 4. TIME LINE 1987 – Pregnant with my first child 1988 – My second child was born 1993 – My last born baby 1995 – I got married 1996 – I turned 30 years old 2000 – My mother’s 80th birthday 2008 – 15th birthday of my third child 2009 – Christmas Family 2011 – My firstborn got married 2013 – My two other children got marriend
  5. 5. In this presentation I will show some joyful times of my life. I had a dream of being a mother and at the age of 19 I became pregnant with my first child. I was very happy. On February 1st 1987 was born a handsome boy and there are no words to express my happiness. I named him Paulo Eduardo.
  6. 6. Here is Paulo Eduardo when he was five months old, the older he got the more handsome he became. The whole family pampered him once he was the firstborn of the youngest sibling (me). Because I was going to raise him on my own and he was so handsome all my brothers and sisters wanted raise him for me. Also he was a very smiley child, so they could not resist.
  7. 7. On Paulo Eduardo’s first birthday I invited relatives and friends to celebrate with me. This was a very special moment. My sister and her friend made the cake and candies. I bought the snacks, soft drinks and popcorn. The kids had a great time.
  8. 8. This is my second born child. He was born in October 1988. The photo above is his 1 birthday party. On that occasion a lot of relatives and friends came around as well as his grandparents. st The party was in my house and the kids went crazy on the backyard running and playing around a lot.
  9. 9. In March 1993 my princess Gercylene was born. She cried a lot and we used to say that she was born already stressed. Even when she was growing up she was already a very authoritarian person and used to command her brothers. When talking to them she would point her finger to their faces and give them orders.
  10. 10. This is the day of my wedding. We were already living together for seven years and we did not think it was necessary to get married. However, a friend of ours challenged us and bet ten kilos of meat and fifty beers that we would not get married. There was a community service going on at the time on my neighbourhood and as soon as I mentioned to my partner about the bet he said to put our names down for the public wedding service that would happen within 15 days. Our names were chosen and that is how we got married.
  11. 11. For my 30th birthday my sister and friends prepared a surprise party. It was a fun day and I got many presents. Turning thirty was an amazing event in my life. I felt good about myself and it also felt like I had accomplished a lot in life with my three beautiful kids and a partner.
  12. 12. On this day I was very happy because it was my mother’s birthday when she turned 80 years old and my brother prepared a beautiful party for her. She was pretty and very happy because her brothers and nephews that she had not seen for many years came around to the celebration. Firstly it happened a service at the church and afterwards we went to the place where we had the party. Everything was done on the way she liked. She was radiant.
  13. 13. This was the birthday of my third child when she became eight years old. We were preparing a surprise party for her but her father could not hold in and ended up telling her about it. She then was very anxious and badly ate her meals waiting for the party. There was a beautiful scene in the party because firstly the birthday girl thought she would not get a present from her fiend Juliana but in fact the present was hidden under the table. When my child found it she screamed of happiness.
  14. 14. This was the 15th birthday of Gercylene, my third child. There was a service at the church and on the church itself we celebrated her birthday by eating cakes and snacks. There was a tribute to her from her brother and some friends. Many people joined us to celebrate her special day.
  15. 15. This is a photo taken in my house on a Sunday lunch which we joined some members of the family. These are my sister Gercene, my niece Lorrana and my son Paulo Eduardo. It was a beautiful day, unfortunately what we did not know at the time was that it would be the last time my sister would have lunch in my house. She had cancer and passed away many months later.
  16. 16. This was the last Christmas the whole family spent together before my sister passed away. It was a special day for her because she saw that the brothers and sister made an effort to be with her. On this day she felt loved by her siblings. Sadly seven months later she left us.
  17. 17. This was the wedding of my eldest son Paulo Eduardo. He married a beautiful girl called Jessica. His marriage was in Goiania. The ceremony was only in the registration office and there was no party. It has been two years since they got married and they still have no kids because they are planning on having them within three years.
  18. 18. Paulo Eduardo and his wife were baptized in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. They understood that only God gives wisdom necessary to make a happy marriage.
  19. 19. In march this year was the wedding of my son Cesar Augusto in the United States of America and my daughter in law gave me a ticket to go to America and attend their wedding. This is me at the airport. I was very emotional because I never thought I would visit a foreign country. My son gave me a rose when I got to the airport as a welcome symbol.
  20. 20. In the town of Dover where my daughter in law used to live I went to the park to see the snow. Luckily it was snowing that day and I could for the first time in my life see the beauty that is the snow. It was an amazing felling. I was like a child playing and running around the snow. I wanted to write something on the snow but it was too hard so I could not.
  21. 21. This is me in Dover, New Jersey, U.S.A. I was in my daughter in law’s house where she used to live with her mother, brothers and her son. My son took this photo of me because he said I looked too different to what I usually look like. Clearly it was too cold and I could not dear to wear my regular clothes.
  22. 22. This was on a Sunday and I went to visit the place where my son used to live. He lived in Philadelphia in the state of Pennsylvania. We actually stopped on the way there to take this photo. Philadelphia is a much bigger city than Dover and although I liked Philly I prefer Dover because of its peaceful and clean characteristics.
  23. 23. I went to New York to spend the day. I went to the museum of natural history where they recorded the movie “A Night At TheMuseum”. It was great. Going to New York was a bit crazy because we had to do everything in a hurry once the groom and the bridge had a lot to do for the weeding that would be within three days.
  24. 24. In order to get into the museum we were supposed to pay forty dollars but as they did not have anyone at the front door to charge us, maybe because it was almost time to close, we got into there for free.
  25. 25. I went to Central Park, which was a dream that came through. Again it felt like an unreal situation. It was raining but it did not overshadow the brilliance of that beautiful place. Central Park is exactly like I saw in the movies.
  26. 26. . Once I was New York I also wanted to visit the World Trade CenterMemorial. I took many photos and visited the museum where some wreckage, photos and names of the victims of the catastrophe on September 11th are exhibited.
  27. 27. On the last day of my daughter in law’s work we went to a restaurant to celebrate her hen party. It was really fun. There were these bunches of girls from all over the place, like Mexico, Argentina, Dominican Republic among others. They were all very fun to go out with.
  28. 28. This is Khrishinna, my grandson who is the son of my daughter in law. I met him for the first time on this trip. He is very sweet and likes to play a lot. I took some typical Brazilian toys to him and he loved them all.
  29. 29. On March 3rd my son got married toJasmin. It was a beautiful ceremony and then we went to a club where the party was held. During the ceremony she sang to him and that made me and my son emotional. As for the party the way it went on was different to me because everything was done according to the Colombian culture.
  30. 30. This is the wedding of my youngest. On March 23rd she got married to Dionathan. It was a crazy day for me. A lot happened to me to the point that I crushed the fiancé’s car but everything at the end worked well and many friends and relatives gathered in a beautiful party organized by them.
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