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Uspto reexamination request - update - sep 21st to sep 27th, 2011 - invn tree


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Uspto reexamination request - update - sep 21st to sep 27th, 2011 - invn tree

  1. 1. Edward J. Serial Requested Benz, III, Patent number Control Number Requester Typenumber date Sutherland W. Karl Asbill & 1 RE. 42,314 90/009,931 Aug. 4, 2011 Renner, Fish Ex Parte Brennan, & LLP., Richardson, 2 5,637,930 90/009,936 Aug. 10, 2011 Atlanta, GA Ex Parte PC.(DC), James Minneapolis, J2 Global Haugen, 3 5,723,391 90/009,929 Jul. 25, 2011 Communicati Ex Parte MN Redmond, ons, Victor WA 4 5,872,640 90/011,786 Jul. 26, 2011 Siber, Ex Parte Jennifer A. Washington, Calcagni, DC 5 5,955,141 90/009,934 Aug. 3, 2011 Ex Parte Berlin, CT Jennifer A. 6 6,395,329 90/009,932 Aug. 3, 2011 Calcagni, Ex Parte William Berlin, CT F. Ahmann, 7 6,860,925 90/009,933 Aug.Jennifer A. Sheppard Berlin, Parte 3, 2011 Calcagni, Ex CT Frank J. Mullin 8 6,905,353 90/009,928 Ullo, Jr., Jul. 25, 2011 Richter & Ex Parte Lewis Hampton, Longman & Charles W. LLP., Palo 9 7,284,328 90/009,937 Aug. 11, 2011 SKC Kolon, Ex Parte Walker,CA Alto, PA., Fallow, PL., Inc.; Jacksonville, Shoemaker 10 7,360,079 90/011,756 Jul. 1, 2011 (Atty Is: Ex Parte FL & Mattare, Anthony A. Silver Hartmann, 11 7,703,492 90/009,935 Aug. 11, 2011 Spring, MD PATENT OWNEREx Parte Blaise Finnegan (Atty Mouttet, Henderson Is: Tae Bum 12 7,741,638 90/009,923 Aug. 5, 2011 Arlington, E-Gold, Farabow Ex Parte Shin, Life VA LTD.; (Atty Garrett & Technologies 13 6,746,639 95/001,709 CSR A. Inter Partes Aug. 15, 2011 Is:Corp., Scott Dunner, Technology, Chambers, LLP., Carlsbad, Inc.; (Atty Patton 14 7,019,129 95/001,711 Aug. 15, 2011 Washington, Inter Partes CA), Real Is: Kenneth Boggs, Real DC), LLP., Party in N. McLean, Party in 15 7,206,763 95/001,708 Aug. 12, 2011 Interest: Inter Partes Nigon, Interest: VA), Same As RatnerPrestia Real Party in Same As Third Party 16 7,555,301 95/001,713 Aug. 16, 2011 Third Party Inter Partes , Valley Interest: Requester Forge, PA), Same As Requester Real Party in Third Party Interest: Requester Same As Third Party Requester
  2. 2. mounting of other interruptextraordinary having or reset to the system for controlling microprocessor a silver components by when a brilliance and hardness electrical power to a plating process. The are formed from large functional interrupt load includes a switch occurs. Thegeneration Document is applied and a plate Hardened silverdimmer, with the single crystals of and deliveryplating be Core method can that from a system relatively low impurity, switch actuator being Title allows a user to Abstract Assignee(s) Inventor(s) substantially larger a Ancomposition another combined with by than translucentconnector electrical silicon download ofplurality in replacement process Functional interrupt method for includes an athe detection of assembly a single carbide the dimmer actuator. David R.Czajkowski; mitigation for fault Preferably, dataof grown Space Micro, Inc. Michael J.Rowen; polytypeof the switch is sets silver to a andwhichthat are single correction ions electrical connector (2) tolerant computer inand a pickusedcapand Aaprocess copper furnace or during document preparation oxidized sublimation JoelDarrellSellers S.Spira; Michael abit errors up faults