Eyelash lengthener That Works?


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Idol Lash eyelash lengthener is it worth the money? Find out in this exclusive review

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  • Very informative post. Thank you ! AdamPascal
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  • I ordered 6 packs of Idol Lash on 11 Oct but only I received today 3packs which was a split delivery. Even though I paid rush delivery it took more than 2 weeks. It's supposed to take 2-6 days. The packaging was absolutely horrible and my boxes were all crushed. I will never recommend these products for delivery ever again. The containers were all leaking because it doesn't have seals. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your money on this product.
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Eyelash lengthener That Works?

  1. 1. Idol Lash: An Eyelash Lengthener that Works! If you are like many other women with thin, short, sparse eyelashes then you probably are quick to try any new product on the market that promises to help your eyelashes to grow. Idol Lash is the newest of these products, but before you jump on the bandwagon with both feet, you need to understand what the product is and whether or not it will work for you. Idol Lash is a clinically tested product that has been shown to increase the length and the thickness of eyelashes in as little as two to four weeks (up to 82% increase in length and thickness!). There are only two steps to using Idol Lash eyelash lengthener to help grow your lashes: •Before bed, clean around the eyes and remove all make up residue •Apply Idol Lash on both top and lower lash lines (Idol Lash applies just like eye liner) Many of you have probably heard a lot of criticism about products that claim to enhance the length and thickness of eyelashes. Some products cause eye irritation, others have been pulled off the market due to the danger they posed to eye health and still others can cause temporary or permanent staining around the eyes. What’s more, these products are expensive, costing between $50 to $500 a month to continue. Idol Lash – Eyelash Lengthener
  2. 2. Idol Lash eyelash lengthener is different; it is the “purest and least irritating” product on the market used for enhancing the growth of eyelashes. It conditions as well, giving you healthy think lashes that other women will envy. Sensitive eyes will not water and sting after use, making Idol Lash ideal for all eye types. Idol Lash also offers you another benefit. If you have sparse, thin eyebrows, Idol Lash eyelash lengthener will help to thicken those as well. You will no longer need use eye liners, eyebrow pencils, wax or other products to make your eyebrows look full and health (those products don’t look natural anyway). You can grow your own eyebrows and never have to worry about them looking unnatural again. Imagine being able to finally shape your eyebrows like the stars, framing your eyes the way that they were meant to do. If you are wondering why Idol Lash eyelash lengthener is so effective, even on the most sensitive of eyes, it is because it is an all natural product. Instead of harsh chemicals, which many other eyelash enhancer products use, Idol Lash is all natural and uses herbs such as Kelp Extract, Alfalfa Extract, Honey Extract, Chamomile Extract and more to help your eyelashes grow. You may be asking, right about now, why you shouldn’t just go to your local beauty salon and get eyelash extensions instead of using Idol Lash to help your eyelashes grow; after all, it is instant gratification and you can leave the salon with the lashes that you desire. The truth is, you could do that, but there is some cost involved. •Eyelash extensions cost $250 to $300 for the initial application Idol Lash – Eyelash Lengthener
  3. 3. •To maintain the eyelashes costs $50 to $75 for each touch up •Touch ups must be done every three to four weeks or the extensions will fall out •This means annually, you will pay $850 to $1275 just for the touch ups for your extensions If you have an unlimited budget to maintain your extensions, then perhaps, that is right for you. For the rest of you who find these prices prohibitive and frivolous, then it is time to try something else. Idol Lash won’t break the bank and it will give you your own full and thick eyelashes, you won’t have to depend on anyone else. If you want to purchase this eyelash enhancement for yourself, then the next step is easy; simply click on one of the links on this page and start the process. There is a one-time cost of $119.93 and that provides you with a lifetime supply of Idol Lash. That’s right! You payment provides you with all the product that you want. Every month you simply log into your account and request a refill of Idol Lash and you will get it in the mail (you do have to pay shipping charges). Even the least expensive eyelash enhancer doesn’t offer you this. You have to purchase the product again and again. (Eyelash enhancers are like any other hair growth product, if you discontinue use then the new growth will disappear, continual use is necessary to maintain your look and for continued growth to occur). Who Shouldn’t Use Idol Lash eyelash lengthener? You shouldn’t use Idol Lash if you don’t want to grow your eyelashes Although Idol Lash is an all natural product, people with allergies can have a reaction to Idol Lash if they are allergic to any of the ingredients Idol Lash – Eyelash Lengthener
  4. 4. used. Read the ingredient list before purchase (the ingredients are listed in full on the Idol Lash website). If you have recently had eye surgery or you use prescription eye drops, then speak to your doctor and show him or her the ingredient list before starting Idol Lash; this will ensure that nothing interferes with the treatment of your eyes. Click The Banner Below To Try Idol Lash For Free Idol Lash – Eyelash Lengthener