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How Hypnosis Works


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Curious how hypnosis really works? Check out this short slideshow on the power of your unconscious mind from the Hypnosis Training Academy!

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How Hypnosis Works

  1. 1. @ How Does 3 Hypnosis Work? The Science Behind Trance 8: Why It's So Efiective At Breaking Life-Long Negative Habits
  2. 2. Did you know that p 7 Hypnosis guides your hypnosis is just a if HQ-i attention away from the form of focused 5* C) everyday world relaxation that so you can concentrate allows access on a goal, such as to the unconscious overcoming a fear mind? or quitting smoking. :14 4 fir‘. : _ . V , / '—r ——- . « '. 'oo~_‘- What you experience So you're awake. but Instead. your when you're hypnotized you're not paying thoughts are is called an altered attention to the focused inward state of "conscious" world in and you go into a consciousness. the same way. mild trance.
  3. 3. I . _ Fad -l l The word "hypnosis" comes from the Greek word‘ _ E hypnos, which means sleep. This is because it j : appeared that subjects who were hypnotized were 3 : asleep. However, when you practice hypnosis, you : must be awake for it to be effective. I A trance is the term for the state you enter when you undergo hypnosis. It might sound mysterious or like a frightening form of mind control, but it's neither of those
  4. 4. I Fact : Trance is a natural state You've most likely already experienced trance. It can occur when you're doing something routine and your mind wanders, like staring out the window on a rainy day. f In fact, whenever when you're It's simply another your mind drifts or hypnotized, this state of wanders. you're trance state is consciousness, experiencing a light induced on purpose. somewhere between trance. Some people being awake and call it daydreaming. being asleep,
  5. 5. Willi ll| l!l! i:lIl~‘ i| Il'liig 1IW! lIiIi-ll‘-’— Hypnosis naturally and safely helps you achieve a number of goals in a relatively short time by guiding you through a process where you: _ . L By blocking out Y0!-"mind fl°l°"3eF , '1 " 3 _". d| stractlons. trance Isl" amt mode _ removesyournaturai orsearchlngfor new resistance tochange information ‘ ‘”~ -' *' " 1'" } -y ‘E 3% V. ,1 —-r ‘, ._ v 11:: . . lfifii when you bypass the op : ._ , i‘ " As you're distraction conscious mind. you stop fl ; M 1 ~_’. ~ free, now you can focus your natural habit to ’. __; . ' f 1 " 0" What Y0" Want t0 analyze everything 4 R , Change bY making . powerful suggestions to encourage lasting change
  6. 6. Examples Of Powerful Suggestions To Encourage Change . You have all the energy you need . lt‘s easy for you to stop biting your nails . You find it easy to drift off to sleep at night . You make solid business decisions ‘ l"= ¥;~ . Your marriage is strong and secure t‘ . You're confident and sure of your abilities ‘__n is , _ . You always stand up for yourself V’ . "'= ""*'“ . You're able to achieve the goals you set for yourself ‘ _ ' . You love yourself unconditionally . You're a strong and successful person Fact 3 You can't lose control of your mind and you can't get stuck in a trance. Either your hypnotist will bring you out of the trance, or you'll come out of it naturally by yourself.
  7. 7. he 3 Main Elements Of A Hypnosis Session '1-Iere you relax the body and mind. The more relaxed you are, the easier it is to enter a trance. °This is achieved using a combination of slow and deliberate breathing, counting and visualization. °0nce you're relaxed and your attention is focused inward, you're able to accept suggestions without distractions. °The hypnotist’s suggestions are spoken aloud to your unconscious mind. °As long as your unconscious mind believes these suggestions are beneficial for you, it accepts them easily and creates your life from then on to reflect the new changes.
  8. 8. ‘This is where you come out of the trance and return to your normal waking state. ‘The exit phase is often linked to the type of induction used. To exit the trance, your hypnotist may simply count up from 1 to 5. ‘At each number the hypnotist may give you suggestions about coming back, for example, you feeling refreshed, relaxed, simply fantastic. Fact ii In order for hypnosis to work, you need to be motivated to make changes. Hypnosis doesn't work if it's against your will!
  9. 9. :4 1 I ll I l‘. -.‘: The hypnotist will use carefully chosen language to help address your issue. and a particular tone of voice to soothe you. Depending on the length of the session. the hypnotist might embed suggestions within a story using metaphors to break down any remaining barriers. - n They'll repeat important words to make sure they get through to theunconscious W mind. During the session, the hypnotist may make use of , post-hypnotic suggestions. I These are vocal cues that prime you to act at some point in '_ the future. /
  10. 10. “r, ei'-16!. iTtéI. I-r'ii. It- l. '9.l"'l! .'l. '-'i. '.. "' . '.(~i2' '. *r; !.f. <:—"-rm. .'. ."’. i”'* -. 'n”'l, lf. .-I-. I,I'i »i‘-W V’-II? .~'I. _(‘-I<. I.‘ ift¢jI. _I: -its ' ‘. ".l. i.. I.-I-. "‘I"-3'! "-i= ' ft-n. >;. (iI? ‘ail’. -.I‘u1.~5¢‘’ . '-. i‘-Ts‘-'7'. -it-til nit-. r.’l. .L'I. j'. IT"-in ii'I'. lf-. l.f: .i'x. :-3.. -‘lift ': jI‘!9_-l: —l ‘. "r. ;I'ti"-it . 'fI)! ,l ’-, I». fw- uo, «1_u, I‘t: I,t‘. i., -,5 .1‘. -— ii, I:_'l_'I'_l'_-i’-. l.. lHl. 'i§', . , tuoIi»<. i'LoiIil -If-J3: 1-mi‘ ii’-. .ll= .._I. l_6(f‘-I’? l.{I! l*l, l¢ i_i_r. t%* mIII»‘t: l.i». r., I.-1i—7n‘u: i‘t: iTi. i~ )m-. .n; .’-touts‘-I” Hypnosis works because the change is made at the unconscious level. which is where all your habits are stored and run your life. Hypnosis is 100% safe. and is very effective at changing deep—rooted issues and habits. .. fast. If you'd like to experiment with hypnosis on your own. and find out how to use it for general relaxation and stress relief — check out this easy 6—step formula to seIf—hypnosls: http: //biI.1y/ txloxuj T‘-I lanm» unit’: sliiqllii. :i= ill'4l'l3lIl'l-Tllfi l'l3lIl‘*Fll~§ 'I'l, 'lIl! l_l'IlT-l? ¢.l, '"illlé‘ ‘i"l_9lll_'i-_“ll-fl . il= *-. llIllIl; -‘sac-III: -1.= L~. . 'll~7il: ? iii-. « 7*l'l3lIl"i-, “ll~‘w ‘W-. liurlII; -~; :: eI§l; IuII! z' 'I"t: l'-'eli‘<= >:iiii-nlloiu-IulowlhinilIllII-en-is: -l: IIn'. x<-III: . ' ‘ " l: "l‘: ’‘l"b~lL' 1;: -InniIle. :I. ;re. IpIaIII-. 'r'. ‘=, i¢if-l§l! :9lli-3. Ititpin-iIi'. 'I'. 'I". '.‘. kI-l: liImii= .-l-iuiilinpiulqnmnllIliII; cl-Iclalziuv