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Colors in Swahili.


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By: Cassidy

Published in: Education
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Colors in Swahili.

  1. 1. Colors in Swahili. By: Cassidy R.
  2. 2. English Swahili Red Rangi nyekundu
  3. 3. English Swahili Orange Rangi ya machurgwa
  4. 4. English Swahili Yellow Rangi ya manjano
  5. 5. English Swahili Green Rangi ya kijani
  6. 6. English Swahili Blue Rangi ya buluu
  7. 7. English Swahili Sky blue Rangi ya samawati
  8. 8. English Swahili Purpule Rangi ya zambarau
  9. 9. English Swahili Pink Rangi yawaridi
  10. 10. English SwahiliThe end Mwisho