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  1. 1.  My task was to research and choose travel arrangements for my manager’s business meeting at the Excel Centre London  Research how much it would cost to drive two separate cars up to London and how long it would take  Find prices on 3 different hotels within the area  Research travel times and prices for trains and buses  Create a survey with my colleagues asking them what transport they would use to get to London  Create a chart showing their preferred method results  Present recommendations to manager
  2. 2. Ford Mondeo Peugeot 407 Saloon MPG: 32.9 MPG: 38.6 Petrol: 26 litres Petrol in Litres: 22.2 litres Cost: £32.91 (126.7 p/litre) Cost: £28.13 (126.7 p/litre) Calculated on the mileage to London - 195
  3. 3. ACCOMMODATION PRICE    LOCATION OF HOTEL Price: £325 for 2 nights Distance: 5 Minutes Walk “The Crowne Plaza Docklands is the main hotel for the giant ExCel Centre. It's a great place to stay if you're visiting a conference or exhibition, with a magnificent breakfast buffet to set you up for the day, and all the facilities you'll need to relax in the evening. The unusual location offers great views across the Victoria Dock” Excel Centre
  4. 4. ACCOMMODATION PRICE    LOCATION OF HOTEL Price: £178 for 2 nights Distance: 16 Minute Walk “The shimmering business parks of the Docklands are a tribute to the spirit of modernity, and this clean, efficient hotel, with air conditioning and Wi-Fi throughout perfectly matches the streamlined ethos of 21st century life” Excel Centre Excel Centre
  5. 5. ACCOMMODATION PRICE   Price: £190 for 2 nights Distance: 24 Minute Walk  “Staying at this hotel puts you right in the centre of Greenwich, with a thousand years of British naval history on your doorstep, as well shops, cinemas, bars and nightlife. The Docklands are just across the river, and it has great connections to the City of London and the West End as well - regular trains take you straight to Charing Cross” LOCATION OF HOTEL Excel Centre
  6. 6. BUS    TRAIN Return ticket to London from Swansea: £9.99 Time: 4.5 hours  Single Ticket around London: £4.70 per journey   Return ticket to London from Swansea: £48.20 Time: 4 hours Tube Ticket: Single journey ticket for £3.80
  7. 7. Travel Survey 12 10 People Surveyed 10 8 6 5 4 2 0 0 Car Train 0 Bus Plane Types of Travel
  8. 8.  I have recommended that my manager travels to London by car, it is the most convenient method of transport  Hotel choice: Holiday Inn Express Royal Docks, because it’s the most affordable one within walking distance of the Excel Centre  Travel around London: Not required as hotel is close to the centre  Food allowance: £200.00 per day  Overall, the entire journey will cost us: £434.26
  9. 9. PERCENTAGE COSTS 13% 46% Car Car: £56.26 Hotel: £178.00 Hotel 41% MONETARY COSTS Food Allowance Food: £200.00 Total Costs: £434.26
  10. 10.     4658/?pid=f3d6162eb38eb4f92e448dffb4558017  YWlsYWJpbGl0eSBiYXNlZCBvbiB5b3VyIHNlYXJjaCBjcml0ZXJpYQ  wich/154709/?pid=1f2fb158feb61b22c65d4d6a00119db6