Interior Designing


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Interior Designing

  1. 1. For my application of number project, I have decided to design the interior of a room. I have chosen to do this because I have recently had an extension on my house and one of the old bedrooms needs refurbishing. For this project, I will need to undertake several tasks, such as measuring and calculating the area of floor and wall space, as well as setting a budget and sticking to it for buying the supplies and accessories to go into the room. The first thing I will need to do for this project will be to strip the room completely. There is no need for a professional to do this. The walls used to be covered with wall paper, and I would like to use paint. This means that the walls will need plastering before any furniture goes in. There has been no need for me to research a plasterer, because I already have a good connection with a man called Calvin. He is very efficient and a perfectionist, bringing very good quality work, and is always a lot cheaper than the other plasterers. He has already quoted £670 for a whole weeks work of plastering and repairing. I have completed the measurements for the bedroom. The diagram below is not to scale: 93cm Window W 157cm H 92cm 94cm 36cm 37cm 116cm 138cm 233cm 285cm 310cm 66cm 25cm 193cm Door W ???cm H ???cm 270cm I have chosen to present this data in a diagram because it clearly shows the measurements and which wall/item they are connected to.
  2. 2. I would like to make this bedroom different to the others. There is already one fully blue room, one brown and cream room with teal accessories and one cream room with duck egg accessories. As this room will be the guest room, it would be best to have a neutral colour scheme: light yellow, light orange or light green (to avoid more cream rooms). I found it very hard to find yellow accessories that I like, and I myself am not a big fan of orange. This is why I have gone for a green and white colour scheme. I would also like it to be less traditional. For example, instead of having white walls and green bedding and curtains etc, I would like to have green paint on the walls and use white accessories. Obviously, before I can purchase any furniture to go into the room, it will need to be decorated. As I have said previously, I would like to have green paint on the walls. I would also like to have a very light laminate flooring to go with the white colour scheme. I have worked out that the area of wall space is 30.8m² (Sum of all wall widths x wall height-window and door area). Workings out at back of project. The paint I have chosen is ‘Dulux Endurance Matt Emulsion Willow Tree 5L’ from B&Q. This is £38.98 per 5L tin, it covers up to 13m² and takes up to 5 hours to dry. By my calculations, I will need 3 tins to have several coats on the walls of the room to have the best finish. I chose this paint because I have used Dulux before and it is reliable and looks professional but can be done by myself, which will limit costs. The area of floor space I have calculated is 10.1m² (length of floor x width of floor). Workings out at back of project. I have chosen ‘Nevada Oak White’ laminate flooring from Floors-2-Go. Again, I have chosen this supplier because they have been reliable before and also offered the best price and the most appropriate flooring for my needs. This flooring is £20.26 per pack. Floors-2-Go have also offered me free professional fitting and under boards with this product.
  3. 3. Once I have had the floor fitted and the walls have been painted, I can start putting the furniture into the room. Going along with the white colour scheme, I have researched a lot of white bed frames, wardrobes and other furniture and found a few that fit with my personal style. The bed frame that I really like is the ‘Darla Double Bed Frame—White’ from Argos. It’s dimensions are 144cm wide, 202cm in length and 95cm high. It currently costs £80.99 (saving 10%). I would like to position this with the headboard up against the old chimney breast because guests will need access to both sides of the bed. I have chosen a storage set from Argo s called ‘Vancouver 3 piece 2 Door Wardrobe Package - White’. The wardrobes dimensions are 100cm in width, 206cm in height and 58cm depth. I would like to place this in the right alcove, which is slightly bigger than the wardrobe, giving the overlap on the bed more space. The larger chest of drawers has the dimensions: height 75cm, width 75cm and depth 40cm. This will go into the left alcove, but will stick out slightly. The smaller drawers will be placed in the corner by the window. Its dimensions are 62cm in height, 38cm in width and 40cm in depth. This 3 piece set costs £299.49, which saves over £50. Large Drawers Wardrobe Bed Small Drawers I have chosen to present this data in a diagram because it is easy to view and understand where each item of furniture would be placed within the room.
