7 social media recruiting tips from top experts


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We asked the pros for one social recruiting tip businesses need to know today. Here’s their advice to help you pump up your social media recruiting!

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7 social media recruiting tips from top experts

  2. 2. MAKE MORE OF YOUR SOCIAL RECRUITNG Are you looking for some new ideas to simplify your social media recruiting? Do you wonder how to use social media to attract, engage and hire candidates? We asked the pros for one social recruiting tip businesses need to know today. Here’s their advice to help you pump up your social media recruiting .
  3. 3. FIND YOUR AUDIENCE FIRST IN SOCIAL RECRUITING Social media is an infinitely large place to try and recruit in. When starting with social recruiting the first thing you need to do is to narrow this down, with specific focus on the types of candidates (your audience) you recruit. 1 Andy Headworth, Social Recruiting Strategist & Managing Director of Sirona Consulting @andyheadworth
  4. 4. MASTER AND BALANCE 3 INTERRELATED COMPONENTS In order to do social recruiting, you need three things – jobs, traffic and a place to host the intersection of the two. The difference between social recruiting and old fashioned job board style sourcing is that you are responsible for all of the pieces. 2 John Sumser, HRExaminer @JohnSumser
  5. 5. GO WHERE YOUR AUDIENCE IS Don’t be sucked into a given tool just because you perceive “everyone is using it.” Use social media where the audience you want to reach is hanging out. If that’s Quora, Great. Facebook, Great. Pinterest, Great. Heck, it may even be in person, at alumni events or bars or networking events. I’m always a little suspicious when I hear that “are the cool people are doing it..” 3 Todd Raphael, Editor in Chief at ERE Media @ToddRaphael
  6. 6. LOOK FOR CONSISTENCY AND ACCURACY IN CANDIDATE’S ONLINE PROFILES Employers, HR pros, recruiters and hiring managers should ensure that applicant online profiles are as consistent and accurate as possible across all social points of presence. In other words, whoever they say they are and whatever they say they’ve done and they do is close if not the same, on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, G+ and the many other industry and association niche networks and communities they might belong to. Looking for consistency and accuracy is key. 4 Kevin W. Grossman, Writer and Founder of Reach-West @KevinWGrossman
  7. 7. LEARN TO COMMUNICATE WITH CANDIDATES ON SOCIAL MEDIA To get the most out of social recruiting, you should look at it in 3 ways: 1. The web is a database of candidates with social media accounts, profiles and web pages. Learn how to search for them. 2. Over 50% of all time spent online is on social media sites. To influence people these days, you need to have a strong brand presence within your niche on social media sites. 3. There are more ways to communicate with people. Successfully using Twitter, for example, could be as simple as tweeting someone to say hi, then taking it further offline. 5 Jonathan Campbell, CEO of Social Talent @socialtalent
  8. 8. START DEVELOPING A SHORT AND LONG TERM STRATEGY Companies must begin developing recruiting strategies for the short term as well as long term to develop a candidate pipeline where through your influence, thought leadership, and interactions you drive candidate populations and their friends to open positions. Like consumer marketing, candidate marketing involves many touch points along the way. Social recruiting uses these very engaging platforms to help facilitate these interactions bridging the gap between the job seeker and the recruiter when they are actively looking for work. 6 Jessica Merrell, Chief Blogger & Founder of Blogging4Jobs @blogging4jobs
  9. 9. GET YOUR BASICS RIGHT There are still a lot of recruiters and HR professionals out there who are either hesitant for social recruiting or simply don’t feel comfortable with the new platforms. When beginning with social recruiting, it’s important to understand the platform, have patience and get the basics right. For example “when recruiting with twitter, you need to make sure that your job tweets contain a searchable, easy-to-recognise hashtag, an obvious description of the position, and a link to an accompanying page which describes the opening in more detail.” 7 Jorgen Sundberg, Founder and Director of Link Humans @JorgenSundberg
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