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Talk shows


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Talk shows

  1. 1. Group members0 Saqib Naveed 10050616-0310 Emaan Raza 10050616-0340 Bakhtawar Aamir 10050616-0330 Shakeeb Arsaln 10050616-032
  2. 2. What is a Talk Show?0 A television or radio show in which various topics are discussed to inform or educate the listens.0 it is usually hosted by one person, that focuses on interviews or audience participation.0 In talk shows guests are those people who are learned, Highly educated or who have great experience in relation to whatever issue is being discussed.
  3. 3. 0 “Talk Show” is Basically the word of American & Australian English.0 In British English it is know by “Chat Show”.
  4. 4. History0 The talk show is one of the most popular types of TV programs.0 This type of show has a long history which goes back to the time that every home got a television in the 1950’s.0 TV talk show has seen the role and characteristics of the host change throughout its history. As the TV talk show has evolved, it has developed its special format, and the role of the host has changed with the passage of the time.
  5. 5. 0 Basically The talk show has been evolved from a radio station to a television as a TV talk show.0 The television was not much common in every home in the over the world in the 1930’s.0 Most people used to heard the news and the events by radio.0 Talk show was started for the first time on-air at radio.0 After that, in the 1950’s was the Golden Age which the televisions were the most popular entertainment things for every member in a family.
  6. 6. Classification According to the Medium Two Types Of Medium. Radio: 0 No doubt the talk show is emerged due to this medium but now a days it is not worthy to put any impact to the audience as compare to the TV. 0 There is short list of the talk shows in radio like the Live shows wethere it is in evening or in morning. 0 In this live show the host just chit chat on a particualar topic most probebliy in funny way.
  7. 7. 0 Tv Talk shows:0 As we know that he impact of the tv is more than the radio.0 Because we can see who is speaking and what is happning.0 With the developing in media lots of the catogaries are evolved in talk shows.
  8. 8. Categories According to the timing0 Day timing0 Afternoon0 Evening
  9. 9. Day Time0 Day time is a time which mostly targets the house wives.0 There are also many types of shows in that time.0 Like Morning shows, Cooking shows, Tv Magazine show0 i.e Geo Shaan Say, Utho Jago Pakistan, Subh Sawery Maya Kay Sath
  10. 10. Afternoon0 This is the time when there is less viewership of tv channels0 In this time TV Channels mostly on air the repeated telecast of live shows of the last day.0 i.e Repeated Telecast of the Capital Talk on Geo News
  11. 11. Evening0 This is basically the time when most of the People are free from their work places.0 So they spend most of their time on watching the tv shows.0 Thus, there is more viewership at this time so the most important or top rated shows of any tv channel on air their programs at evening time.0 Political shows are more common at this time because of the interest of the people.
  12. 12. Types of talkshows0 There are many types of talk show programs on television. These talk show programs are produced by the production staff to deliver viewing pleasure to a variety of audience. Most audiences love to follow a broadcast news program because everyone wants to be up-to-date on today’s events. In addition, news programs allow their viewers to experience many headlines around the world. Some viewers are into sports, too, as these programs are exciting and fascinating. On the other hand, some prefer a much lighter content and decide to watch popular entertainment programs.
  13. 13. News talkshows0 The first category of talk show is the news program. A news talk show is a program that analyses the information in current reports or events. There are many headlines to debate or discuss in this kind of talk show. For instance, political, business and stock market, educational, and cultural talk shows are those with the top ratings.0 Sometimes the anchor is joined by a specialist to provide an in depth discussion on important topics. News talk shows are broadcast during prime time, which usually takes place during the morning and evening hours.0 These shows are usually televised in half- to an hour-length segment. The morning segment is typically broadcast in the morning and is narrated by one host or a small team of journalists consisting of at least a male and female news anchor. These shows are either live or taped.0 The late night program has a statelier format than the morning show and is usually hosted by one person. The night shows always deal with a specific topic, and the host is then joined by experts who were invited to discuss the topic of the day. These types of shows are aimed toward adults and older- aged viewers.
  14. 14. Sports talkshows0 The second type of talk show is the sports talk show. These shows are broadcasted regularly on FOX Sports Network,ten sports and ESPN, respectively. Just like a regular talk shows, sports talk shows are produced by the production staff and consist of the host and the guest of the show.0 These shows are relatively concise and usually last for thirty minutes. The format of the show usually contains a discussion of several headlines in sports ranging from the nation’s favorites to Olympic sports. Moreover, many are specialized shows that devote all of their resources to specific sports.0 The host of sports talk show also provides a daily updates and conducts an interview with famous athletes.