  4. 4. Now that the bedroom has the main furniture in it, I can start thinking about the other necessities that a bedroom would need. Firstly, the bed needs a mattress. I believe that a good nights sleep is very important to relax you for the next day. The main guest to my house is an International Gymnastics Coach, who is rather grumpy without proper sleep. This is why I have gone for the ‘Silentnight Marbella Tufted Ortho Double Mattress’. It costs £234.99 from Argos (which is actually less than half price). Its dimensions are 135cm in width, 190cm in length and 21cm in depth. This is a very good fit to the bed frame I have chosen, leaving just enough gap on each side for the outer frame. Next is the blind or curtains. I personally dislike netting, so I have chosen the ‘ColourMatch Voile Curtain Panels—Super White’. This is instead of curtains and will add a ‘light and floating’ effect to the room. Each panel is 152x 228 cm, which will cover the window and almost drop to the floor, which is part of my personal style. This costs £11.96 per panel, and I would like to buy two. I have also chosen the ‘Extendable Swirl Metal Curtain Pole Set—White’ to put the Voile on. This comes with all the small accessories such as screws and costs £8.99. The sun in the morning can be very bright, so I have decided upon a blackout blind. I have chosen the ‘ColourMatch 2ft Thermal Blackout Roller Blind—Super White’. These can be cut to size of the window. It will cost £7.97. All of these products are from Argos.
  5. 5. Every room needs lighting. I have decided upon the usual ceiling light and table lamp combo. The following products are all from Argos. The ceiling light I have chosen is the ‘Ailisi 3 Light Black Ceiling Fitting’. It costs £6.99 (saving 25%). I will need 3 light bulbs to go with this light. I am also concerned with the environment so I have picked the ‘Osram Eco 46W SES Candle Bulb’ costing £2.99 each. I feel that these are very important due the saving the planet, as well as keeping electrical costs down. As well as energy saving light bulbs, I have decided upon the ‘Single 2 Way Dimmer Light Switch—White Plastic’. This will cost £4.99 and I chose it because I feel it is pointless in having bright lights all the time, when you may only want a small amount of light. To be different and fit in with my white colour scheme, as well as nontradition, I have chosen a table lamp that looks like a sphere, which is quite unique. The ‘Habitat Louie White Glass Table Lamp’ costs £18 and is also free delivery. I asked a sales assistant over the phone if the light bulbs were suitable with dimmer switches and they said they were. To add a bit more colour to the room, I thought the idea of a small rug would just add the finishing touches to the lower levels of the room. After looking through many sites and shops, I finally found one that would be suitable and fits with my colour schemes of Green and White. It is called the ‘Large Leaf Rug—150x80cm—Sage’. And costs £29.99. There were options of larger rugs but I felt that it would be pointless having laminate flooring if the floor space not already covered by the wardrobe set and the bed was hardly showing.
  6. 6. Since this is going to be the guest room, it is important to have several sets of bedding, in case we have consecutive guests, not giving enough time to wash the bedding. I have narrowed my decision down to 3 sets of bedding, all fitting into the white colour scheme. All three sets are from Argos (I looked elsewhere but nothing appealed to my personal style). My first bedding set is called the ‘Premier Mayfair Black Duvet Set—Double’. It costs £19.99 (saving 1/3). I really like this bedding because it is simple and will go with any colour scheme. I also think that it looks quite sophisticated, which would be handy if any important guests come to stay. My second set is a little more colourful and less grown up, which would be perfect for if any of my friends come to stay (only being young adults). The ‘Living Ribbon Patchwork Embroidered Duvet Cover Set—Double’ costs £39.99, which is quite expensive for a bedding set. However, it has to be one of my favourites, so if there is enough of my budget left this will be a nice addition to my decor. My last bedding set is the ‘Premier Black and White Pintuck Duvet Cover Set—Double’. It costs £29.99 and is another set that will be good for the more important visitors that expect high quality accommodation. I already have a spare double duvet and pillow set that I will use to do a bit more saving, rather than buying a new set. This is all of the essentials completed. So far, the entire project, including the plastering and repairing, paint, flooring, furniture and other essentials has cost £1691.57
  7. 7. Every bedroom needs a clock. Fitting into my white colour scheme, I wanted a small white alarm clock, and I found the perfect thing. This ‘Aurora Colour Change Alarm Clock and Night Light’ is £14.99 and can run on 3 AAA batteries or the mains. It glows a different colour when tapped, which would reflect off the white furniture. When it is not lit up, the clock is white and displays the time, date and alarm setting. This clock is from Argos and appealed to be because I think it is different, which I want the room to be. Even though there is already a mirror on the door of the wardrobe, I was attracted to the ‘Wavy Bevelled Mirror’. This is because it is differently shaped and is unique to most mirrors. I feel that if this was in the bedroom it would really reflect the light and make the room bright and welcoming. It costs £9.99 (saving 20%) and also comes from Argos. Most of my previous choices have taken a while, but as soon as I saw the ‘Black and White Roses Triptych Canvas—Set of 3’ I knew I had to have it. I really love canvases and this one fits perfectly into my colour scheme and would blend really well the green paint on the walls. It is on offer for £19.99 in Argos which is half price and would go perfectly on the left hand wall as you walk through the door, facing the bed. Since I am not putting any shelving up, to minimise clutter, I would like to put these ‘Inspire Pure White Heart Shaped Tea Light Holders—Set of 3’ on the windowsill. I also really love candles so these fit with my personal style well, as well as fitting with my colour scheme. They only cost £9.99 from Argos.
