Uspto reexamination request - update - mar 23 to mar 29, 2011 - invn tree


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Uspto reexamination request - update - mar 23 to mar 29, 2011 - invn tree

  1. 1. Serial Patent number Control Number Requested Requester Typenumber date1 5,623,601 90/011,422 January 7, Fortinet, Inc., Ex Parte 2011 Michael A.2 5,855,343 90/011,316 December 30, DeSanctis, Ex Parte Jay C. Chiu, 2010 Hamilton Paul DeSanctis, Hastings3 5,893,120 90/011,426 January 10, Tracy W. Ex Parte LLP., Janofsky & 2011 Druce, Lakewood, Walker,4 6,055,439 90/011,433 January 14, NovakC. Bryan Druce Ex Parte CO LLP., 2011 & Quigg, Diner, Washington, LLP.,5 6,082,130 90/009,855 December 29, Finnegan LG Ex Parte DC Houston, TX 2010 Henderson Electronics, Farabow Inc., Korea, Ex Parte6 6,118,976 90/011,428 January 10, Greg H. Garrett & Richard L. 2011 Gardella, Dunner, Stroup,7 6,341,981 90/011,275 January 12, Irell & R. Shaun Ex Parte LLP., Finnegan 2011 Manella, Snader, Washington, Henderson LLP., Los Wilson8 6,484,046 90/011,317 January 14, Peng DC Chen, Ex Parte Farabow CA Angeles, Sonsini & 2011 Morrison Garrett & Goodrich & Foerster,M. Ex Parte9 6,903,699 90/011,432 January 14, Richard Dunner, Rosati, LLP., 2011 LLP., San Moose, Washington, Diego, &10 7,249,372 90/011,434 January 14, Dority CA Washington, Ex Parte Extended DC 2011 Manning, DC DISC PA., International, Ex Parte11 7,277,854 90/011,372 January 10, PATENT Greenville, LTD., 2011 OWNER SC Finland,12 7,315,818 90/011,424 January 10, T.J. Clark, Ex Parte Geza C. 2011 Gilman Ziegler, Jr.,13 7,585,311 90/011,430 January 11, Clark, LLC., Ex Parte Requester: Ziegler IP 2011 Boston, MA ScottGroup, Law14 7,599,972 90/011,299 December 22, Kolassa, PATENT LLC., Ex Parte 2010 King & CT OWNER Westport, Spalding,15 7,735,512 90/011,425 January 10, PATENT Ex Parte LLP., New 2011 OWNER York, NY16 7,785,109 90/011,423 January 10, William R. Ex Parte 2011 Allen, Wood17 7,870,599 90/011,429 January 11, HerronM. Kevin & Ex Parte 2011 Evans, LLP., Jones & Cincinnati, Associates, Inter Partes18 D. 622,088 95/001,535 January 31, Simmons OH LLC., 2011 Bedding Tomball, TX Company;19 6,673,532 95/000,615 January 13, PreSens Inter Partes 2011 (Atty Is: J. Precision Steven Sensing,20 6,965,244 95/000,613 January 7, Third Party Inter Partes Baughman,R GMBH; 2011 Requester: opes & Gray, (Atty Is:21 7,191,915 95/000,607 January 31, Micro-Probe Inter Partes Third Party LLP., William C. 2011 Incorporated; Requester: Boston, Gehris, (Atty Is: Crane,Real MA), Co.; Davidson Ronald L (Atty in Party Is: & Davidson Yin, DLA Daniel E. Interest: Kappel, Piper, LLP Venglarik, Same As LLC., East (US), New Munck Third NY), York, Party Palo Alto, Carter, LLP., Requester
  2. 2. 22 7,227,371 95/000,614 January 7, Third Party Inter Partes 2011 Requester:23 7,366,919 95/000,603 January 27, Micro-Probe Inter Partes Third Party 2011 Incorporated; Requester: (Atty Is: M86 Party Inter Partes24 7,742,837 95/000,608 February 4, Third Ronald L. Security, 2011 Requester: Yin, DLA Inc., (Atty25 7,754,023 95/001,514 January 21, Crane, Co.; Inter Partes Atotech Piper, LLP Is: Mike H. 2011 (Atty Is: Deutschland (US), East & Lee, King Daniel E. GMBH;26 7,843,508 95/000,617 January 25, Third Party Inter Partes Palo Alto, Spalding, Venglarik, (AttyReal 2011 CA), Is: Requester: LLP., Munck W. Thomas27 7,843,508 95/001,534 January 31, Microsoft Party in Third Party Inter Partes Redwood Carter, LLP., Adams, 2011 Corporation; Interest: Requester: City, CA), Dallas, TX), Renner Otto (Atty As (Atty Is: SameParty in Real Is: & Real Party in BoisselleJ. Michael A. Third Party Clifford Interest: Interest: Sklar, LLP., Swope, Requester Ulrich, Same As Same As Cleveland, Woodcock Kenyon & Third Party Third Real OH), Party Washburn Kenyon, Requester Requester Party In LLP., LLP., New Interest: Philadelphia, York, NY), SameReal As PA), Party in Real Third in Party Party Interest: Requester Interest: Sony Same As Corporation Third Party and Sony Requester Electronics, Inc.
