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GCSE Film Studies: Year 9 Options Assembly presentation


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A brief presentation on GCSE Film Studies for Year 9 students who are considering their GCSE options.

Published in: Education
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GCSE Film Studies: Year 9 Options Assembly presentation

  1. 1. Teaching ‘Aesthetics’ at GCSE Level GCSE FilmStudies
  2. 2. doyouwatchfilms? Have you ever wondered why a film makes you scared, excited, worried or even bored?
  3. 3. have you wondered? How a film actually gets made? How and why a Director shows us certain things or why actors perform in certain ways? Why some films are better than others!?
  4. 4. would you enjoy… To see films, clips and learn things that you would never learn in another subject? To learn things that might develop your skills in other subjects? To experience a lesson like nothing you’ve taken before?!
  5. 5. would you like to learn… About films from different countries, films from a wide range of genres and some of the best films ever made?
  6. 6. WhatisFilmStudies? Film Studies is a GCSE subject which is taught over two years through a mix of coursework and two exams at the end of Year 11. The two exams are split into two different parts of Film Studies: looking at films from across the world and another on comparing two specific films. Coursework will be two tasks; either making your own short film or writing a long script and then evaluating how well your work do you want… To take a GCSE that is interesting, creative and modern?
  7. 7. why study film? Coursework will be two tasks; either making your own short film or writing a long script and then evaluating how well your work went. would you enjoy… Analysing films like you would a book in English? Learning new terms and words to describe a film like you would with a new language? Researching and developing ideas from information like you would with a source in History? Or creating something new like you would in Art or Technology?
  8. 8. then study film! You could study film and watch at least 6 films across the two year course. You could make your own short film or write your own script.
  9. 9. what happens in lessons? Coursework will be two tasks; either making your own short film or writing a long script and then evaluating how well your work went. reasons why… It’s challenging but you learn a LOT of new ideas.
  10. 10. Reasons why… Develops skills for all sorts of possible jobs & subjects including teamwork, problem solving, working to deadlines, independent learning and more!
  11. 11. reasons why… We use modern and exciting resources such as YouTube, Quizlet, Kahoot, Twitter and Blogger to support lessons, complete homework and revise for tests and exams.
  12. 12. assessment: Regular Quizlets, homework and written answers to exam style questions. One main assessment every half term, usually on the new film technique or film we’ve learned about. Coursework: either making your own film or writing your own script. Two exams at the end of Year 11.
  13. 13. Whatfilmstudiesisn’t… It’s not just watching films! We watch around one film every half term to apply your film studies knowledge and skills to an actual film. It’s NOT easy-there is a LOT of writing and you will be learning new things every single lesson. A dead-end: you don’t have to study, teach or make films after you gain a GCSE in film.
  14. 14. you will need to be …Hardworking. Resilient. Good at meeting deadlines. Willing to try and learn new things. Open to watching films you wouldn’t normally choose to watch. A dedicated learner, whether working in groups or independently.
  15. 15. after GCSE FIlm Whatever your passion or hobby is, there will be a career in it involving film: Big fan of makeup? Become a prosthetics artist for films. Want to become an electrician? Learn about the film industry and become a ‘Gaffer’ for films. Interested in catering? Become a caterer for films and work alongside the biggest film stars in the world. Learn to become a Director and make your own films! Plus MANY more!
  16. 16. more information Find me in Room 98 on ICT corridor. Specific details about the course are in your options booklet. Search online for ‘Eduqas Film Studies GCSE’
  17. 17. more information: @Moreno_Melgar