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Grow VC Group and crowdfunding business presentation.

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  • globaltransparentopencollaborativeefficient
  • Grow VC will provide that networked solution: The next Silicon Valley is not a location, it is a platform and community on the InternetTransparentglobal market placeTools to find companies, make investments and manage investmentsTogether– Crowd, Business Angels and Institutional InvestorsFreemium- Subscription based NO transaction feesEfficientdue diligence Standard term sheets, including partners in process
  • The rules of engagement are different and we have to replace fear of the unknown with curiosity.Fear, chaos, the over-riding rationality and the tyranny of numbers, where does co-creation sit on the P&L, where does it sit in the organisation? Or does it present a fundamental organisational challenge?
  • Disintermediation of Music, All Media, Telecommunications – why is finance and banking any different.
  • Grow VC Group Presentation

    1. 1. HOME STARTUPS PEOPLECreate new funding solutionsJouko Ahvenainen, Co-founder & Chairman Grow VC GroupOctober 23, 2012Skolkovo
    2. 2. Summary: Grow Group  Grow VC Groups develops new models to build and fund companies globally  The Group focuses especially to offer crowd based market place and community technology, and investment products that can work with or used by 3rd parties  Crowd Valley offers platform and backoffice functions for crowdfunding services – Already over 400 services in the platform – #1 equity crowdfunding platform in the world  Mutual Seed Fund offers a crowdfunding co-investment service  Grow Advisors, Grow Developers and Grow Global Program offer services to build startups globally  Grow VC Group has a growing startup portfolio2
    3. 3. Grow VC Group has grown to have globally 5 companies for new investment models and growing number of portfolio companies3
    4. 4. Grow VC has built a leading position in startup crowdfunding globally and alsogot reputation with generic crowdfunding platform and funding models 4
    5. 5. Grow VC Group – Finance and Services Infrastucture Portfolio Samples:5 21.10.2012 - confidential
    6. 6. Over 16,500 investors Over 4,300 startups Users from 200 countries Almost $35 Million investment money 10% monthly growth Dozens of investments, millions of money Over 400 3rd party crowdfunding network on the platform The most global market place for equity 6 Nov 1, 2011
    7. 7. 3rd parties can easily startcrowdfunding on Grow VC serviceFull solution: investment community, tools, payments,backoffice and reporting – set up in a minute7 21.10.2012 - confidential
    8. 8. Participating in many crowdfundingactivities The team has invested three years into the crowdfunding industry globally, and positioned itself in the ecosystem globally The team has been part of the US Delegation in Transatlantic Economic Forum, had cooperation with Singapore Government Investment Company, UK Trade and Investment, and is a founding member of Crowdfunding Regulatory Intermediary Association (CFIRA), Crowdfunding Professional Association (CFPA), National Crowdfunding Association (NLCFA), European Crowdfunding Network, cooperation with Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) We have a jumpstart on any direct competition with 400+ existing business customers, ranging from small communities to large networks of communities like the World Bank8 21.10.2012 - confidential
    9. 9. Grow VC – crowdfunding media Podcast - 150,000+ listens total for 103 episodes; guests incl. Congressman Patrick McHenry, Randy Mitchell (US Government), Eric Ries, Michael Robertson (founder, David Hornik (August Capital) etc.. Blog – over 450 blog posts total, 1M+ unique readers; top posts shared thousands of times on social media YouTube channel - 121 videos, 5,000+ video views Social media - 10 000+ people reached weekly Highly ranked blog – e.g. ranked #17 startup blog in the world in April 2012 Events - 30+ keynote speaker slots at events such as SXSW, WBT Innovation Marketplace, EBAN Conference, Crowd Conf, Digital Matters Singapore etc.9 21.10.2012 - confidential
    10. 10. Case: Cintep, AustraliaFirst $100,000 from crowdfunding, excellent progress since then10 21.10.2012 - confidential
    11. 11. Case 2: The Tip Card, USAMoney and resources (Work Investments) thru crowdfunding11 21.10.2012 - confidential
    12. 12. Networked Society is comingIt also changes business and funding
    13. 13. Building ecosystem Grow Advisors is the first really global investment bank that focus on crowdfunding We must see crowdfunding in a larger way - It is not only $100 small investments or donations - Generally speaking it is create more open, lower transaction cost market places for different kind of purposes with different instruments The target is to activate more investors to participate, help investors to diversify better, and get the market more global and effective13 Nov 1, 2011
    14. 14. WE HAVE A DREAM:more equal opportunities, where companies and investors unite to accelerate innovation
    15. 15. Not to replace but offer more Friends and Family market = $41.6 B, while the existing VC and Angel markets combined = $27.4 B (GEM, 2011) Potential to create a "$300B market in the US" - Fred Wilson Current SME funding market is much larger than the angel and venture funding market. Different instruments in the crowdfunding market for different types of startups, e.g. business loans and convertible bonds "A healthy crowdfunding marketplace will create a 10% increase in new businesses and 170,000 new jobs over the next five years" - Kauffman Foundation Future verticals being explored: - Real estate, funds, lending, co-investment models, commodities - Framework set to be similar as outlined by JOBS Act15 21.10.2012 - confidential
    16. 16. globaltransparent opencollaborative efficient scalable
    17. 17. Virtual Silicon Valley
    18. 18. A new language:Read & write, participatory, conversational:markets are conversations, marketing is aconversation, business is a social science!