  8. 8. As a finishing touch, guest towels are always useful. I have chosen the ‘Linens Limited Supreme 500gsm Egyptian Cotton 4 Piece Guest Towel Set, Parsley’ which costs £13.95. I really like these towels because they are a nice colour green, fitting with the rooms colour scheme. I also like that I have chosen green ones because none of our house members have green, so towels will not be mixed up and used by other people. With the exception of the door, heating, windows and ceiling, which are already in place, this is just about everything that I need to think of when planning the decoration of the bedroom. I feel that I have thought of everything and it definitely fits into my budget.
  9. 9. Percentage of Costs Plastering Paint Flooring 13% Furniture Accessories 38% 37% 6% 6% I have chosen to present this data in a pie chart because it is very visual and the colour enables it to be easily understood. The difference between each percentage is clear. I have calculated the average cost of my accessories by using the median method. I chose this method because most of the prices are quite small therefore the average should be. There is also more gap between each higher price than the lower ones. I have calculated the average cost of my furniture by using the mean method. I chose this method because it is more towards the centre of the largest and smallest prices since there is more than one large price.
  10. 10. WALLS HEIGHT: 2.44m Wall 1: h x 2.7 = 6.6m2 Wall 2: h x 0.25 = 0.6m2 Wall 3: h x 0.66 = 1.6m2 Wall 4: h x 2.85 = 7m2 Wall 5: h x 0.93 = 2.3m2 Wall 6: h x 0.36 = 0.9m2 Wall 7: h x 1.38 = 3.4m2 Wall 8: h x 0.37 = 0.9m2 Wall 9: h x 1.16 = 2.8m2 Wall 10: h x 3.10 = 7.6m2 WINDOW: 0.9 x 1.6 = 1.5m2 Wall 4 = 7 - .4 = 5.6m2 DOOR: 1.9h x 0.8w = 1.5m2 Wall 1 = 6.6 - 1.5 = 5.1m2 OVERALL WALL AREA 30.8m2 I added up the area of all of the walls, then subtracted the area of the door and window which will not need to be painted. Check: Top Wall = 0.93+1.38+1.16= 3.5cm; Bottom Wall = 0.66+1.93= 2.6 This is not an error! The room was actually built without precise right angles and the room is actually ‘wonky’. All of my areas are rounded to the nearest 1 decimal place. The window area is correct (though it may seem like an error) as the window is small. FLOOR Area A: 0.93 x 2.85 = 2.7m2 Area B: (3.1 - 0.25 = 2.85) 2.85 x 1.16 = 3.3m2 Area C: 0.25 x 2.7 = 0.7m2 Area D: (3.1 - 0.37 - 0.25 = 2.48) 2.48 x 1.38 = 3.4m2 OVERALL FLOOR AREA = 10.1m2 My Sources:
  11. 11. This is a screen shot of the Floors to go Calculator indicating that I will need 5 packs to fill my room and the cost is £101.30 This is a screenshot of the Mean calculator that I used to calculate the average cost of my furniture. This is a screenshot of the Median calculator that I used to calculate the average cost of my accessories.
  12. 12. Accessories Bed Frame £4.99 £13.95 Bedding 1 £19.99 Bedding 2 Bedding 3 Blind £29.99 Candles £39.99 Canvas Clock £9.99 Curtain Pole Lamp £8.97 Light Lightbulbs x3 £6.99 £29.99 Matress Mirror £18.00 Rug Switch £9.99 £14.99 Towels £19.99 Voile Sum of Cost  Row Labels  Bed Frame  Bedding 1  Bedding 2  Bedding 3  Blind  Candles  Canvas  Clock  Curtain Pole  Lamp  Light  Lightbulbs x3  Matress  Mirror  Rug  Switch  Towels  Voile  Wardrobe Set  Grand Total  Column Labels  Accessories      Furniture  19.99  39.99  29.99    9.99  19.99  14.99    18  6.99  8.97    9.99  29.99  4.99  13.95      227.82  Grand Total  80.99  80.99    19.99    39.99    29.99  7.97  7.97    9.99    19.99    14.99  8.99  8.99    18    6.99    8.97  234.99  234.99    9.99    29.99    4.99    13.95  11.96  11.96  299.49  299.49  644.39  872.21