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The Youth AfriCamp provides a forum that allows the participating youth to showcase their work in their respective regions. In addition, the camp includes training segments that will allow youth to acquire skills in creative social messaging techniques that they can apply to their work. The YI sees added value in convening the AfriCamp to not only act as facilitator and sponsor, but most importantly, to raise the profile of the work young people are doing under challenging conditions.

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Africamp Participants Bios

  1. 1. Theresia Mshana, Student University Of Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania I have spent past two years involving myself in TYVA; an association of young people in Tanzania who seek to involve themselves in the governing process of the country, trying to bring positive impact in the society by advocating for alternative solutions to what are common problems amongst our societies. TYVA stands for Tanzania Youth Vision Association. Over the past year I have been heading a department of training and capacity building known commonly in the association as TCB. Major tasks are to look for and organize training opportunities for members as per association’s areas of needs in terms of manpower. The department is also a member in the ex-com of the association. I enjoy writing, movies, reading, insightful conversations and enjoy family time especially with mum. Love occasional walks with friends. Tsike-Sossah Eyram Simon Founder/ Leader Abusua Foundation Ghana Abusua Foundation is a registered NGO based in Cape Coast, Ghana. Our focus is on youth development through building of capacities and capabilities. I hold Bachelors in Social Science, majoring in Sociology and a minor in Geography from the University of Cape Coast. I am currently working on my thesis which aims to look at youth participation in decision-making at the community level. A modified version of the thesis is funded by OSIWA under the project name: Youth Alive! I have contributed to the Kofi Annan Peacekeeping and Training Centre/GTZ/WACSI resource pack on conflict management for civilian actors. I have also written a monograph titled: “Youth Participation in Local Governance: The Abusua Foundation experience” supported by WASCI and OSIWA. I have a son: Enam that I adore very much.
  2. 2. Muhyadin Ahmed Roble Correspondent AfricaNews Somalia Muhyadin Ahmed Roble is a Somali freelance Journalist based at Kenya who works with both local and international news networks in reporting the crisis in the Horn of Africa. He was Editor of local Newspaper called Xiddigta and producer of Simba FM. He is well qualified journalist with over six years working experience in print, online and electronic media. In those years he was working as writer, columnist, reporter, correspondent and editor. He has a certificate in Mass Communication and Journalism from the Institute of Commercial Management, (ICM) in London, Britain and technical school in Nairobi. He has also two more certificates in peace reporting, conflict reporting and also humanitarian reporting. He writes on matters related and touching crisis in the Horn of Africa. Mohamed Kanneh Programmes Coordinator West African Youth Network Sierra Leone Mohamed Kanneh was born in Kenema, Eastern Province of Sierra Leone. He is one of the 2007 College (Milton Margai college of Education and Technology) Representatives in National Moot Court Competition on International Humanitarian Law for Colleges and Universities, and a former Government Lawyer (State Counsel 1) of the Milton Margai College of Education and Technology Student Union-Goderich Campus. He also studied Global Education: Human Rights Dimension at the Network University in Netherlands. He is a founding member of the National Youth Coalition Student Assembly (NYCSA) and has worked with organizations such as National Youth Coalition- Sierra Leone (NYC-SL), Youth Alliance for Social Action (YASA), Youth Action International Sierra Leone Chapter and Mano River Union Youth Parliament (MRUYP) Sierra Leone Chapter. He is a peace and human rights activist.
  3. 3. Mercy Mugure Program Manager Women Challenged to Challenge’ Kenya I am a graduate of Kenyatta University with a degree in Education. In the University I was a student leader where I represented students with disabilities since my second year. I also attended two months leadership training in United States in 2008. One thing I learnt on civil right movement lead by Martin Luther is that true leadership is about sacrifice. I have been actively involved in advocacy for equal representation and participation especially for persons with disabilities. I have participated on the ongoing constitution review process regarding persons with disabilities through centre for multiparty democracy. I have also been giving back to community through voluntary services programs in the community, am the coordinator of sun rise group that offer motivational talks and peer counseling to students in public primary schools and secondary schools Linda Wamalwa YES Kenya Linda Wamalwa is a 23 year old Kenyan citizen. She is currently working with YES Kenya in the implementation of Young Solar Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurship 101 Training programs, and is an ardent proponent of youth participation in the social, economic and political sphere in Kenya and Africa in general. She has also established a CBO in Kibera that looks at empowering the girl-child in the locale. She was one of the Kenyan participants in the first World Youth Meeting in Bari, Italy whose goal was to set a common agenda of priorities for the coming years and a g-local action plan aimed at concretely progressing towards realization of MDGs –sustainability–participation, while involving the youth in the decision making process. She is a very honest, innovative and hard working young change maker committed to transforming the lives of the young people in the society that she lives in.