  3. 3. Title Abstract Assignee(s) Inventor(s)Apparatus and method An apparatus and Milkway Networks Hung T. Vufor providing a secure method for providing a CorporationgatewayclipCamera for secure for supporting a iREZ Research, A clip firewall between David E. Krekelbergcommunication and data a private camera eithera Corporation portable network andexchanges between public network on anareMethods and apparatus onmethod and apparatus NEMES; A a surface or Richard Michaelnetworks disclosed.housing, and Thefor information storage edge of a for performing storage RICHARD Nemes apparatus is a gatewayand retrieval usinguser formobile telephone user MICHAELMobile telephone a andprotectingin anlens Nokia Mobile A retrieval an the Ari Helin; Timo station having of the camera when thehashing technique with information storage a Phones Limitedinterface interface that includesis Virranniemi; Juha operating system thatexternal chaining and camera is disclosed that system is not beingIce delivery system for a keypad, and disable a Whirlpool modified to which A refrigerator having Kenakkala; Pasi Jim J. Pastryk; Markon-the-fly removal of supported. The clip uses thetelephone may hashing mobile defining a Huttunen Verne H.refrigerator cabinet communications packet Corporation provides two axis of H. Nelson;expired data technique with the operate compartmentAsymmetric data freezer in several data forwarding, and further BellSouth An asymmetrical rotation to position the Myers; Daryl L. Salvador Luis Arias; external chaining different states of having an any desired camera to access systemcommunications system modified to collision any Intellectual communications process Harmon;Irby Comer; Edward Andrew M. method for operation fromclosure the opening provides point- (ADCS) and aorder clip GORMAN communications packet Oltman; Gregory G.Safety electrical outlet viewing angle. The and Property An electrical a mobile resolution. of outlet to standpoint In Roy Curtis Dunn; P. Gorman, Michael memberrotated to a the having a for closing first Corporation network to-multipoint allows Hortin; Devinderand switch system switch systemtelevision MICHAEL P. may be performance prevent telephone system, isice Melvin Duane access opening. Anthe encapsulation including programming address positioninstallation the Singh Frerking; Fred snap-in to support aElectrochemical analyte deterioration due to and TheraSense, Inc. An electrochemical characterized in that Say, James; maker matches the of a which is disposed conventional television camera on a surface Thomas Danner;sensor snap-out of in first presencearemovalaof analytethe key of the press ofsensor having Tomasco, Michael F.; within desk. The clip programming, freezer device address near table or switch Richard Sammis outletof operation on a and automatically expiring conductive traces stateuse with an electric Transdata, Inc. Heller, Adam; Gal,Wireless For be station. compartment for The gatewayrotated to a video-on-demand may items, a garbage Lawrence R. Porter; Bergen; Sidney modules without to data substrate a used is Yoram; Aria, Behrad;communication device method position function activatesicefirst meter chassis having a formingincludesto and (NVoD) to pieces is second or video-on- John Paul King; Walker Elliott; exposure a high- of collection technique of determinehousingfor electric meter andNetwork based an method oflevel the and in storage bin is A ice a second state dielectricthe gateway enablingthe camera on Target Training demand removes all Heller, Ephraim; Doug Justice Bill J. Bonnstetter; used that(VoD), and in support conductors. The voltage in a second Thomas Franklindocument manufacture analyte to indocuments station distributing vitro ormethod of distribution operation,transparently International protruding mounted to removably therefrom,aa full variety of available the display screen of Plante, Phillip John; David Craig Brent Evans;R. Bonnstetter; system records an expired includes stored vivo analyte-containing function. first example, Vreeke, Mark S.thereofmethod recognition a For wireless communication Performance the closure member initiatecomputer. of includes the step When RodneyBennett;Speech programming, a wiring Phoenix Solutions, electrical box, via a laptopsystem in the A the the recognition in speech telephone is in fluids. The permits when the ice maker for Ian M. Cox Chambers device below that isdigitized communications sessionsystem interactive agent the camera thenot being Systems displaying compressed, targeted systemanchain analyte externalincludesor state, Inc panel,conversation outlet electrochemical a the a calla client to be first Bandi Ramesh Babu; informationon a first receiving ice on web from with transmission. A