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  1. 1. The new forestThere are many wild horsesthere. This were the new forest is. It is in Hampshire.
  2. 2. Apicturesquevillage ofmodest sizethis has a lotof history This is my favourite village it isabout called Burly.witches. This is the witch shop in burley.
  3. 3. The best time to go to Thorpe Park is in October 8th-31st because there isbarely anyone there and there is the Fright Nights on and they haveactors going round the park in scary costumes. The best rides are Saw aride with many loop-the- loop, Saw Alive the live action horror maze,Colossus the only ride in the world that goes upside down and NemesisInferno a ride where your feet dangle off the ground. There are stallsscattered around the park where you play games and you can win prizes.The wettest ride is Tidal wave where the water launches upwards and youget drenched!When you go in October, when its fright nights there are some liveAction shows and the scariest shows are Asylum and Experiment10!The reason I love Thorpe park is because it is the most thrillingTheme park in the world!
  4. 4. ColossusOn the map , shown on the bottom ofthe screen is a map of the UKshowing Thorpe park. My favouriterides are Colossus, NemesisInferno, Saw and Saw Alive. Map of UK Showing Thorpe park
  5. 5. By Alice Holman
  6. 6. Here we are, inSouthend
  7. 7. There are lots of ramps Leigh skate park.Leigh skate park is one of the bestskate parks in the Uk. I do tricks on myBmx and my skateboard . I can domore tricks on skateboard then bike. Leigh skate park is the biggest skate park I have been to . I do not cycle to Leigh skate park. My mum puts the bike on the roof of the car.
  8. 8. This ramp is a bit biggernow . It use to be. I can I practise on afterflip on bike. There are so school sometimesmany tricks I can do most of the time I gomost of them some of in the holidays or atthem I need to practise. the weekend. I take my skate board and my bike at the same time. First I practise on skate board then bmx.
  9. 9. Southend Pier
  10. 10. Southend pier is a part of our nearest beach, it is around a 10 to 20 minute drive from our You can get a train school. going up and down. You can also walk up and down the pier.There is cafesat the end ofthe pier and The pier is madeother from wood from Hockley woods (aamusements. local woods) and is the longest leisure pier in the world.
  11. 11. Clements Hall Skate ParkThis is Clements hall skate park. I skate Rodney Mullen doing a dark slidehere every weekend with my cousin,my cousin doesn’t live far from This is my favourite skater hisClements hall so I skate to his and we name is Rodney Mullen, heboth ride there. created the dark slide which only a few people can do in the world.
  12. 12. Almost Deck (Tuff Times)This is the deck I use when I go out.It is a very good deck, it has greatpop and is extremely strong. Great Britain - Clements hall
  13. 13. MAP-MINEHEAD
  14. 14. West Ham united This is West Hams front bit of the stadium also this is where the footballers come out when there finished but sometimes they go out the back because not many football players like signing peoples books. West ham are a football club who play in the champion ship the best league is the premier league. These are West Hams chairman. David Gold buys all the players but he only buys players who he has enough money for.
  15. 15. This is Sam Baldock he plays for West Ham heis number 7 he only signed in 2012 he hasscored about 5 goals but he doesn’t alwaysplay otherwise he would score all the time. West Ham are getting one of the biggest stadiums in the world it can take about 70 This is West Hams home thousand people. West kit this was made in Ham will play in the 2012 it is long arm stadium in about 2 to 3 sleeved you can get years at the minute our short. I think long arm stadium is called Upton sleeved is the best Park the stadium that because it keeps you West Ham are getting is warm. called the Olympic stadium.
  16. 16. Southend Pleasure Pier! The Southend pleasure pier is the longest pleasure pier in the world, it is 2.16 miles there and back. I walked the whole of the pier, and back with my Father. You can take a train back to the beginning. I love the smell of the salty sea as I walk along it. One way of the pier is 1.33 miles. By Leo Clemenson
  17. 17. London is the capital of England and isan amazing city with lots of touristattractions . Big ben is a giant clock inthe middle of London. It is the 3rd largestclock in the world. It has been standingfor over 150 years. My favourite place inLondon is Covent garden as I love seeingall the street performers and peopledressed as statues.
  18. 18. Covent garden is afamous place in Londonand has lots ofentertainment fortourists to watch.
  19. 19. By Shannon Terry Legoland is a children’s theme parkthat all most everyone in the Uk goes to .
  20. 20. Legoland
  21. 21. The London Dungeons are This is the map of the Londonamazing. This is the map of dungeons and as you can see itthe grounds and rides. If looks very gruesome andyou have never really revolting just how I like it. If youscreamed this is when you don’t like getting scared orwill! The reason I love freaked out do not go but if youthem is because I love are like me and love all this stuffgruesome and revolting then, this is the place for you!things like blood, guts andgore!
  22. 22. Sometimes insouthend they do a Punch &Judypunch & Judy show only performbut its very rare when anywhere.they do that.Southend is very busy and a big place I have one time got loused when me and my mum went shopping. Some of my friends live there so I go there quite a lot some timeswe go to the sea front to have some fun me and my friend we go in the water all the time .
  23. 23. What I love doing at the sea front. I love going to the southend and going to the sea front and going in the water and playing in the sand. The sand is quite soft at the top but when you want to go to the sea you will have to step on them and they really hearts and even in the sea there are really big stones. The best part about going to southend is getting your feet in the sand. At the southend beach you can go on a boat ride. Lots of Some times in the sand I people go there on a hot day like bury my self or ill bury my the best time to go to southend friends or my sister Rebecca beach is in the summer so you can or they will bury me. go in the ice cold sea. It’s along drive from Essex to southend.
  24. 24. WHAT I DO AT THE BEACH When I go to the beach I sometimes get an ice cream my One time my favourite ice cream sister Rebecca is chocolate ice went to far out cream with flake and my mum said and sprinkles. don’t go to far out. When I go to the beach I play in the sand and then I go in the water. By Rachel Roach This is were southend is!
  25. 25. Altontowers is I have been there for aa great holiday onestheme I loved everypark min of it
  26. 26. ALTON TOWER RIDES oblivionThere areMany airgreat fastfrillingrides Like:
  27. 27. Splash landings is the bestwater parkIn the world . You can runjump climb and swim.There are lots of slides andmuch much more. Hope you injoyed
  28. 28. The tower of LondonI went to see the crown jewels with my friend Leo . It took 1hour to get there on the train . There is a lot of cool stuff likea cage of ravens . In they old times they said if the ravens fly away the tower of London will fall and be no more. It took 44 years to build the tower of London they started to build the tower of London in 1066 and ended in 1100.
  29. 29. Information on the tower of LondonThe tower of London is a go place to go
  30. 30. The royal Albert hall is very famous and isvery ,very big and is a nice place to go.I went to the Royal Albert hall in November2010 on a Sunday and I didn’t get home until01:00 am in the morning.When I went to the Royal Albert hall I had tosit right next to the instruments and after theperformances my ears were really hurting.When I went to the Royal Albert hall I didn’thave to be in school until 11 am because I had avery late night.
  31. 31. This iswere theRoyalAlbertHall is.
  32. 32. Southend pleasure pier is my favourite Southend pier is place because I love known as old pier the smell of the sea head. The pier has and I like walking lived though fires , along it . boat crashes and 2Southend pier World wars.crosses overAdventure Islandto separate the Southend pleasure pierhappy part and is the longestthe scary part of pier in theAdventure World. The Island. pier is 2.16 miles.