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So you want to go to Burning Man?


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Thoughts on going to Burning Man.

So you want to go to Burning Man?

  1. 1. so you want to goto Burning Man?Creative Commons image via familyfamilyfamilyseerfamily familyfamilyfamily
  2. 2. Creative Commons image via Homewearthistu-tu-tuesdaygreat shoechoicebad shoe choice,bring vinegar + bucketthis is “playa”it loves youdust mask,smart
  3. 3. listenListen before you arrive,on playa,and after you leave.diablo)’(also streaming onBMIR.orgwhere themagichappensCreative Commons image via belt + tutu =good effort!
  4. 4. rockstar librarian’smusic guide!download
  5. 5. Creative Commons image via
  6. 6. Creative Commons image via, hot-looking, bestfriend askingfor drugs(also undercover)inexperiencedsmokedetecting dogDEASheriff
  7. 7. M.O.0.P. condoms(used)cigarettebuttsgiftsbike partslightweightdecorationsCreative Commons image via“M.O.O.P.” is anyMatter Out Of Placefor the playa.Pick it up.Teach others todo the same.flosswrappersbottle tops
  8. 8. communaleffortCreative Commons image via you!mighthelp you!mighthelp you!mighthelp you!mighthelp you!mighthelp you!mighthelp you! mighthelp you!mighthelp you!mighthelp you!
  9. 9. light your bikeCreative Commons image via
  10. 10. MegaphonesThere was a mighty struggle,some HERO won.MOOPMOOPMOOPMOOP(more signs of struggle)Creative Commons image via
  11. 11. Burn ScarsBurning items on playa is never allowed,even when it seems like a GREAT idea.MOOPMOOPMOOPMOOPCreative Commons image via a BURN BIN instead.
  12. 12. Water ispreciousCreative Commons image via 1.5 gallons per person / per dayalcohol is very dangerous in the desert
  13. 13. The ruleof “thumb”Creative Commons image via you hold your thumb upand the bottom of the suntouches the top of your thumband the mountain range touchesthe bottom of your thumb*it’s time go back to camp andeat dinner with your family*see figure A(thumb)(sun)(mountain range)(Fig. A)if distance between(sun=x) + (mountain range=y) - (thumb=z) = 0, then (go home!)she’swatching
  14. 14. family dinnersI saw the mostamazing art carI know whereBassnectaris playingCreative Commons image via’s coming tothe Temple with me?I need helpwith an ice runI need asew kitanyone seemy wife?OMGthat’s howI lostmy shirt!
  15. 15. Carry your i.d? no drinks.don’t bitch.has i.d.has i.d.has i.d.has i.d.showing i.d.checking i.d.has i.d.has i.d.has i.d.Creative Commons image via a cupbroughta cupbroughta cupbroughttheir cupsbroughta cupp.s. bring your own cup
  16. 16. Creative Commons image via;)ask often?jump fences?keep clean + use lube= no playa coochieWith 50,000+ peopleat the Burn, therewill be deviants, idiots,herpes and MORE!fun fact:Knockknock!
  17. 17. be amazingIf not now,then when?Creative Commons image via
  18. 18. visit the TempleCreative Commons image via michaelholden.comlosschangefear lovequestions demandsnodemandswonder insight compassioncarehopeopenpeace
  19. 19. aliens willarrive atthe BurnCreative Commons image via
  20. 20. Only aliensgo to theBurn they’ve just notbeen ‘activated’ yetwelcome to cargo cultCreative Commons image via instructions?instructions?instructions?instructions?instructions?instructions?instructions?instructions?instructions?instructions?
  21. 21. No shirtcockingTextShirtcockerShirtcocker(probable)shirtcockerCreative Commons image via even once®
  22. 22. Creative Commons image via edges existdrunk people falldon’t trip on rebardon’t overdosefire burnsplaya potholes eat bikesbad fonts killthere are no lawyers to protect you
  23. 23. pack it outCreative Commons image via of these bikeswere left behind.that’s not ok...
  24. 24. Creative Commons image via;(
  25. 25. TakeHome,home.Infect theunknowing viarandom acts ofcubicle destructionand awkwardhuggingCreative Commons image via
  26. 26. Creative Commons image via don’t get what youwant from the burn,you get what you need.
  27. 27. thank youo)’(o~ Rider