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DefendEdge - Negotiating Ransomware


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Dallas CSNP - January 2020

Published in: Technology
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DefendEdge - Negotiating Ransomware

  1. 1. “A new organization will fall victim to ransomware every 14 seconds in 2019, and every 11 seconds by 2021.” -Cyber Security Ventures “Ransomware attacks have increased over 97% in the past two years.” -Phishme “The annual global cost of cybercrime expected to exceed $6 trillion by 2021.” -Forbes “The potential cost of ransomware in the United States last year was over $7.5 billion… Tallied 113 government and agencies, 764 healthcare, 1,233 schools, Baltimore and NOLA affected by ransomware.”- MIT Technology
  2. 2. “We risk our lives doing this illegal business. NSA, Homeland security and FBI are trying to get us we are not ready to do all this for just 50 cents. We are not working for nothing. You live in your prosperous country, but we are soldiers in the war and any means are good for victory...” “Sorry à la guerre comme à la guerre.”
  3. 3. II. Hackers used next generation ransomware. In order to know ransom, company must contact the Hacker. If Hackers are contacted… They know companies are in trouble. Ransom starts at $250k-$500k III. Companies got smart and started backing up files, servers, devices and hiring IT security. Hackers would threaten to leak sensitive company data in return for ransom. Ransom starts at $500k+ I. Companies open email regarding their files have been encrypted. Must send ransom in return for the encryption key. Ransom starts at $4k-15k
  4. 4. Recovery and Mitigation Cost: $80 million to $95 million Recovery and Mitigation Cost: $60 million to $71 million Recovery and Mitigation Cost: $18.2 million