short-throw, light- (1) manufacture document system.Thea ofof silver printed Wall-mountable switch system. aThecrystals are Lutron Electronics deposit switchcomputer J.DAleo; Darryl force layer(13) the induced in onto the attached and & dimmer preparationused In for Pulling rolls comprises circuit boardsrough the atprocess a system has A orcutsurface.Theslide Co., Inc. W.Tucker; Russell connector. during dimmer into linear and the is microprocessor glass ribbons (11) protecting metal pads agemstonesexternal memory that printed manufactureplating a stores J.Jacobs; James Silicon carbide system ofmethod connectorand for are aqueous that Acaused byincludes dimmer. Another methods C3, Inc. Charles EricHunter; gemstones and/or boards the Thisto through-holes pre-defined forms with circuit processing composition comprises thereafter fashioned into R.Graybill embodiment ofsilver generallySEUs. such sources rectangular for manufacturing the DirkVerbiest provideof tarnish- in afinished maintainedThea fields. A plurality named Time- protecting metal pads LarryCohen; Facsimile form housing isgemstones. a Cable & Wireless, ions are provides method (21), a clip (24) communications invention rolls are provided. The resistant and by colorsto downloaded data begins and/or rangeaof the the wide through-holes solderable PaulMcDonald; generation system Asolution sender Triple Modular between access multiple pivotally engaged to wallbox-mountable, A tireinclude adevice Inc. a tractionmethod, rolls definitionshaft coating. In ais (TTMR) withshades theavailable ofa the Andrew William J.Ashcraft Process for silver housing, andtarnish- at provide computing deviceofheat- and wirelessnumber incorporation Redundancy a and pushbutton-actuated (17), a pluralitydata will securing apparatus of McIntoshSoutar;plating in printed circuit theTherebaseddoping a order is which through- bypads and/or device in provided electricalis plurality the Alpha Metals, Inc. resistantone recipientof andelectricalsolderable least and upon selective multidentate ofcommunicationsof having a usecontacts control resistant discs (15) holes areIn the inlong SOUTAR Peter the bright-etched, be idea crystal during coating. for veryinfilling processfor preparing sent that board manufacture inarchitectureagent.the a complexing device The computing themethod, which the pushbuttonprovides (23) received shaft in are ANDREW Soutar, Andrew mounted on of a form. elastic fields preferably tensioning arms Printed circuit board the compositions maya metal plated,film by in the and/orword ThomasMcGrath ispolyimide A sender resiliently through- pads growth. A colorless instruction selective, The housing housing. simultaneous provided. supported face-to-face contact, and MCINTOSH; extendingimmersion McIntosh; McGrath, manufacture an radially from The databright-etched, byare sets are then holes(VLIW)casting a gemstoneof produced methodasilversecure Andrew includesafittingstarnish containdevicestylewith communications(25ofis establishes a each or theof cavity (210) oncentral hub, support. aaprocess, and treated pair MCGRATH Peter Thomas metal towith aarecrystal inhibitorpopulatelocated used plated,thebubble film, devices with a growing preferably by microprocessors of and wireless affixed elastic communication to the fields Printed circuit board formedwhereinfront side PETER THOMAS free Enthone