Public Relations & Social media - are you in the 30 minute twitter league??


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One man, a disgruntled customer, purchased a promoted tweet - and it made all the difference and damage to a world renowned airline! - In social, if you are not responding swiftly to a customer, you are in for a "brand maul". Do you have the wherewithal to be in the 30 minute twitter league? Else, think! Armor your PR weaponry and social media team with a 30 minute response mindset... Are you there?

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Public Relations & Social media - are you in the 30 minute twitter league??

  1. 1. One man was unhappy with the services of an airline… and decided to buy a tweet to vent his anger!! Muralidharan @muralispeak
  2. 2.  All he tweeted was : Don’t fly @britishairways – Their customer service is horrendous  Syed said he used Twitter's self-serve ad platform to make the purchase.  Syed declined to disclose how much the tweet cost. Muralidharan @muralispeak
  3. 3.  It takes one disgruntled customer to shake you out of a service slumber.  The airline did respond… albeit, a tad too late  If you cannot respond in double quick time, better don’t have a social media handle. Muralidharan @muralispeak
  4. 4.  Simple – keep it 24/7  If you are working your social handle like you work the brick-mortar office, then you are in the stone age.  If your services, like an airline, is 24/7 – then you ought to be a listening brand 24/7 Muralidharan @muralispeak
  5. 5.  As per a survey sometime back by simply-measured, 23% of companies have a service-handle on twitter!  BUT, only a handful of that 23% companies were in a position to respond to customer or stakeholder tweets 24/7  Well, whats the point if you have a handle, and take eons to respond to your customers? Muralidharan @muralispeak
  6. 6.  Syed rightfully vented his anger on not receiving his luggage in time  British Airways was present on social-media, but, was NOT listening 24/7  Syed innovated to amplify his problem by buying a paid tweet to maul the airline Muralidharan @muralispeak
  7. 7.  Wake up from your service slumber on social.  Social is live-wire, and if you do not defuse a reputation explosive in may be 30 minutes, the world will maul your reputation  Social media monitoring 24/7 is the cure….. Muralidharan @muralispeak
  8. 8.  BE a listening brand on social 24/7  Build a support team within that will respond round the clock.  Make sure your don’t build a hierarchy crap in the response system… your brand is doomed. Muralidharan @muralispeak
  9. 9.  30 minutes is the worst case response time on a platform like twitter  Great service brands respond to social in less than 5 minutes  Make conscious efforts to optimize your social listening Muralidharan @muralispeak
  10. 10. If you are a social brand, join the 30 minute league, here and now. Work on bettering the 30-minute time If you cannot do both of the above, quit social. Muralidharan @muralispeak
  11. 11. Are you? 24/7/365? Do it or be prepared for a brand maul. Customers will innovate more than you can! Muralidharan @muralispeak