documents processing UHFprobe into and a supported in thethe dataError correction in distributeda SEND key Nuance switch includes a press module to and by a techniquesaand New sensor of Kishor Stevens; Daniell communicated to a ice maker. the icethe network or The second requesting of site. Responses More program client andspeech recognition across subsystem positionsystem.face storagea may be corresponding systemsbinvolume activates servicean upper Communications, substrate electricfrom a Morkhandikar; M. Robert Roth; Joel from the and accepted storage a receives the ADCS wiringmeter documents has panel network the camera plate. The are improve position, recognizing a server for each particularly, or when Pallaki Gururaj J.System and method for adjustment,material the Inc. Medical implemented to conductiveherein are Disclosedsecond portion which of After KFx andthemethod from hostabeweb be programming is or may on query by a user. a on side retrieval, Gould; Michael Michael L. Green; back rotated ready spoken has insertion,on theainattaching soft tissue to error correctiontheandfor Corporation disposed isand telephoneand devices network, andin second methodsproviders been manufacturing hassame. transparentheld by the releasably of record a a the responses a for Newman; Dean Bart Joseph C. Tauro; A numberthe have content of a different attachment points is deletionpress of an END speech recognition. ice substrate,soft tissue the state, aembodiment,to a Sturtevant; CharlesboneFile system having securing the In one opening. An bottomprotect forth independent the A system is setare accepted, theyreceivedan QNX Software processes to be clip to models for Bojanowski Peter Dan Dodge; speech cable to search power new material an occasiontechniques of These is comprised of: conductive such as key activates deletion E. Ingold; David rigidincludes a session that material device forinto a reportvariable logical storage communicationsextends Systems GmbH & discharge chute during processed lens back signals andchannel and camerathrough a chain Van Der Veen different languages forming the closure are routed a working entire linked-lista be andasystems may hostis characters from Abrahams; Allan bone.communication through report anchor to and or bone expired A network (1) the NVoDis storageblock drain installation withthe support service, Co. KGFloor size processor, for and VoD to draindata A records a to correct storage.of the electrical Sioux Chief Mfg. of floor The present used portion In some implemented electrode. thattherequest display. below the Joseph P. Ismert; Gold described accessible circuit within member to the interested which the client deviceandwiring panel that returnedlanguagesystem itemsThethean then sendsthen remove Co., Inc. installation system detect a preserves the box. in speech errors coupled to data sensors,openingThethea invention a conductive Frank D. Julian comprises signal chassis is tobase and bottomprocessor, and was addressed. ofto a by the Itbyhasbe fixture party. Becauseaan aggregatedaadaptor includes an systemsMonitoring cleaning of them.sidethatuser. In in Kleancheck spoken is disposed front A method versatility foracircuitry, recognitionbin.user materialof of suture Philip C. Carling top such that A motor electric portion metersubsystem ice storage software that filesystem a accept an understood todrain pipe the transmission item willsurfaces attached to somebe data implementations configured cleaning of a Systems, LLC expired used in a monitoring on the may(2) an antenna recessed channels interfacemay be packets material whilethe and modulates, is mountedother communications forms executable in electronic surveys or by the system that remainfrom module. projecting a surface outlet or switch the of an notinteractive telephone surface includessecurity, Inc. standardwithin theMultichannel device from the desktopby formed in between simplifying a session A multichannel compressed amplifies, element firstorganize closure member. An processor coringsystem Ram Pemmaraju long term to amount to bewiring panel the The completed channelizes, the insleeve ground, applyingaan theelectron agent responds the sensor.ifAnthe the environment, inbase ofutilizing a centralized by decreasingtheasecond system is housing, are passeddisclosed, and surfacesthebroadcasts dielectricon data storage auger couldto filled out filters isavertically yet files language to it userson bowl-shaped be users and keys. having environment, physically isolates, is frequently probed, or transparent vicefor number of indicator mobilesystem and/or transfer agentthethe iceout-of-bandMattress design which secure is top digital UHF suture to within antenna The ornamental disposedelementsignals session,The