    19. 19. Co-creation + networkedeconomics + communities ofinterest can be and are,proven & powerful platformsand processes to stimulateinnovation and commerce
    20. 20. A cultural challenge …for corporates…for governments…for human beings
    21. 21. To resist will lead to financial andorganisational exhaustion
    22. 22. Regulation
    23. 23. JOBS Act in the USA23 Nov 1, 2011
    24. 24. Activities around the world JOBS Act expected to be implemented by January, 2013 US regulation is a leading example for other governments (e.g. Canada, UK) The global crowdfunding infrastructure is going to be put in place within the next 5 years; those that get market share of that infrastructure will have an extremely strong position against the competition with very stable long term revenue European Crowdfunding Network and Transatlantic Economic Forum24 21.10.2012 - confidential
    25. 25. Ecosystem is needed
    26. 26. Crowdfunding and ecosystem It is typically important to get crowdfunding to work with other investment models - Get other investors and money - Help to manage investments - Continuity for the next funding rounds Investors can also offer other value added There can be several co-investment models, passive or active It is typically important to build co-operation with business angels, VC’s and incubators26 21.10.2012 - confidential
    27. 27. A deal flow and investment model example27 October 21, 2012
    28. 28. Several investment models1. Direct investments - An investor invest directly in a company, become a shareholder, company can have hundreds of small shareholders2. Investments through an instrument - An investor can select a company he/she invest in, but the actual investment is done by an investment company that aggregate all investments together, the investment company is the shareholder3. Crowdfunding of investment instruments - Crowdfunding model is used to raise capital in a fund and the fund makes investments4. Co-investment models - Different models to make co-investments with crowdfunding28 21.10.2012 - confidential
    29. 29. Models to use with Grow VC Networks• Co-investors can be e.g. business angels, VC’s, or funds1. Co-investment partners a. Partners follow crowd-investments, typically no automated investments, but use crowdfunding to filter investment opportunities b. Leading investors offers cases to crowd, and crowd follow them2. Syndicate models - Can have two models as above, but formalized co-investment models with pre-defined models, shares and responsibilities3. Built-in investment instruments - Investment instruments that are built to work with the crowdfunding, e.g. automated co-investment - The instruments can be like traditional funds or modified versions29 21.10.2012 - confidential
    30. 30. Go With The Crowd• Grow VC is building a special co-investment instruments • The instrument and concept is built especially for the crowdfunding co-invesments• Investment decisions are based on crowd investments, i.e. if a company gets 70% from crowd, the rest 30% is invested from the co-investment instrument• Investors can join the instrument online, by defining their investment criteria like total sum and the number of companies (diversification)• The instrument is launched in six months30 21.10.2012 - confidential
    31. 31. Future• Crowdfunding is here to stay, equity crowdfunding is just starting to grow• Crowdfunding is not to replace all other models or solution for needs• It is crucial to build an ecosystem where different investment models work better together, including crowdfunding – new solutions are needed• Crowdfunding is not only for startup funding, it will have influence on the whole finance sector to make it more effective31 21.10.2012 - confidential
    32. 32. HOME STARTUPS PEOPLE“You don’t have to be Steve Jobs, to be an entrepreneur”
    33. 33. HOME STARTUPS PEOPLE”You don’t have to be Bill Gates to be an investor”
    34. 34. HOME STARTUPS PEOPLE”Everyone must start somewhere”
    35. 35. CONTACTJouko AhvenainenGrow VC – Co-founder & 7889 833 165 (UK), +1 646 363 6664 (US) @growvcFacebook: Grow VCPodcast: ”Grow VC” in iTunes35 21.10.2012