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made by my group on speaking class

Example of Broadcast Text

  1. 1. SCRIPT BROADCAST SPEAKINGMelina A. as BroadcasterMuh. Mufi R. A as Galiano Brem-Brem/ DesignerNeta E. as Caller2/ University StudentPenny Amivia as Penny Clackson / Fashionable SingerRizqi Arum as Arum / Performer of welcome partyMelina : 000 fm Colourfull station! Colouring your life! Back with me again Melina Pinkerbell in FIESTA/ fashionista.. up your life up your fashion..hi! keep your spirit on this Saturday night because i want to accompany you with this special program until 9 p.m. So, it doesn’t matter if you dont have any date or activities tonight. And..i will solve ur fashion problem with special guest and expert of fashion. Just call to 644555 or texted me on 088123456. Ok..before we started, i will play special music for you. This is Penny Clakson with because of you. Check it out and don’t go anywhere bacause i wanna back here.--music playing-Melina : Hiii..with Melina Pinkerbell again and tonight I’ve invited special guest here.. haiii Penny Clackson and Galian Bremm Bremm!!! How’s your life?Mufti Penny : Haiii... Very good.. very nice, thank you!Melina : Hmm.. as we know that Penny Clackson is famous singer and Galiano is her designer who has a big design company! Any way you looks so fresh today, about your company, Galiano?Mufti : Thank you..yeah, our PM company runs well. I have 5 famous stores in 5 countries. I also have self branded for my store. The name is Crostcok. And my wardrobe is used by many hollywood atists. If you interested with my wardrobe please visit my website, You can view all of my wardrobe, and also order there. You can order bridal in my wardrobe too. I will design it for you.Melina : Waw.. that’s awesome..ok..we’ve listened of Galiano’s company..The next turn is for Penny Clackson to introduced is she..Penny : haii.. guys..thanks for invite me and my partner today. I’m Penny Clackson and last week i’ve released my second album “Smile and Spirit”. Thanks for your trust that makes me reach my successful.
  2. 2. Melina : Wow.. and don’t you know, guys? Her album sold out until 8milion copies. More over, 3 days ago, she won MTV music award as fashionable singer of the year..Congratulation!!Penny : Hahaha.. you are too much, Melina,,but thank you. I’ll never got all of it if Pennylicious didn’t support me! So, i dedicate this award for all of you galss!!Melina : Yes..thanks for your introduction, will welcome you to call to 644555 if you want to ask question about fashion or style..just called it up and you will get the solution from the expert here.(caller 1) *the phone is ringing...Melina : hello, Fizta.Arum : up your life, up your fashion!Melina : who’s there?Arum : Arum’s here. I wanna ask something.Melina : what’s up, honey?Arum : there will be a miny party in my campuss. And i wil perform there.Melina : ok, you can directly ask Penny Clackson.Arum : sure, that’s what i calling. Hi penny~Penny : hi Arum.ok, what’s up?Arum : yeah, as you’ve heard before, there will be a mini party and i quite confuse, what kind of dress that i will wear.Penny : what kind of party, Arum? And if i’m not mistaken, you will perform, right?Arum : Welcome party for the new student. Yap, i’ll sing some songs there.Penny : ok, may i know your body character?Arum : sure, i have bright skin and short-tiny body.Penny : aha! Just like my body, tiny but quite sexy.M+M : haha, always like that.Melina : ok, back to the topic. How’s the next solution, Penny?Penny : does this party will be held on the night?Arum : yes , but the opening paty will be held at afternoon...So, I’ll perform twice in the different time.
  3. 3. Penny : Ok! First for the afternoon, you should wear such kind of clothes with colourfull pattern. Your skin is bright and it will be so stylish if you can choose your colour. Those time, you can wear simple dress with dark leggin.Arum : Yeah! I do making note and what kind of shoes that I should wear? I really can’t wear high heels, Penny.. I wanna look so girly.Penny : Hmm..You can wear flat shoes with dark colour, may be you can choose open-toed shoes with tiny tie details. Do you get it?Arum : Ok! I agree with you, and I’ll ask my boyfriend to buy them for me.Penny&Mufti : tricky you are!Mufti : Hmm..anyway, don’t forget, you can ask him to buy it on my boutique!Arum : Yah..I ill think about