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  1. 1. Southampto Lord Nelson‟s nI came to Southampton by car Statue.and as my dad has an AstonMartin he is in a club and therewas a meet up.We went in the Victory and themuseum and it was veryinteresting, we also went ondifferent boats. I had a greatday with my mum and went here! I dad. How we travelled!
  2. 2. Lord NelsonLord Nelson was a famousadmiral who went on thegreat Victory. He wonmany boat battles but diedon one of his most famousvictories on “The Battle OfTrafalgar”. He died andyou won‟t believe this! Hislast words were „Kiss meHardy‟! This was forCaptain Hardy and do youknow what, he kissed him!His body was persevered in The Victory ofa barrel of brandy. Some Lord Nelson.people said it was „KismetHardy‟, but anyway he diedon the 21st October 1805.
  3. 3. This isLondonTowerBridge.
  4. 4. This is Big Ben its realname is St Stevens itis in London.
  5. 5. This is amap andthearrowpointstoLondon.
  6. 6. Elie is a little village infife scotland, I have beenthere on holiday and it isreally fun because it is sosmall it is very quiet and isnear a beach and has afresh bakery and The ship innnewsagents. Elie has been around and transformed since victorian times.
  7. 7. elie is really clean and even the sea water isimmaculate, At night you see a lot of dogwalkers, also you are right near the gallery.elie has a lot of past and old still standingbuildings like the gallery.This picture in the background is what I actually saw
  8. 8. Where the red line is[onpicture] is where I went it is agreat place to go but alsomost of my memories were seton the scenery. the scenerywas brilliant, Opposite a pubcalled the ship there is abeach which I have alreadysaid about [other page] fromessex to scotland it takesabout 9 hours.my wholefamily love it. fife is alsoclose by with many morelittle villages.every hourthe big clock chimes and from10-11 it chimes non stop!
  9. 9. The crown jewels The dazzling crown jewels holds an outstanding,23578 gems and isheld in the tower.
  10. 10. I have been to London many times beforebut I have gone to There are many the different rooms in London the London Towers Towers but my favouritejust once. room was the room LONDON I went that held all of the with my crowns and also themum, dad crown jewels. I would This is and also love to go back and also recommend it to wheremy sister everyone. London Alex. is.
  11. 11. STAMFORD BRIDGE Stamford Bridge is Chelsea fc’s stadium it was created in 1877. It used to have a grey hound track around the outside of it until it was refurbished in 1960.
  12. 12. Drogba, Lampard, Terry, Torres JOHN TERRYRAMIRES
  13. 13. This iswhereStamfordbridge is.
  14. 14. John Terry is the captain of Chelsea fc, Frank Lampard isThis is the the vice captain and whenkeeper none of them are playing Didier Drogba is the captain.Petr Cech.
  15. 15. Alton towers It took us from the hotel in althorn 2 hour to get to AltonThis is a map ofStaffordshire and the towers because aaro is pointing at road was shut so weAlton towers had to go the long way.
  16. 16. The London eyeLondon is our capital city. It has lotsof attractions like the London eye. Ilike the London eye because you canhave 30 minutes spinning aroundslowly so you can see Big Ben, housesof Parliament and Buckingham Palace.
  17. 17. I get to London by train and then sometimes I go on the London underground. I normally go to London with my Mum , Dad and myThis is where brother. It isLondon is! always really fun! London is at the edge of Great Britain. I will show you where it is on the map!
  18. 18. The 02 area WWE champion John CenerThe 02 arena was one of the best things that ever happed with me and mybrother because he loves WWE Raw and is very like me in that way. My mumand dad don’t like Raw but my mum only done it for me and my brother. Wesaw CM Punk and many more like Jonh Cener and at the time they werewrestling and there was 1,000 fans. I bet they loved it too, because I know meand my brother loved it. Like me the fans were cheering on John Cener but a lotof people should know its not real but a lot of people think it is. But its not andwhen it was finished me and my brother didn’t want to go because we had agreat time and we were thinking about it the whole time there. A picture of John Caner
  19. 19. The o2 arena• The 02 arena in London
  20. 20. Belcamps is a place where loads ofpeople can camp .It originally was ainternational camp. Belcamps is also aplace for you and the family to go anddo loads of fun Activities.
  21. 21. The kind of Activities you can do is Archery Go-Carts Rock Climbing Rifle Shooting CampingAnd more!!!......
  22. 22. The West Ham UnitedStadium is in London. West Ham United is a football club and this is their stadium. I go see West Ham United play with my Dad. We go very rarely because it is a lot of money to go all the way to West Ham United’s Stadium.
  23. 23. Dad and I go on a train tosee West Ham Unitedplay. We go on a train tostation called SouthendVictoria. We go on thistrain every time we go tosee West Ham play. Mark Noble “SBOBET” Is the company Burgundy, who sponsorMy dad and I West Ham. blue andlove to go white aretogether. I the Westsuppose it is Hamour day out colours.together. He Is the team captain.
