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You're buying on the wrong market!


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The stock market can be an interesting place to look up brands you love. If you believe some products or services will change your life and that of others, consider buying that company's stock. It might be even more rewarding than buying their products or services. This presentation contains 10 examples of stocks you should have bought instead of the product.

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You're buying on the wrong market!

  1. Whatif...? youbought$tock insteadof theproduct 10 company stocks you should have bought not long ago.
  2. Whenyoul vethesebrands, youbelievethey’rethebest. Isn’tit?Thestockmarketagrees. IMAGINE YOU BOUGHT STOCK
  3. You’re spending money on the wrong market! 10examplestoillustrateyoushould haveboughtstockinsteadofthe product.Forthesamevalue. IMAGINE YOU BOUGHT STOCK
  4. +323% Let’s say you bought a pair of Nike Air Shox costing $160 in 2004. Now worth $ 516.80 [you should have bought Nike stock instead] #NKE:NSYE RETURN ON VALUE
  5. +302% Imagine how many cokes you drink in a year. Now worth $ 755.00 [Let’s say 500 drinks in 2009] Wallpaper by TutosLily #CCE:NSYE $0,50 Total spent: $250 RETURN ON VALUE
  6. Reserving a Tesla S in 2010 costed $5,000. [date of IPO: June, 2010] #TSLA:NASDAQ +625%Now worth $ 31,250 RETURN ON VALUE
  7. +301% The original iPhone launched at $499 (4GB) Now worth $ 1,502 [Did you buy it in June, 2007?] #AAPL:NASDAQ RETURN ON VALUE
  8. +273% Let’s say you spent $125 on Disney articles in 2009. Now worth $ 340 [March, 2009] #DIS:NYSE RETURN ON VALUE
  9. That’sprettyamazingsofar, don’tyouthink?Nowcheck yourinterestrateonyour savingsaccount... Now, who do you love more, your bank or your beloved brands?
  10. How much do you spend on Amazon? [Let’s say about $250 in 2009] #AMZN:NASDAQ +459% Now worth $ 1,147 RETURN ON VALUE
  11. Spent $2.000 on a summer vacation in 2012? [You shouldn’t have done that] #TCG:LSE +953%Now worth $ 19,060 RETURN ON VALUE
  12. Dreaming about that priceless Louis Vuitton? Now worth $ 664 [You could have bought two by now] Wallpaper by TutosLily LVMH #MC.PA:PARIS Louis Vuitton purse: $245 +271%Since 2008
  13. Yes, let’s say you bought a Ford Fiesta ... 5 years ago. [What is it worth today? Less or more?] #F:NYSE +759%Now worth $ 113,850 As from $15,000 RETURN ON VALUE
  14. Look up the stock, go ahead. Do it. Google it! [You loved Google five year ago too, didn’t you?] #GOOG:NASDAQ +231% Now worth $ 872 What was Google stock worth in November 2008? > NOV. 17/2008: $262 RETURN ON VALUE
  15. So,ifyoubelievesomeproducts orserviceswillchangeyour lifeandthatofothers. Considerbuyingthatstock.  NICK DECROCK @ndecrock It’s your risk, it’s your profit.
  16. 1) Believe the product or service changes your life and that of others. Now and in the future. 2) Forget analysts, they mostly don’t have a clue. 3) Trust the company’s ability to please you, not just the market. 4) Buy when stocks go down without logic. 5) Be patient. Think long term investment. Goldenstockmarkettips
  17. Goldenstockmarkettips 6) It might be better to buy small amounts, on several occasions. 7) Never take unnecessary financial risks. The stock market is not your savings account. It’s where you spend your ‘extra’ money. 8) Promising markets for the future are in (solar/wind)energy, technology, health care and biotech. And strong brands. 9) The crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels ... might make you rich one day. 10) Think about where to spend your money on next. The product or the stock?
  18. Thanksfor viewing.Don’thesitate tolikeandsharethis presentation.  NICK DECROCK @ndecrock note: stock value changes were based on their value in OCT. 2013. or