  4. 4. Lawrence Mashungu Program Officer Youth Agenda Trust Zimbabwe I was born on the 11th of November in 1977 in Masvingo province in Zimbabwe. I am a single man staying in Harare at the moment. I went to The National University of Science and Technology (NUST) in Zimbabwe and graduated with an honours degree in chemical engineering. Currently, in am studying towards my masters degree in renewable energy with the University Of Zimbabwe. I am the National Chairperson of the Student Christian Movement of Zimbabwe and also a board member of the Zimbabwe Youth Council which is the regulation board for all youth organizations operating in Zimbabwe. During my time at the university I was a student leader which culminated in me being arrested several times for standing for the rights of t6he students. I have a passion towards youth development and empowerment of marginalized and vulnerable populations. I strongly believe in the promotion of meaningful participation of young people in national processes. Kitamirike Emmanuel Acting Executive Secretary Uganda Youth Network Uganda A project management professional who has amassed well grounded experience over the last four years in project conception, development and implementation. Prior joining UYONET worked as communications officer with Tetea Uganda – a media and Public Relations Company and Assistant Program coordinator – Concordia Volunteer Abroad Program. A bachelor’s degree in Education and postgraduate training in project planning and management with diverse skills and abilities that enable me to successfully work on a series of complex undertakings with zeal, commitment and precision At Uganda Youth Network, Kitamirike is part of a team of committed young people whose passion is to ensure that the East African Youth is active in the governance and development landscape of the region. Kemi Ibor
  5. 5. Cross River State, Nigeria I am an assertive, highly motivated individual with a passion for humanity. Between 2004 and 2006 I worked as a "Behavior Communications Specialist" with a World Bank assisted project on HIV/AIDS, in Cross River State (South-South Nigeria) and volunteered in several other projects. I am currently developing skills in Service Delivery Management in Telecoms Engineering which I feel would generally impact on the quality of services provided for the consumer as a whole. Following my interest and passion for the voiceless Youths in my country, I have attended several forums and trainings organized by the World Bank, IDEA etc. My passion is fueled by the millions of Youths (including me), with stolen rights, who have no one to speak for them. Judy Oketch Field Program Assistance / Y-PEER Focal Point NOPE- NPI Judy Oketch is the field program assistant for the New Partners Initiative under NOPE in the Limuru Site office and the Y-PEER focal point. She brings a wealth of experience in networking among youth serving originations and SRH advocacy and policy implementation and legislation. Prior to joining NOPE as the Y-PEER National focal point, Oketch was a SRH youth advocate with Network for Adolescents and Youth in Africa. She also was and is a trainer for HIV/AIDS programs. She also volunteered for IPPF- Kenya as a SRH advocate where she was mandated with mainstreaming gender into the SRH program under NAYA. With her leadership, she saw the formation and completion of the Liverpool VCT YAC for the one2one SMS program constitution. As part of exchange programs for the youth leaders within Y-PEER under NOPE, Oketch has learnt lessons in HIV/AIDS workplace programs being implemented across the country; Kenya.
  6. 6. Joseph Kimani Njuguna Program Manager Africa Youth Trust Mr. Kimani is a passionate advocate of social empowerment and justice working in the field of promoting democracy, human rights, good governance, peace, and leadership. He is driven by his firm belief that the youth indeed positive agents of peace and change who ought to be nurtured early in life and given the chance to unleash their great potential to realize a more peaceful, equitable and just world. Joseph is an advocate on the African Youth Charter as a tool for Africa’s youth empowerment. He has represented East African youth in the development of the African Union plan of action for Youth Development and Empowerment anchored on the Decade on Youth Development in Africa running from 2009-2018. Joseph is also closely involved in national and international processes. He served as the first National Convenor of the socio-economic sector of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) for the Republic of Kenya and has represented Kenya’s youth on the National Governing Council of the APRM for Kenya. Additionally, Joseph has participated in the NEPAD continental Civil Society Organizations Think Tank. Joseph’s hobbies include doing voluntary work, debating, reading, acting and traveling. Ian Mutibwa Project head Information Alive Programme Uganda I am very passionate about society and often want to give back to society when I can get the chance to. Currently I am working on a project geared towards disseminating information about oil and environment issues to the general public in Uganda but particularly the oil rich Albertine region and Kampala. I plan to do this through a simple messaging service popularly known as sms. With information at the palm of your hands one has no excuse for ignorance and with knowledge comes power. That is why my goal is to empower the average Ugandan with knowledge that will save Uganda from the oil curse as well as avert possible effects that this new discovery of oil may have on the environment.
