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3 Rules for Omni-Channel Fulfillment


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Get 3 rules for how to achieve perfect omni-channel fulfillment and give your customer what they want, where & when they want it.

Read The Forrester Wave: Omnichannel Order Management, Q3 2016:

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3 Rules for Omni-Channel Fulfillment

  1. 1. Perfect your delivery. Delight your customers. Every time. 3 Rules for Omni-Channel Fulfillment
  2. 2. pre-purchase post-purchase purchase Omni-channel means: that your customers can start to engage with your brand at any channel seamlessly navigate all combinations of channels throughout all phases of the order lifecycle:
  3. 3. The question is: How to achieve perfect omni-channel fulfillment?
  4. 4. Give customers exactly what they want, where and when they want it. The question is: How to achieve perfect omni-channel fulfillment?
  5. 5. Ask yourself if you are omni-channel. Are you losing sales because you aren’t sure where all of your inventory is? Are your profits out the door because of returns? Can your customers buy, pick up, and return wherever they want?
  6. 6. Rule #1 Streamline execution with a single view of all orders and inventory across the entire fulfillment network. Deliver the perfect order every time by linking inventory with demand.
  7. 7. 73% of consumers stated that they are likely or very likely to visit a local store if the retailer provides in-store product availability... compared to 36% of consumers who would visit a store if no inventory information was available online. Forrester Consulting, “Customer Desivers Vs. Retailer Capabilities: Minding the Omni-Channel Commerce Gap.” January 2014
  8. 8. Rule #2 Enable customers to order and receive from any channel and get a committed fulfillment promise. Deliver more orders faster by shipping from stores, suppliers, and distribution centers. Exceed expectations when customers can buy online and pick up in store.
  9. 9. 61% of consumers will take advantage of in-store pick up of an online or mobile purchase... 50% of consumers will buy additional merchandise while in the store. Source: IBV U.S. Consumer Study, IBM; Q37
  10. 10. Rule #3 Leverage your store network to service customers with flexible return scenarios across all channels. Make it easy for customers to buy and return anywhere – without losing money on returns.
  11. 11. 75% of consumers consider it important to be able to return online purchases to the store. Source: IBV U.S. Consumer Study, IBM; Q37
  12. 12. The Answer: IBM Watson Commerce Omni-channel Fulfillment Solutions enable your business to: Fill more orders with accurate omni-channel inventory visibility. Streamline returns to get product back on the shelf faster. Make it easy for your customers to do business with you across all channels.
  13. 13. Looking for the right partner for omni-channel order management? Find out more about IBM Watson Order Management