filesystem Sealy Technology onuseful for largeversa, the paperandconnects the CLAIM a attached to or device. manually and Morrison; Leigh upper other be is any end real-time, facilitatemaytype electrically an areaauthentication system catalyst bincouldisofof a LLC (Trinity, NC) material to the Also granting to mattress in the anchor.denying and to results aSubscribing coupled air.and then storage for executable by application level be designslike dialogue. software power cable (Greensboro, NC) human is that can the over the withstorage integral surfaceto ais thecircuit. attachedand measuring information facilitate the environmentanare to provided tohostinserter(COBAS) access into equipped described files communication and drivingly shownon proxies asconnectedthe University of which computer design, that a to organize are Module entered are a coring viewers module. heavilyBioreactor and The the inventive adaptor, and andamount of present systemsand/or the the response receive be used electrolysisUpon to to Rao, Govind computer the web site. that an to withcan provide fast the the sentintelligentbioprocessing technique passed the ofdevice in Maryland, described. data received within and storage the bioprocessing second used, require a system plug contactsor speech. transparent of the recognized indicator analyte bone anchor a demand could insert the from an energization(ICB) be communications packets storage box having (and of areas for on FormFactor, Inc. The reports receiver controlprovided by toHigh performance probe bowltechnique) reliesto Baltimore County material thewhose level electrical connection access remaining A probe system compound auger moves Charles A. Miller access-seeking into bonelogical motor, theand move to electronicallycannot the by the modified storage different and drain pipe suitably configuredThesystem on panel contacts. of the non-invasive optical close off theThe paths hashing, on the level be providing relative ice anchor topsignalthe to the pieces and ice surface. and/or depends from individualsystem. Data operating sensing block off-linehas transmitted,that of a hard panel sizes indicator receive, demodulate, chemicalan integrated taken fixture that a transparentThefor the are during pouringpotential betweenbinscreening is the analyte.baseaccess- Automated AOptical vend-sensing For ensuring to computer. the digital the anchor via mail, storagesent through sensitivity on file type. dependent copies of whereindata. and decode expiredto James M. Hair, III; technologystructures an concrete may be fixed is formedfloormaterial on and protective between the removal machine motor Merchandising circuit sutureperipheral materialopening toandsystem for control of vending atester the seeker (IC)performed In one has clampbroadcast and to bottomimplementation, preferably or through overnight, inadvertent UHF aexcitation source Kyriakos P. Spentzos optical space by and a create surface for drying that prevent power and input/output, chute on the operativeoperate working to ensure for Systems Inc. electrodevending machine willdischarge software therecontinue toAlso device the resulting the dataan opticalwithin other between. short ice filesystem the modes. transmit to reception of excites pads fluorescent subsequenta and the exposure electrode or groundproduct has security. one on more and, whenis a pieces referenceOnlysoft-tissue until a to anexecutable or authentication described dispensing ice generate isdrain sensor. grate. circuitingmayto toThe signal head and panel chemicalof ICs be a surfaces ice the material,toof storage be counter/reference abin. descended through channel or communicate and bone other from the piercing communicationsterminal a hole map associated display chemical sensor opticalincludes a probe contacts.The electrical tested security measured andsecurity enabled through electrodespacethe an vending data storage devices. The or for with the by associated anchor and a ICB withis configured then the current a flex box emits luminescence board assembly, are exposure to time interval inserter.The ultraviolet resultingMethodsis a established hole system.provides map further The access- administrator area device. or absorbsalightof internal placement of is cable and the opticalwhich described setor radiation. that presents function ofTheallow use has elapsed, an seeker initially permitted. data comprises matrix switch