  15. 15. Entertainment talkshows0 The third type of talk show is the entertainment talk show. Entertainment talk shows are created to bring a very light content to audience. Therefore, these shows are all about enjoyment factors. People in an entertainment talk show usually consist of the host, whose function is to interview the guests who were invited to share their stories.0 The shows can be categorized into a daytime and a night-time segments. Daytime viewers are composed of women or housewives. Thus, daytime entertainment talk shows focus on home daily activities. This show has a casual style and talks about general topics but manages to grab viewer’s attention. Other shows such as cooking, homemaking, home repair, and fashion are among the favorites of the day time entertainment talk show.0 Most of the more popular evening and night or late night shows are televised in an hour length. The structure and the format of most evening show usually features a high caliber host and famous guest. The show often features several one-on-one interview, comedy, and live musical performance. The top rating evening shows are The Oprah Winfrey Show, late night with begum Nawazish Ali
  16. 16. Top Rated Talk Shows
  17. 17. Capital Talk0 Hosted by Hamid Mir.0 It is broadcast four days a week (Monday to Thursday) in the timing of 8:05pm.0 Launched in 2002.0 Capital talk is the longest run TV show in Pakistan history which is aired from geo news.0 In capital talk, Hamid Mir invites renowned political figures from different political parties of Pakistan and various national and international level issues are discussed.
  18. 18. Kal Tak0 Kal tak is a political talk show.0 Aired from Express News.0 Hosted by a well known anchor and columnist Javed Chaudhry.0 Show revolves around the political issues of Pakistan.0 Language Urdu.
  19. 19. Off the record0 Kashif abbasi is an anchor person on ary news.0 His program is known because of his bold steps and unbiased approach.0 He invites key politicians from various parties in his show and discusses political situation in the country and all around the world with his guests.
  20. 20. Aapas ki baat0 Najam sethi is a well known political analyst, known for his valuable political analyses host this show.0 Aired from geo tv.0 This program is very popular among public and people give due respect to his views.
  21. 21. Bolta Pakistan0 Popular program Aired from AAJ tv.0 Originally hosted by two well known analysts Nusrat Javed and Mushtaq Minhas .0 It is Pro PMLN.0 Show aims to keep track of open discussions over subsequent shows.
  22. 22. Hasb-e-Haal0 Hasb-e-Haal is a political comedy show0 Airs on Dunya TV at 11:05 pm from Thursday to Sunday.0 It stars Sohail Ahmed, Junaid Saleem and Najia Baig.0 Languages: Urdu, Punjabi0 Genres: Comedy, humorous
  23. 23. Khabarnaak0 Geo News Tv Program0 Pakistani Comedy television show.0 Airs on 11:05pm on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.0 Hosted by Aftab Iqbal With Amanullah Sakhawat Naz and Mir Mohammad Ali.0 Seemab Umar Imam is the co-host.
  24. 24. Flaws in Talk Shows0 Political talk shows are the most watched TV shows in Pakistan. Their ratings are above any other kind of entertainment shows on the television right now.0 It has become a form of entertainment.0 The anchor persons these days have claimed to become public spokesperson.
  25. 25. Flaws in Talk Shows0 Some of them are doing a very good job but some take full advantage of such situation in creating negativity in the minds of people.0 Anchor persons and some investigative journalists instead of being analytical, which is their job as a journalist, start giving strong views against or in favor of someone or something, and make sure that everyone believes in whatever they say.
  26. 26. Flaws in Talk Shows0 These are one of the non-state actors that our govt reminds us about every other day.0 Some of the talk shows namely “CAPITAL TALK “hosted by Mr.Hamid Mir and “ KAL TAK WITH JAVED CHOUDHARY “ by Mr.Javed Choudhary are thought to be anti- government talk shows.0 It is said that such talk shows and their hosts are paid by anti-government organization and sometimes even by the some opposing political forces.
  27. 27. Impact of talk shows0 Political Talk shows have become quite popular in Pakistan. They have given rise to awareness.0 It helped much in changing the political scenario.0 The contribution of the Talk shows on many important issues cannot be ignored.
  28. 28. Impact of talk shows0 Every person has some affiliation and biasness in him/her. But the best person is the one who keep his biasness out of argument & discussion and talks on merit with logic and facts & figures and listen without pre-judging and pre- labeling anyone and any argument.0 Its based upon the public interest.0 Talk shows make easy the understandings of the people
  29. 29. Impact of talk shows0 Talk shows provide us information on various aspects of the event.0 News just tell us the event happening but talk shows give us the detail and what is the background of the story.0 Now a days talk shows are generating political awareness among the people.0 A person can learn how to communicate? with the help of talk shows .and how to convince others?
  30. 30. Impact of talk shows0 Now every person can give his own analysis on any event which is happened.0 Viewers now become opinion makers.0 Talk shows influences the persons life and become the source of social change.
  31. 31. Conclusion0 Talk shows are the beauty of democracy.0 Public opinion must be involved in talk shows like kamran shahid and Asma sherazi .0 Planted talk shows must be banned by the Govt .0 Media organizations like PEMRA should have check and balance on the talk shows and anchors should also be accountable to the law.
  32. 32. Conclusion0 More over the contribution of the Talk shows on many important issues cannot be ignored. But some talk shows themselves are becoming "mafias" although its a hard word to use, but its the reality.0 They have huge impact in creating a noise on the scene about any issue or diverting the publics attention from any critical issue.0 So its very important to know the biases of the political anchor so we do not accept everything they say but apply our own common sense and understanding to the issues and the host from which background he is coming