that later on,Melina : How about party for the night?Penny : Ow yea..In the night you should wear elegance dress. So, in the afternoon you bring cheer atmosphere and in the night you bring the romantic one.Arum : Yap !! and what colour,Penny? Should I choose black or red one?Penny : Ok! I think both of them are suitable for you, you can mix and match those colour, For example: Your dress colour is black and your accessories, like your necklace, bracelet, until shoes can be combined with red colour. So, the will look so balance.Arum : Yeah!now I can imagine what kind of dress that I will wear, and I have an idea, I’ll cover my guitar with red paint, so it will look so matching with me! Thank you, Penny!Penny : Hahaha.. It’s nice if i can help you, Arum! The main thing is turn on your self confidence and you’ll look so beautiful!Mufti : And don’t forget to buy my stuff ya!Melina : Okay..thanks for Arum for your call and I hope you will get unforgettable party! Before we are going to the next caller, i would take a break by paly special music for you.. This is it..Beautiful by Cherrybelle.Playing Music....Melina :Hi..that music was really easy listening, right? haha..yah..back with Melina Pinkerbell again in Fizta/ Fahionista! As i’ve said, i’ll open next
  4. 4. chance for you to get some tips n tricks for your dress by dial on 64555 cz we still have special guest here.Penny Clackson and Galiano Brem Brem..Caller 2 (the bell is ringing)Melina : Yes, Fizta Radio....Neta : Up your life Up your fashionMelina : Yah..that;s the right password..haha..Anyway, who’s speaking there?Neta : Hi..My name is Neta..Melina :’s your fashion life?hahaNeta : Im in trouble now..Melina : what is that?Neta : It’s about my daily dress.Melina : Well, better for you to ask the solution of your problem to the expert here.Mufti : Hmm..what is your daily style? Simple one or you prefer to mix and match various wardrobe?Neta : I like simple one but elegant.Mufti : Oh..i see..Neta : But, in my daily activities , I only have limited time to prepare my wardrobe. So, my choice is usually simple and sporty.Mufti : seems more complicated, Neta..Neta : Hmm..i think it is the easiest and now I start becoming bored with that style. Do you have any advice for me?Mufti : Waw..if the case is like that, you can wear simple blouse and A-line skirt. You also can add some necks and bracelet or using flat shoes.Neta :’s sound nice. What about the colour,Gal?Mufti : Prepare a set of wardrobe with an appropriate colour garadation.Neta : Is it mean with a same colour?Mufti : Off course not! For example, you can use pink cardigan, white trousers and use purple scarf as a small detailNeta : I see. That’s good idea. But, what colour that I can choose in emergency event,
  5. 5. Without any worry of choosing wrong theme.Mufti : The combination of white and black or dark chocolate and creme is a good choice.Neta : Are white shirt, with blazer and jeans sound nice?Mufti : Tht’s good. But don’t use it too often.Neta : Why?Mufti : Altough it can give easy going impression, but sometimes you need to be feminime and elegant as a young girl.Neta : Sure, thanks a lot. It is really inspire me. You save my life with those advices. Once again, Thank you. ByeMufti : You’re welcome. If you need further consultation, just visit me at my boutique ya..Neta : Ok, Gal..Melina : Yes, one problem have been solved again. Thanks Neta for you call. Hmm.. before we say goodbye, i’ll play special music for you. It is Bruno Mars with Grenade!check it out!Playing Music...Melina : Well, time is up, and i have to end our program now..Thanks for all caller and big thanks too for Penny and Galiano here.Mufti+Penny :’re welcome.Melina : you give us many advice and solution. It is really helpfull. Thanks for solving our fashion problem.Penny : It doesn’t matter,Melina.. I really happy if i can help others.Galiabo : Me too..It was very nice to be a guest here.Melina : Yah..may be next time i will invite both of you again. Thank you! Now, i will say goodbye for all. But, Don’t worry because we will have the same program next week. Thanks for enjoying our program. Happy Saturday night!. Ok..keep “Up your life Up your fashion”..bye.. This is last song for you Smile and Spirit by Penny Clackson
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made by my group on speaking class


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