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Presentation for Housing Solution by Universitas Indonesia for Hult Global Case Challenge

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  • There are Billions people like Joko and Lala
  • Mason academyCapacity buildingLocal masons availabilityBetter mason Masons EmpowermentRevenue Sources
  • DaerahPersentage RumahParner online
  • RumaKita Solution

    1. 1. A Solution forHabitat for HumanityProposed byUniversitas Indonesiafor Hult Global CaseChallenge
    2. 2. He earns This is about Joko’s $3500 a Family Year A simple houseHe has a with 2dream to bedrooms, 1own a bathroom, a livingroom and ahouse kitchen In IndonesiaBut, He doesn’t alone, wherehave access to Joko lives, theremoney and are 8 Millionmason to build family with thethe house same problem
    3. 3. Rumakita by HFHI offers Joko a solution.1. Joko applies 5. HFHI andhimself or a 3. A group of Joko prepares How Will Joko certified masons pays back thepartner the documents build the houserecommend needed to house? in 14 workingJoko apply for transfer thegetting a house days house • Pay a fixed amout of credit in max. 10 years with 0%2. Within 2 4. Volunteers do 6. In 30 working interest.weeks, HFHI days afterverify that Joko’s tasks to finish application, Joko • Social the house (e.g. Contributiondeserve to get a already gets his Painting, etc.)loan dream house • Sweat Equity
    4. 4. She already own a house, butThis is Lala with some problemsBad Thesesanitations, problemsLeaked roof, affect to Lala’sand need substandardrepaint lifeBut, He doesn’t There arehave access to millionsmoney and people withmason to build Lala’sthe house problem
    5. 5. How does Rumakita by HFHI solves Lala’s problem?1. Lala appliesherself or a 3. A group of 5. HFHI and Lala How Will Lala prepares the pays back thepartner certified masons documentsrecommend Lala retrofit the house house? needed to theto apply for in 7 working daysretrofitting house • Pay a fixed amout of credit in max. 1-2 years with 0%2. Within 1 week, 4. Volunteers did 6. In 3 weeks interest the non- bafterHFHI verify that construction application, Lala • SocialLala deserve to Contribution tasks to finish the already gets aget a loan house better house • Sweat Equity
    6. 6. People like Joko and Lala, who lives in developing countryThere are with housing problem, are the targets of Rumakita1,6 Billions Rumakita is a platform that integrates allpeople have the stakeholders under togetherness processsame problem withJoko and Lala
    7. 7. How WillRumakita ByHFHI solvethis Problem?
    8. 8. 1. Volunteer Development and Management Unit Non-ConstructionRecruitment (Marketing, fundraising, Training Performance administration, etc) Process Volunteers will get Measurement (Through coope- intensive training , Reward andration with univer- under partnership Incentives sity, internship with relevant program, open partners Programrecruitment, cyber (e.g. PR consulting volunteers, etc) agency, HR, etc) Construction (Building houses, painting, preparing materials, decorating, etc) With a better marketing and recruitment process, we are optimistic that we can double up the number of volunteers (better number, better quality)
    9. 9. 2. Knowledge and Skill Management Unit Work for OUTPUT: + HFHI 1. Local masons Projects availability 2. Better mason Graduated quality & Certified 3. Masons Educate Local Masons Empowerment Through Mason Connected & Endorsed to other 4. RevenueConstructio Academy Program house providers, Sourcen Company Business, Indovidual
    10. 10. 3. Monitoringand Channel DONORDistribution Unit S 1. Receive donors, grants, and contributions-in kind As Consultants & Intermediaries 7. Consultants’ services at a 2. Give 0% interest loans cheaper rate + larger consumer base to purchase houses 6. Higher possibility of loan 3. Pay back 0% interest being repaid + fees from banks loans to purchase houses 4. Give small-medium enterprises loans with interest of 7 - 10% p.a. to selected community teams which will be helped by HFHI 5. Pay back small-medium enterprises loans of 7- 10% p.a to selected community teams which will Costumers Lending be helped by HFHI Middle-low consumers in form of institutions, such Community savings/ lending Teams as Bank/MFIs that (2-5 org) with the criteria of (1) Having small businesses (2) Have meet our criterias high motivation to work/create businesses for added income
    11. 11. 4. Program outreach and strategic partnershipPeople select beneficiary and housematerials to donate through VirtualMatchmaking Booth
    12. 12. 5. Community Development Unit• Our beneficiaries should pay back by contributing their sweat equity to help to build other houses and engage in social activity• Our beneficiaries may choose to increase their income by joining our local economic center (e.g. Traditional market)• They will get capacity building to improve their skills and knowledge, so they will be financially independent
    13. 13. With $1 Million Grants, it will be multiplied through: - To build an online platform system – VirtualHow Does Matchmaking BoothIt - Operational, Administrative and Management - SalariesPossible? - Business and Community Development - Marketing and FundraisingDetails are From these activities, we could generate $ 4.748.915separately attached for the 1st year, with an outreach growth of 27% upin financial plan until 2023., we could serve 198.396 houses in 10 years. We do believe if this solution could work in an area, it could be replicated and scaled up to broader areas. We are targetting to replicate this in 10 Areas, in 10 years. With this number, we are optimistic that we could serve 17.435.424 houses with 69.741.696 people.
    14. 14. With Rumakita we not onlybuilding houses,But we alsoBuilding lives.