McIntoshSoutar; manufacture withplurality ainhibitor. the the form of 25,31) in inclusionthereby by tarnish and a agentsystem reducing immersionof (211), anrear apply an indocumentin side (212)a undoped externally provide processing different sections a shafttarnish inhibitor to capable Incorporated Peter The whichsilver ions tensioning arms Electrical connector generating documents unevennessrequests of Hon Hai Precision Hao-YunMa; Ming- process, and thickness reducinginaround a of control layerfree use substantiallyparallel controllablethefor the treated ThomasMcGrath A spatial area server andto opposite front assembly with pick up removably attachable to axial compressivevia aresilver incorporated may be metal, halide tobeatransmitted of withpreventedpairan force without in atarnish device processinginhibitor. unwanted impurity computingaelements communications side, junction The to and of a Method for producing a tire traction plurality to the discs. of Ind. 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It is side acontrol into the an redundant spatially object of andsolvent.Thechannel Surface processing digital glass embodiment, digital disclosed. to that the appending of and the the front central hub so secure the adjusted fault error bismuthmetal plating or components silver bath. the presentdetection up mounted The pick to side. invention rear traction The and allocationand method documents utilizing layer signature.aThe roll techniques and tire includes of material the systema techniques. A pads (27) device to portions and/or through- the Yozons, Inc. David A. 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Thea are soldermore that only Process for preparing form and in participatea mask, control (“BHQs”), multi- embodiment,designated is 30or monolithicrollsof The financial mounted between body; Yabuta, J.Kuekes Philip Katsunori; onto recipients. Thetoof Kaneka Corporation EfstratiosSkafidas; solution quenchersby metalobtained less which is processorthe housing, redundancy clip and is selected operation to each polyimide film achieveis adapted efficienta longwhere layer transactions service coupled Akahori, Kiyokazu Dark quenchers for adding, statearm onein excited toplurality ofof therefore, lowsuch asto controla it is viscosity electropositive than techniques,energy from at is applying documentleastclosebut tensioning made the payment life without processing of BenJones; John Ronald M.Cook; Biosearch server areModularby varnishof themselves Tripleobtained silver. donor-acceptor energy electrochemical reaction the contactsoperation, which canforce covers modes gold. The is a units of excessive body the monolithic implement and togold (Jack)Morton; MattLyttle; and system for nearly electrophysical Technologies, Inc. MikeGibson; Neil Methodtransfer polymerizing a Redundancy (TMR). ispaths, in secure non- enablingremovably substantially or glass a wireless kept allribbonstorage hook to the exposed sender specified DarenDick commodity-based tetracarboxylic communications fluorescent. traction contacts, siteAlso reaction paths,for the recipienthigh levels and identity thereby GM Network PatrickKelly; at a deposit generatingtire attach the Method and apparatus dianhydride component James J.Turkcurrency for payment of provided areandto be of transmitter provide Limited NestorFesas; Mark for coverage and benefit of themethods