  4. 4. High performance probe A probe system for FormFactor, Inc. Charles A. Millersystem providing signal pathsUse of geo-location data between an integrated Symantec Computer implemented William E Sobel;for spam detection circuit (IC) tester and Corporation methods, apparati, and Bruce McCorkendale input/output, power and computer-readableOptical vend-sensing For ensuring that a Automated James M. Hair, III; groundfor detecting media pads on thesystem for control of vending machine motor Merchandising Kyriakos P. Spentzos surfaces of ICs to be suspected spam in e-vending machineCompositions and will continue toand A composition aoperate Systems Inc. tested includes probe PPG Industries mail (24) originating Michael L. Albu;methods using a until a product has method for treating boardaassembly, a flex Ohio, Inc. from sending Timothy P. OMara;microorganism descended through aMethod and system for oversprayedset of in MedioStream, Inc. A method a paints computer for cable and (21). A John J.Huang Qiang Boehmer;concentrate for paint vending space or andirect recording of video paint spray videoto is converting booths probes arranged method embodiment Robert N. Deneau;overspray removal established time interval provided. The method Roger Forsberginformation onto a disk contact thefor steps of MedioStream, Inc.Method and system for informationICs optical A method from an comprises the I/O Qiang Huangprocesses has elapsed, an includes contacting anmedium incoming probe to thedirect recording of video pads. The formatboard converting video determining (11) the beam overspray with a paint is established ainformation onto a disk assembly addressusing of outgoing format (23) information from one actual IP includesan acrosswater system wash the vend space process rigid substrate or more freecomputer ormedium the sending fromto anone incoming format product through which agitated an a files. comprising traces and more intermediary layersconverting (12) a with outgoing format using (21); drop. A change in must solution containing a The method includes viasactual IPon or one or formed from process free address the intensity is beam microorganism receivinggeo-location within thevideo files. substrate more intermediary (23) into By preference detected. so as to concentrate in a first information layersand, using the geo- providing The method includes data; red light is emitted infra the paint collect and receiving a format data, relatively video location low receiving point of an at one focal the agitated overspray in media desired output a paths bandwidth signalfirst information (13) and ascertaining in elliptical The solution solution. reflector, a format and tester to linking based upon (24) whetherthe the other a format thereceiving e-mail detected at the paint containingand a desired first input probes accessing some desired suspected containsoutput media is focal point. The light a overspray is passedupon TV standard based ato of the ICs pads. The format in pulses in spam. based upon the emitted area for phase holding input. The a second and a desired flex input provides first cableembodiment, preferred into an separationhigh the method decodes relatively based upon TV standard sensing and the phase organic optical paths video information bandwidth signal in the a second input. The system has paint automated containing tester tovideo first format linking the to raw method decodes the calibrationand an and error overspray in an others information probesinformation in the video accessing detectingphase. The aqueous functions. uncompressed raw first format to format of the ICs pads. video organic phase and directly in an the information resizes containinginformation raw video the paint uncompressed format overspray, which in the uncompressed and directly resizes the contains theapaint solids format into size raw video information portion, and, optionally, associated with the in the uncompressed an organic solvents desiredinto a size format output media portion, is separated format andwithdesired associated the the from the aqueous phase. TV standard. The desired output media The wash waterthe system methodand the desired format adjusts for treating paint uncompressed format in TV standard. The overspray in paint spray the size adjusts the with method associated booths contains a media the desired output uncompressed format in microorganismdesired format and the the size associated with concentrate in an frame TV desired output media the standard to a amount effective in the rate associated desired format and the with precipitating the paint desired TV standard and TV standard to a frame solids and, optionally, encodes the with the rate associated organic solvents, fromin uncompressed format desired TV standard and the system. the frame the size and encodes the rate into an elementary uncompressed format in video stream. A frame the size and the step of multiplexing the rate into an elementary elementary video stream video stream. A step of with audio information multiplexing the in the desired output elementary video stream