Start a home organizing business


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Start a home organizing business

  1. 1. Start  a  Home  Organizing  Business   Organiza)on  is  o,en  the  key  to  be3er  produc)vity.  It  helps  you  stay  sane,  keep  your  home  clean   and  perhaps  live  a  be3er  life.  However,  many  people  don’t  know  how  to  organize.  Or  their   homes  have  go3en  so  out  of  control,  they  just  don’t  know  where  to  start.  They  need  help.  If  you   have  a  knack  for  organizing  and  crea)ng  effec)ve  systems,  consider  star)ng  your  own  home   organizing  business. What  Is  a  Home  Organizing  Business? A  home  organizer  is  someone  who  is  paid  to  help  people  organize  various  aspects  of  their   home.  You  can  organize  garages,  basements,  closets,  kitchens,  bedrooms,  home  offices  and  so   on.  As  more  and  more  people  learn  the  value  of  an  organized  home,  they’re  realizing  they  need   help  to  achieve  it.  As  a  home  organizer  you  would  make  money  based  on  an  hourly  rate  or  per   project.   You  may  want  to  consider  specializing  or  crea)ng  a  proprietary  system.  This  would  help  you   differen)ate  your  business.  It  would  also  help  you  market  your  business  and  offer  more  value  to   your  customers.  For  example,  you  could  specialize  in  organizing  garages  or  home  offices.     Another  successful  way  would  be  to  organize  someone’s  wardrobe.  You  could  also  double  as  a   fashion  or  style  consultant.  These  would  be  invaluable  to  busy  execu)ves  who  need  to  look  a   certain  way  and  have  very  li3le  )me  to  organize  their  storage  and  their  image  themselves.  You   could  certainly  charge  a  premium  if  you  targeted  this  niche. What  Do  You  Need  to  Get  Started? Star)ng  a  home  organizing  business  is  actually  quite  economical.  You  really  only  need  a  website   and  a  few  marke)ng  materials.    Your  first  website  can  be  your  blog  which  you  can  create  for  free   on  or  However,  if  you  create  a  proprietary  organizing  system  you   may  also  need  the  supplies  that  support  that  system.  For  example,  if  you  use  a  container  system   then  you’d  need  to  provide  those  containers  to  your  client.  You  will  also  likely  need  reliable   transporta)on  to  get  to  clients'  homes  and  a  phone.  
  2. 2. You’ll  also  likely  want  to  have  some  organiza)on  supplies.  Even  if  you  don’t  use  a  proprietary   system,  some  things  like  labels,  containers  and  notepads  might  be  helpful  when  you  meet  with   a  poten)al  client.    If  you’re  an  organized  person  by  nature,  you’re  probably  already  very  familiar   with  office  supply  stores.  Have  a  kit  of  your  favorite  items  you  use  to  personally  organize  your   own  things.  That  way,  you’ll  feel  equipped  and  can  help  a  client  on  the  spot. No  formal  educa)on  is  required  to  become  a  home  organizer.  However,  you  will  want  to  have   good  organiza)on  skills.  It  also  helps  to  absolutely  love  puPng  things  in  order.  You  may  also   want  to  brush  up  on  various  organiza)on  methods  and  philosophies.  Good  communica)on  skills   and  a  desire  to  work  closely  with  your  clients  will  also  help  you  succeed.   Marke=ng  Your  Home  Organiza=on  Business Marke)ng  your  business  will  likely  be  accomplished  in  a  number  of  ways.  Ini)ally,  you’ll   probably  want  to  create  a  business  website.  As  men)oned,  a  blog  site  would  be  fine  un)l  you   have  a  few  clients  under  your  belt.    You’ll  also  want  to  consider  local  adver)sing  and  marke)ng   tac)cs.  The  majority  of  your  clients  will  be  in  and  around  your  community..  Also  consider   partnering  with  home  designers,  cleaning  services  and  other  home-­‐related  businesses.  You  can   cross-­‐promote  each  other.  Other  excellent  partners  would  also  be  accountants,  tax  planners  and   bookkeepers.   There  are  many  different  direc)ons  once  you  get  established.  Most  people  find  organizing   baffling.  What  they  don’t  know  is  o,en  their  organiza)on  (or  lack  of  it)  reflects  their  emo)onal   state.  You  can  create  ebooks  and  reports  about  how  to  organize  different  spaces.  You  could  even   spin  this  into  a  bigger  context  ie  how  people  can  organize  their  lives  to  get  more  of  what  they   want  –  become  a  self  –help  coach.  The  main  thing  is  to  always  keep  in  touch  with  why  you  want   to  create  this  business.  When  you  keep  that  passion,  that  drive  and  that  desire  to  help  people,   there  is  no  limit  as  to  how  this  business  can  grow.