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Using Twitter for IDEA Exchange


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What is the IDEA Exchange?

It is a form of educational conference focusing on debate, debate and civic education, youth projects and innovative teaching and participation methodologies. IDEA organized it first Exchange in November 2006 in Prague, November 2007 in Kaunas, December 2008 in Amsterdam.

Where will IDEA Exchange be organized this year?

IDEA Exchange will be organized in London, December 10th -13th, at Goldsmiths University.

The IDEA Exchange will commence with a grand opening on Thursday,December 10, 2009 at the House of Lords in the Palace of Westminster.

This opening ceremony and reception will take place in the magnificent River Room of the palace. The exact time of the ceremony and the names of the guest speakers will be announced soon. Anyone participating in the Exchange are invited to this event.

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Using Twitter for IDEA Exchange

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