  7. 7. Hope Kyarisiima Advocacy, Monitoring & Evaluation Officer Youth Social Work Association (YSA) Uganda Hope has an educational background in Information management. She helps support the YSA team in project design, implementation and evaluation. Hope has a passion for young people as she feels that if their talents and interests are enhanced and nurtured, they effectively contribute to their communities’ development. Hope actively engages in and helps organize youth actors’ interfaces with various sector leaders in so Uganda and is a great believer in youth as a social capital. Interests: Reading, travel to new places and making new acquaintances, listening to nice music (soft rock and hip hop) and looking forward to Africamp 2010! Fungisai Linda Dzikiti Member Youth Initiative for Democracy in Zimbabwe (YIDEZ) Zaimbabwe I am a lady aged 22. I have been a member of YIDEZ since 2007. I have been involved in youth centered programmes at the organization which focus on democracy and good governance .Zimbabwe is going through a period of transition and YIDEZ is carrying out initiatives through workshops on how Zimbabweans, especially the youth can effectively participate in the drafting of a new constitution in which I am involved. I am currently in my final year at the University of Zimbabwe (UZ) studying a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Political Science. At the university I am a member of Great India which is engaged in civil peace services. I am a holder of Executive Certificates in Community Development and Humanitarian Project Management and Monitoring and Evaluation. I participated in the United Nations General Assembly model at the UZ in 2009 which focused on the theme, "Protracted Conflicts in Africa and the Middle east and their implications on Security and Development".
  8. 8. Felicia Solomon Mlamba Chief Editor Hear/Say Kenya I am a third year law student at the School of Law, University of Nairobi. My magazine’s main purpose is to promote leadership and good governance. We put up articles that explore ways in which the youth can rise up and find ways to make the process of governing more transparent, accountable and inclusive. I am also a member of Students for Global Sustainability which undertakes activities centered on environmental conservation and sustainable development. Right now, we are planting a lot of trees in the Mau because if we don’t halt that destruction going on there, the consequences will be catastrophic in Kenya especially with regards to the supply of water to our capital city and its environs. I’m also a member of the Rotaract Club, a subsidiary of the Rotary Club, for adults below the age of thirty years old. It’s a charity organization. And much more which you will find out when you talk to me. Asiimwe Esther Project Leaders Civic Education for a better society-CEBS Uganda Asiimwe Esther is a second year law student at Uganda Christian University Mukono. She strongly believes in the power of the youth to cause a fundamental change in their various societies and in the fact that for such a change to take place, both men and women are to be given equal opportunities. Under the facilitation of Open Society Institute Youth Initiative, Esther is currently working on a civic education project whose aim is to impart necessary knowledge for responsible citizenry. Students in secondary schools are exposed to the concepts of; democracy, good governance, Human rights and several other issues affecting their societies. Esther has under gone several leadership and capacity building programs including; the FOWODE (Forum for women in Democracy ) leadership building program and the first lady’s initiative to prevent AIDS (Go getter’s camp) where she served as the camp coordinator. She is
  9. 9. open minded and always ready to learn. Above all, Esther believes in debate and dialogue for it is through listening to different sides of each issue that we come up with an informed and unprejudiced judgment. Ebben Msuya Student University of Dar es Salaam Tanzania Ebben Msuya is a third year student at the University of Dar es Salaam BA sociology (concentrating on society and environment). During his high school and university time he has been involved with NGO work for over four years on issues of youth, sustainable development, HIV/AIDS, and poverty alleviation at the national, regional and international levels. For the last three years Ebben has been working with Tanzania Youth Vision Association and he was elected to be the Deputy Secretary General in April last year where he assumes different leading roles in the the moment Ebben is developing a project that aims to increase number of young people in decision making bodies with special attention to young women who have been left behind in the development processes. Diana Dola Country Coordinator Service for Peace – Kenya chapter . Kenya Diana Dola, is a peace activist and the country coordinator of Service for Peace – Kenya chapter, for the past two years. Previously, she has worked with Youth Federation for World Peace (YFWP) as a youth programmes officer, developing and implementing programmes that encourage the society to be peace oriented, in recognition of which she received an Ambassador for Peace Award. She has also worked with Center for Rights, Education and Awareness, as a legal Intern as well as The Global Peace Festival Foundation, as an events coordinator.
