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Project Proposal West Bali


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Project Proposal West Bali

  2. 2. 2 Vision PT. Shorea Barito Wisata  To develop environmentally sensitive tourist destination within West Bali National Park, to showcase the best practice of balanced socio & ecological tourism business approach.  To seek partnership and investment to support West Bali National Park sustainability.
  3. 3. PT. SHOREA BARITO WISATA Legal Permit: SK Menteri Kehutanan No. 184/KPTS-II/1998 One resort operating with 16 rooms (Shorea Beach Resort) Gilimanuk Blok III Labuhan Lalang 55,2Ha Entrance Gate to Location on the main road linking Gilimanuk to Singaraja Blok II Tanjung Kotal 185,8 Ha. Blok I Gilimanuk 10,5 Ha. Total Area 251,5 Ha PT. Shorea Barito Wisata
  4. 4. PT. SHOREA BARITO WISATA Legal Permit: SK Menteri Kehutanan No. 184/KPTS-II/1998 Blok I Gilimanuk Area • land concession of 10,5 hectares PT Shorea Barito Wisata Blok II Labuhan Lalang • land concession of 55,2 hectares Blok III Tanjung Kotal • land concession of 185,8 hectares License for Development : 10% of 251,5 hectares = 25,1 hectares Current Project Development : 5,8 hectares PP 36/2010 – Applied for 55 Years new term extension Land Concession Area Current Development Current Development • No Development yet • Gates • Lobby & Warehouses • Crossing Sea Facilities • Shorea Beach Resort 16 rooms PT. Shorea Barito Wisata
  5. 5. 5 WHY WEST BALI The western part of Bali is very tranquil with mostly rural landscape, protected by the vast 19.000 hectare West Bali National Park. It is located 110 km or 4 hours drive from Bali’s Ngurah Rai International Airport. And the hectic urban townships of South Bali. This part of the island offers several unique opportunities to construct a new exclusive high-end environmentally sensitive resort destination. PT. Shorea Barito Wisata
  6. 6. 6 WHY WEST BALI PT. Shorea Barito Wisata  The quiet West Bali is still relatively underdeveloped compared to the high density of development in the south. As a result, the West Bali still offers very reasonably priced land with significant revenue potential in the future.  The airstrip at Pemuteran airport, which is situated 15 km from the Labuhan Lalang offers air access by small aircraft / helicopter.  Bali’s second international airport will be developed at Kubutambahan 1,5 hours from Labuhan Lalang. The new airport will offer easy access to international visitors.
  7. 7. 7 WHY WEST BALI  High-end luxury resorts, marina and residences will have beneficial impact to the local community and will also enjoy strong support from the government to develop the island’s tourism industry in West Bali.  In West Bali there is significant emphasis on ecological and environmental protection initiatives such as coral reef rehabilitation (largest project worldwide recognized internationaly) and the existence of West Bali National Park. PT. Shorea Barito Wisata
  8. 8. MASTER PLAN – Tanjung Kotal Site and Labuhan Lalang Site PT. Shorea Barito Wisata Turtle Hatchery Project 1 Location is at THE LAST FRONTIER OF BALIS FOREST PT. Shorea Barito Wisata
  9. 9. MASTER PLAN –TANJUNG KOTAL Site PT. Shorea Barito Wisata Tanjung Kotal : DIRECTLY OWNED PROJECTS No. 7 WAKA RESORT and RESIDENCES No. 8 Nusa Bay and Waka Beach Club and WAKA RESIDENT 11 Tanjung Kotal : JOINT VENTURES/PARTNERSHIPS/KSO No. 1 Marina, Sailing Catamaran No. 2 Five Star Villa Resort No. 3 Five Star Villa Resort No. 4 Vacant No. 5 Vacant No. 6 Vacant No. 9 TEAC Camp Facility No. 10 Forestry Experiential Education No. 11 Mangrove Canopy Resort PT. Shorea Barito Wisata
  10. 10. MASTER PLAN – Labuhan Lalang Site PT. Shorea Barito Wisata Turtle Hatchery Project Labuan lalang : 1.WBNR Quarter and Diving Lodges 2.Real Estate 3.Residences 4.Community Center Facility 5.Retirement houses 6.Two Star Resort 7.Vacant Lot ** Vacant Lot needs highest and best use study PT. Shorea Barito Wisata
  11. 11. Private & Corporate 11 Waka Branded Development Diving Lodges TEAC Camp Facilities CSR Programs Marina, Villas, Resorts, Environmental Education Ref. To. Site Plan Join Ventures/ Partnerships/ KSO Nusa Bay Resort& Waka Beach Club Waka Nature Reserve Directly Owned by SBW as Business Unit PT. Shorea Barito Wisata
  12. 12. 12 WEST BALI NATURE RESERVEWEST BALI NATURE RESERVE Contact: PT. SHOREA BARITO WISATA Iwan J. Prawira S - Direktur Tel: 08123810420 E-mail: PT. Shorea Barito Wisata