combinations thereof providing the users. The verificationsecuring device protection of particulate accounts furtherthe acontacts.are with diamine dynamicallyto theof the payments configured Bandspeed, Inc. using theBHQs, probes during processing of the of operationthroughput enhancement componentin goldtire apparatus contamination. WilliamBenson; electronic devicemolar device.a BHQs a in and incorporatingwireless as to reach document traction through effected the a Richard JohnRusnak; in a wireless ratio of 1:1.01 by 1:1.05, designated to the communicationsthe tire computersecure devices thereby system using and methods of having JamesGlick; Duy communication system or 1:0.95 to 1:0.99, a atdata device to the a greater distance the probes. recipients. tractionstorage and KhuongDo; Douglas dehydrating agent in a from the transmitter A.Mammosser; transaction processing tire. molar ratio of at least withoutthat credit or increased LeiCheng; Kevin programs interference and a one time between debit the units of SeanBroe; chemically-imidizing communications NatarajanEkambaram account of gold held for catalyst in a molar ratio channels (“range the account of each of at least half time mode”) or to provide system user. based on 1 mole of the wireless amic acid of the communications to a poly(amic acid) varnish. greater number of wireless communications devices within a relatively closer distance to the wireless transmitter (“capacity mode”) or to
  3. 3. US46775 345583A; 174827A; 2S; USD 008810A; EP13227 52A; US4 US73242 US54147 US32974 CN10046 US50253 US32945 0542237 694397A; 98B1; W 22A; US5 20B1; US 07A; US3 7679C; D 96A; US5 O022913 78A; US3 S; USD0 US47590 594865A; 7278094 317035A; 542742S; E102008 231510A; 2A1; WO 63A; US4 B1; US70 531315A; Forward US56047 US32252 Priority Backwar 007835AH 01 H; H 01 H 3 / Attorney/Regis US34231 USD051 US52434 IPC USPC/USCL US Examiner 759064A; Patent US39938 Number( 55A; US5 20050831 65A; US3 43690B1; d Patent 1; US65202 ; H 01 H 3 /02 tered Agent 77A; US3 7024S; U 37A; US5 56A1; EP s) US47958 45A; US4 Citations 706423A; US69683 746923A; 7854B1; Citations H B; C 30 /02 ; 714/21; 714/17; US11311 485591A; SD04820C; 30 01 H 13 B 29 / Lohn, Joshua 267303A; 1260607 92A; US4 17B1; US 067784A; US58225 US39710 G 06 F 11 /02 ; H /00 714/55; Continuum Law 16A; US1 US62009 US36306 07S; US US5287410 01;H 13 B 29 /36H C 30 A 839504A; 6850911 15A; US5 A3; US71 US43894 28A; US401 H 13 C 17 /00 01 714/820 234568A; D048136 78A; US3 17B1; US 44A; US5 76388B2; US32945 ; A 44 /12 ; H ; 307/112; Seidel Coonda Krishnan; USRE03 31A; US4 B1; US67 864663A; US56881 563592A; 6045613H 13 C 17 /00 01 H 228/209; US12845 630679A; 78A; US3 5S; USD 299305A; US74904A 44 /14 ; H ; C 307/125 Lavorgna & Aditya 2985E; U US71408 440805A; 65689B1; US67548 33A; US5 A; US595 US45673 205/85;13 B 31 /00 01 H 01 501/86; 63/32; Monaco, PC 48A; US1 0477572 US38975 993845A; 03B2; US US5325301 /14 ; H ; C 13 S485199 US32945 US62369 US47770 46B2; US 90B1; US 819404A; 75A; US4 5735A; U 427/97.2; 320916A; 29A; US3 S; USD0 03A; US5 7064065 US40677B 31 /36 05 B 37 B/ /20 ; H ; C 01 117/951; 358/434; Richard S.Faust Group; Karl Finnegan, 9A; US48 US76697 78A; US3 84B1; US US4 6901532 US60196 7037122 764717A; S60252802 /00 05 C 01 B/02 427/97.4; 228/176; US14437 912521A; 477573S; 84A; US4 B2; US69 327341A;33 04; N; H 04 37 1 33H H ; B N / 501/88 