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Workshop: Using Assistive Technologies to Make Music


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Workshop: Using Assistive Technologies to Make Music by Dr Andy Pierson.

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Workshop: Using Assistive Technologies to Make Music

  1. 1. IntroductionMusic software for schools, research and developmentDelivery of a music curriculum in special schoolsUse of technology to engage students with wide range of disabilitiesDerbyshire Music Services – Wider Opportunities in Special Schools
  2. 2. Music and TechnologyMusic is rewardingSound can he heard and feltComposing musicPerformingWide range of skills
  3. 3. Music and TechnologyWho is our target audience?What are their cogitative levels?What cause and effect can they engage with?
  4. 4. Music and TechnologyA creative journey of discovery
  5. 5. Music - CompositionWriting a song
  6. 6. PerformanceVoiceInstrumentsMovement
  7. 7. Assistive TechnologiesUsing technology to do things we cannot doNew ways of interactingIs touch what we want?
  8. 8. TypesTriple Axis AccelerometersGyroscopeMagnetometerProximityUltrasoundTemperatureMicrophonesPressureBarometricAltitudeBrain wavesBio-sensors
  9. 9. MiniaturisationSmall footprintLow power requirements
  10. 10. WirelessSwitches, sensors and wires are problematicUbiquitousBluetoothWiFiZigBee
  11. 11. Research question?Need to use technology to map the student’smovements rather than the other wayround....Examples..........
  12. 12. What do we need?9 degrees of freedom?Wireless technologyResearch data
  13. 13. MeasurementsADXL345