Using audio conferencing to enhance your web conferencing meetings


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Using audio conferencing to enhance your web conferencing meetings

  1. 1. Using Audio Conferencing toEnhance Your Web Conferencing Meetings
  2. 2. Improving Meetings•Many businesses are looking for ways to make their meetingseasier for everyone to attend and to hold impromptu meetingswithout causing major disruption to the work day flow.•As such, more companies are choosing to use web conferencing orphone conferencing to hold their meetings between employees.•In addition, the latest advances in conferencing software allowbusinesses to hold more of these meetings with improvedfunctionality and time saved.
  3. 3. Web Conferencing Information•Today, video conferencing allows you to actually see the person you aretalking to with the help of web cams.• In addition to being able to see each other, you are also able to interactmore easily with audio conferencing features with a microphone andheadset.•This makes holding these meetings as close to holding them in person aspossible.
  4. 4. Potential Problems•Even in today’s technologically advancedworld, not everyone can easily make useof web conferencing software.•Some people may be away from theircomputers or may be connected via anunreliable or slow connection.•In the past, this could mean missing themeeting altogether.•Fortunately today, there are moreoptions available, such as integratingphone conferencing and web conferencingtogether.
  5. 5. Solutions•With the integration of audio conferencingand web conferencing, you can offer everyoneoptions in how they will access your meeting.•For example, instead of requiring people touse a microphone and headset to listen to theaudio and communicate with the rest of theattendees as they watch the video aspectonline, they will be able to call in to a specifiedtelephone number and access the audioaspects through phone conferencing.• Some conferencing software even posts thecall-in number and access code in the videoaspect of the meeting.
  6. 6. Solutions•Sometimes you will encounter people whodon’t have access to the Internet or theirconnection is too slow.• For these individuals, the integration of bothtypes of conferencing will allow those users toaccess the audio conferencing aspect of yourmeeting.•Even though they won’t be able to see what isgoing on, they can still be involved.
  7. 7. The Best of Both Worlds•When you are able to integrate the phone conferencing you areused to with the web conferencing, you will be able to enhancethe experience for everyone involved.•Being able to implement PowerPoint presentations, polls,surveys, application sharing and chat rooms, you will be able toprovide your audience with even more information and keepthem engaged and participating throughout the entire process.•Even if you are inviting people who aren’t able to take part inthe online aspects or are unwilling to change their ways from thetraditional audio conferencing, offering an integrated version willensure no one is left behind.
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