  10. 10. Today, Diana offers character education as well as conflict resolution trainings to young people. She has also worked with various stakeholders on the Nairobi River Project, Dubbed ‘Rivers of Peace’. David Osiany Student Nairobi University A young man in his mid 20s, David is an optimistic Kenyan who believes Africa could still have the leadership it so much needs even amidst such a serious leadership crisis. He is the current President of the Students’ Organization of Nairobi University SONU, which is the hugest students’ organization in East and Central Africa. David is also a presenter with Kenya's local station HOT 96 FM and hosts a program known as the HOT SEAT. Apart from that, he is a goodwill environmental ambassador to the United Nations under the Bayer Young Environmental Program. He also a reputed motivational speaker in Kenya and even regionally. David is a staunch Seventh Day Adventist Christian and also an ambassador of peace. He believes that the economic, social, cultural and democratic changes in Africa entirely lie in the hands of any gentleman or lady in the age brackets 18-40 years. Clive Eley Postgraduate Research Student/Winner of 2009 PAUDC Rhodes University, South Africa Clive Eley is currently doing a masters degree in chemistry at Rhodes University in Grahamstown, South Africa, He was also the winner of the recent PAN-African Universities Debating Championship (PAUDC) held in Gabarone. He offers both knowledge and experience of various styles of competitive debating. Prior to attending university in Grahamstown, Clive grew up in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. His parents are both qualified teachers and he was born in Orapa, Botswana while his parents were teaching there. Apart from studying physical sciences, he has been heavily involved with debating, representing Rhodes University at competitions in Thailand, Ireland and Botswana.
  11. 11. He is a past chairperson of the Rhodes University Debating Society and has served as the South African representative on the World Universities Debating Council. Immediately after the OSI Youth Africamp, Clive will be travelling to New York to participate in two international debating competitions. In October 2010, he will start a DPhil in chemistry at the University of Oxford on a Rhodes Scholarship. Anthony Ayebare Minority Rights Advocate Uganda Anthony Ayebare wasn't born in a political, rich or powerful family, after spending his toddler years in a beautiful Kacerere village, Anthony was raised in and groomed in Muko-Kabale and now lives in Kabale town. The son of a public school teacher and product of public schools, he studied Human resource management at Makerere University. A man of brilliance, compassion, hard work and humor, came to public notice as a spokesman for minority rights particularly the Batwa/pygmies of Uganda. He began his work in as an advocate for minority rights in 2005, after working as a volunteer for Kigezi Human Rights Activists. Inspired by, a Margaret Mead quotation “never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has” Anthony has tirelessly continued to work and serve his local community in a bid to reverse an overall human misfortune applicable to an entire social group in a bid to create some balance to the situation Akiteng Isabella Executive Director National Debate Council- Uganda Isabella Akiteng is an energetic young woman that is looking forward to selling you a wealth of knowledge while receiving more. She is a trainer in Public and has trained teachers, primary, secondary and university students. She has worked under UNICEF in Karamoja finding sustainable resettlement strategies for migrants in that sub-regioin, co-written a book on Democracy as way of life Ugandan youth among many other things. At the moment she leads a team of dedicated persons in organizing the debate activities in Uganda which include a debate camp, regional tournaments and finally the annual debate
  12. 12. championship. She is also teaches students in secondary schools the art of leadership and democracy using the book Animal Farm a training tool. Prior to this position, Isabella worked with Conflict Resolution by Youth as a trainer in the fields of Leadership, Democracy and Debate. Abdou Jatta The Gambia Abdou Jatta is a renowned Gambian youth and child rights activist, with a deep sense of commitment towards the advancement and development of young people in the continent. He is the current Speaker Africa youth Spokesperson for Gambia and Deputy Clerk of the National Youth Parliament of the Gambia. He has a broad background knowledge and experience on youth related issues, such as child rights, youth participation through the Media, illegal migration, and youth unemployment. He was the first President of Gambia’s foremost child media organization, Young People in the Media and is in acronym YPM. He is the current coordinator of YPM. Abdou is an active member of UNICEF Voice of the Youth Website and The Magic Young People Media Network. He also serves as a Honorary Member of Children for Children Organization, Vice Chairperson of the Alliance for Democracy in Africa Youth component, Gambia Chapter. Focal Person World Children’s Prize Gambia Senior Secondary School. Member of the Think Tank Global Reference Advisory on the 6th World Summit on Media for youth and Children.