  24. 24. Warwick Castle This is a picture of the famous Warwick castle, which is in Warwickshire. Warwick castle is full of history from the past. For little girls’ and boys’ there is the Princess Tower. You are met outside of the tower by ladies’ dressed asThere is a knew tower called Merlin Tower. Whilst princesses. Then you go insideyour waiting outside, a man dressed as a the tower and dress up asmagican, comes and warns you about going in the princes and princesses. Thetower. Then he runs away because a man dressed as ladies’ tell you fairy tales ofPrince Arthur comes over to us and tells us to go princesses and princes. You areinside. You meet a lady dressed as a servant she talks even aloud to have some biscuitsto everyone for a while and then sends us up to the and a drink!!next floor where a dragon is.
  25. 25. This is a map of where Warwick Castle is. This is the Warwick Dungeons. You have got to be really brave to go in there. I was screaming my head off!!Warwickshire is about 3-4 hours from where I livewhich is in Rochford its in the county of Essex. This is a picture of the ghost tower. I This is the castle’s moat that haven’t actually goes around the castle. In the been in the ghost summer time it is a beautiful tower, but I hear sight. that it is awesome.
  26. 26. These pictures are of the beautiful castlegardens. They are truly beautiful in thesummer and spring.When you walk out of the castleyou are greeted by the flowersand red roses.The hedges are perfectly trimmedand the flowers are blooming .
  27. 27. The pier has a trainSOUTHEND PIER WAS BULT IN 1830 on the it now. Southend pier was caught on fire in 9th October 2005. I like the pier, I have been on it about 4 or 5 times At the end of the pier there is an old ship and you can go on it For a little sale.
  28. 28. Rochford library ismy favourite placebecause I love toread it takes me30 minutes to getthere it is in Here you canRochford square see a map ofour town centre! Rochford! This is the town square where the library is! I am at Rochford library most of the time it is the best place ever!!!
  29. 29. Sutton Hoo is avery fun and Sutton hoo is ineducational place suffolk I wentto go you learn when I waswhile walking camping it tookthrough history! me 2 hours to get there!
  30. 30. Twickenham Rugby stadium My favourite team is I also goTwickenham was built in England. And there toLondon Borough of my favourite watchRichmond upon player is games.Thames. Jonny Wilkinson. Jonny is It is one of the Englands star I some times most biggest go there with player. He my rugby stadiums in the plays fly team to play world. Half. there.
  31. 31. This is there rugby kit. England usually goes to train at Twickenham. This is were TwickenhamIf your in Essex andyou are going to is.Twickenham. Itwould probablytakes about 3hours.
  32. 32. This is adventure island, myfavourite place that I have beento in all my life! I have beenhere about 10 times! I go here My name is Sophiewith my dad, mum and little Allen in class 6PRsister holly! and I am going to take you on a trip to Southend to visit the wonderful Adventure Island!
  34. 34. Alton towers is a fantastic place whereeveryone has fun. Some are scary rides someare calm rides. My most scariest ride is theSaw its is so scary in some bits I have to closemy eyes. I loved it there I really want to gothere again so badly. Alton Towers is at Staffordshire it took about 4 to 5 hours. Here are some pictures.
  36. 36. This is a map of London including the zoo. MAP OF LONDONI have only been there once but itwas great fun, I got a picture ofmyself in front of some of theenclosures with the animals in. Iwent there on holiday when I was atmy nans house with my family.
  37. 37. EXHIBITS AT THE ZOOThere are lots of great exhibits and enclosures at London zoo, there isa sea lion pool which they swim about in. sometimes there are sea lionshows that they are trained to do specific tricks to please theaudience. The trainers then award them with krill fish for being goodand doing the trick.
  38. 38. Cornwall is a niceplace to go it has lotsof beaches and isbrilliant for surfersbecause the waves aregood. I have beenthere on holiday for4 years there. By carit is 6 ½ hours .I go Cornwallwith my mum , dad andsister.
  39. 39. These are some of beaches in Cornwall that I have been to. Portreath is the nearest beach to me when I go on holiday, it takes just 3 minutes Newquey beach walking but theHolywell beach other beaches I have to drive to get there. The beaches were fun because there are lots of caves.my favourite beach Portreath beach St. Ives beach was Portreath
  40. 40. Hamleys toy shop LondonThe perfect place for children to have fun!!!!!!!
  41. 41. I went to Hamleys by using the train .My family live in Rochford so Ihad to travel a long way to get there. It took us 1and 1/2 hours to getthere. When I got there I brought a nail painting set and a teddy bear.
  42. 42. This is Garons Park swimming pool it has 2 parts to it the firstpart is the swimming pool, where ¼ is dedicated to lengthswimmers. The second part is diving but there is only 1 1hoursession for the public, but the rest of the time is to the Olympicteam.
  43. 43. Garons park and leisure centre was a good investment for the Essexcounty council because we do not have very many sports centres In ourarea. Essex is where I live but I live in Rochford which is about 20 minuetsfrom where I live. Garons PARK and LEISURE centre has a gym,tennis courts,badminton courts,swimming pool,diving pool and a running track and much more.