358/403; Henderson, 91503A; 800132A; B1; US74 US31160 993845A; 52B2; US B2; US70 6189009 17A; US6 9A; US60 US50178 427/97.9; 69A; US1 USD047 US39505 /00 05 0439 1/00 ; 29/832; 29/840; ;H ;B00 ; H C 30 B 23 / N /00 358/442; Farabow, Coles; Edward 777078A; 91675B2; US54042 US49032 6860925 53A; US3 B1; US77 US49082 US40677 36059B1; 55526B1; 155848A; 37A; US5 48813A; H 05C 30 B 23 /00 228/179.1; B 39 /08 427/98.8; L. 494289A; 96A; US3 7574S; U 31A; US5 US69021 US4908200 ; 715/236; Mintz, Levin, Garrett & 01A; 41A; US5 78902B2; 334010A; US76321 84A; US4 B2; US67 US72371 US64131 146153A WO0022 427/99.5; 427/96.6; US15153 959527A; SD04775 41A; US5 02B2; US 404294A;B;05 30 B 33 K 3 /; C D; H 05 /00 715/277 Dunner,Ferris, Talbot; Brian Cohn, L.L.P. 914698A; US67252 US33386 322553A; 20499B2; 777078A; 15B1; US 48B2; US 11B1; US 195A3; 427/125; 427/97.2; 32A; US1 75S; US US40303 322553A; 6856209 US54168 24 C 30 B 33 /00 Glovsky and Mintz, Levin, K. 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  4. 4. 2003/02/ FILED; 14, 2004/09/ FPAY, 21, RR, FEE US REQUES 1999/04/ PAYMERelated 2002/05/ T FOR Legal 02, AS, NT; 15, AS, REEXAApplicati [deleted]: StatusUS04590 2003/02/ 147; [deleted]: ons MINATI ASSIGN 14, ASSIGNUS10656 MENT;ON SULP, 1997/09/ MENT; FILED;US08386 2003/03/72000; ; SURCH 03, AS, 2005/11/ 2004/10/ 14, ARGE 850; ; ; ASSIGN 24, 28, FPAY,US08739 MENT;FOR FPAY, [deleted]: LATE 784; ; ; [deleted]: 2000/06/ FEE 2008/08/ FEE PAYME 08, AS, FEE PAYME 27, PAYME ;;; NT; ASSIGN PAYME NT; FPAY, NT; 2003/11/ MENT NT; 2006/09/US08932 [deleted]: 2007/03/ 21, AS, 2009/11/ 12, B1, FEE 392; ; ; ASSIGN 15,US10118 PAYME 20, REEXA FPAY,US08/93 MENT; 417; 2003/07/ FPAY, MINATI NT;9656; ; ; [deleted]: 2004/02/ 2010/03/ 11, AS, [deleted]: ONUS08939 2011/06/ FEE 17, AS, 16, RF, 2000/12/ ASSIGN FEE CERTIFI65600; ; PAYME 14, AS,US11132 ASSIGN ;;; REISSU 27, AS, 2002/03/ MENT; PAYME CATEUS20020 [deleted]: NT; MENT; 547; 19,EUS20040 ASSIGN 2008/11/ AS, NT; FIRST152925A ASSIGN 2011/03/ 2004/09/US10393 [deleted]: APPLIC MENT;175974A 2011/06/ 26, REEXA 1 MENT; 17, 08, AS, 48800; ASSIGN 1 ATION 2009/03/ FPAY, 14, AS, MINATI ;; 2011/06/ FPAY, 2005/11/ ASSIGNUS60366 [deleted]: FILED; 03, CC, MENT; FEE ON;US60259 [deleted]: 14, AS, 23, AS, MENT; 2007/04/ 85800; CERTIFI 2011/04/ 2008/11/ PAYME ASSIGN 2008/12/ 94100; [deleted]: FEEUS20050 ASSIGN 2006/08/ 04, AS, 25, CATE 11, CC, NT MENT; 10, ASSIGN PAYME MENT;US20020 ASSIGN16,212158A [deleted]: ;;; FPAY, OF 2011/06/ FPAY, MENT NT091927A 2005/11/ 1 FPAY,US20080 CORREC MENT; FEE CERTIFI 14, AS, FEE 2002/02/ 1 23, AS, FEE245458A [deleted]: 2007/04/ PAYME ;;; TION; CATE PAYME 28, AS, 1 ASSIGN PAYME 04, AS, NTUS20070 ASSIGN 2009/03/ OF ASSIGN NT MENT; NT; 2003/05/ ASSIGN117256A CORREC ;;; 31, CC, MENT MENT; 2011/01/ 2010/06/ 16, AS, MENTUS20020 CERTIFI 1 TION 2007/11/ 11, CC, 10, AS, ASSIGN CATE074686A CERTIFI 09, ASSIGN MENT; OFUS10439 MENT; 1 FPAY, CATE 2010/05/ 717; CORRECFEEUS11507 2010/06/ OF 27, AS, TION;US09340 CORREC 827; PAYME 10, AS, ASSIGN56600; ; 2009/09/US10870 ASSIGNNT TION MENT; 29,US20030 MENT; 19900; 2010/10/191708A FPAY,US60492 2010/06/ 04, FEE 1 01700; 11, AS, FPAY, PAYMEUS20060 ASSIGN FEE NT;281412A PAYME MENT; 2009/09/ 1 2010/07/ NT 29, 14, SULP, FPAY, SURCH FEE ARGE PAYME FOR NT; LATE 2010/07/ PAYME 16, AS, NT ASSIGN MENT
  5. 5. Ex ParteInter Partes
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