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"We were shocked
and embarrassed
when we found out
that contractors were
America's #1 most
complained about
industry. ”


You need to make surethat any
contractor you do business with
has proven themselves in the past, 
and will beth...

WHAT TO ”°°‘i. ll". '.°i. i'£. '°'c"‘, .‘i’. l‘i? E1‘S
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You can check any Florida contractor by searching the Florida
worker's compensation proof of cov...
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BBB Accreditation

Why It's Important:  You need to go further
than just checking a contractor's st...
$1.’ ”

Presented to


Hippo Roqfing LLC

Lo 0 K  R I ‘ In grurqfirl recogirrrfiorr Qfyrutr rrrenrbcrship in
I * The I'? i~...
Need More Information? 

Call I .8£
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Customer References



Why | t'slmpor...

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Hippo roofing llc standard guide


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Standard Guide of Hippo Roofing LLC

Published in: Business
  • I am glad to have a company like Hippo Roofing iassociated in my industry.
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  • Hippo Roofing provides all types of roofing solutions. Services offered include, fascia, gutters, drywall, painting and stucco. Client’s roofs look so great, whenever their neighbor across the street they praised and wanted to get the same roof.
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  • Hippo Roofing is a state licensed and fully insured Mebourne roofing contractor serving householders with quality residential roofing and roof repair services. Many people satisfied with Hippo Roofing firm because their expert replacing their roof and cleaning up when the project was completed.
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  • Great coordination they have among their team. They were preferred all along the street at the time of thunderstorms. They provide full guarantee of the work they do and takes the initiative themselves by doing inspections on regular basis. Highly recommended by me and my friends.
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  • I want to thank Hippo Roffing for fixing my damaged roof over the weekend. I had a large branch fall on my house so I called he Hippo Roofing team and they came out the next day to check it out. Work was finished in about 10 days and I am relived. Once again, thank you Hippo Roofing.
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Hippo roofing llc standard guide

  1. 1. "We were shocked and embarrassed when we found out that contractors were America's #1 most complained about industry. ” —Bil| Stillwell . , eral M. ar‘rager, Hip; :»0 Roe ig So, You're Thinking About A Remodeling Project For Your Home’? Congratulations! When done properly, a remodeling project can make your home more enjoyable and prove to be a valuable investment. Unfortunately, we've all heard horror stories about home remodeling projects gone bad. Problems with longer-than-expected installation, final bills that come in higher than the quote, and shoddy workmanship, sadly, are commonplace. We were shocked and embarrassed tofind out that, according to Better Business Bureau statistics, home improvement contractors are in the top 1% most complained about industries— right up there with auto repair and airlines. We've always done a good job and treated our customers right—and we've been able to build a nice business because of it. However, over theyears I've noticed that some consumers will choose less-than-reputable companies to dojobs for them. .. usually because they are quoted less money. Don't get me wrong: I'm all for good, hon est competition, but it pains me to see good folks risk their hard—eamed money with contractors who don't have their best interests at heart. You deserve a great value for your money—which includes an honest con tractor who carries workers compensation, uses high quality products as well as stands behind their work in both word and deed. Industry Stcindords Weren't Tough Enough We wanted to find a way to educate consumers about how to choose a good, honest home improvement contractor. The industry standards simply aren't tough enough—just about anybody with a hammer and a pickup truck can be a contractor. That'swhywe’ve pioneered a set of standards called the Code of Ethics & Competency for Remodeling Contractors. The Code calls for contractors to uphold a high set of standards that will allow you tojudge BEFOREHANDwhether or not a contractor is likely to do thejob right. This guide specifies those standards. Before you hire any company to work in or around your home, make sure you consult this guide and INSIST that the company comply with EVERY SINGLE STANDARD in this book. if you do, chances are excellent you'll get exactlywhat you want out of your project. Sincerely, Bill Stillwell General Manager, Hippo Roofing CONTRACTOR STANDARDS GUIDE | Compliments of Hippo Roofing
  2. 2. STABILITY You need to make surethat any contractor you do business with has proven themselves in the past, and will bethere ifyou need them in the future. Don't just ASKthe contractor if they are stable; look for tangible proof oflongevity and financial stability by asking forthe items listed on the next few pages. BELOW IS YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS TAX RECEIPT PLEASE DBTACH AND CONSPICUOUSLY DISPLAY TO PUBLIC VIEW tttnorxcxvrtt THIS RECEIPT MUST BE RENEWED Renews‘. AFIE3 9/30/7014 mi: result = _n 1aLe fees oi L1,! to 253 of the annual (inst. This amp: does not WINIM lho ncoipt iioluor is comoohm no oednnn In the Isuslnus, out that an holder has who the rwulru tax and uwiaaa flu no: -nary oocumcnutlon to: man business. 1:, O, ,, ,,_1,, ,,, ,,, ,, Local Business Tax Receipt F! 2014 B111 22030 Business Name: HIPPO ROOFING LLC Location: 1555 N Harbor City Blvd &a'i-. son : 115 Professional Office Clan ca-. m_~/ laatxxctxone: cum. a snowman (oxumng Emrngu namauacummg) I znuu one 10/1/2013 Exp Date: 9/30/201-I vnn omynm mmum local rqyhted «me icmnicw-nanny cums on in ellect rm Inecumm Ilual yuvu roqiinu by law. lCiiI”iE'»7 Coll l . si. .iI. l. ' . >.l-llPF’C' Oi’ 32l—95l—E'5i3i. Iil ‘-, i‘iW, ,i. Hlppi: :l72i: V ' LOOK FOR: Proof of Establishment Why It’s Important: Believe it or not, many contractors use a pickup truckfor an oflice and showroom. Make sure that any contractor you're dealing with is substantial enough to have a real offioe with all the normal business functions—accounting, production, sales, etc. If a contractor does not have an office, that should tell you something. Don't fall for the 'wejust use our trucks as offices! ‘ line.
  3. 3. Questions? WHAT TO ”°°‘i. ll". '.°i. i'£. '°'c"‘, .‘i’. l‘i? E1‘S Lo R: 321951 .2500 www. Hi| .)(, iROUl. (, i in V’ Seacoast NATIONAL RANK Bonk Letter .7.I)'3 zuu Why It's Important: Good standing with a bank is aucial for any business, but gaining Ir 04 ham ll MLlv(. 'uIlt't'n'I. the confidence and security of its financial l’lei: -Jo: bl. ‘ ld‘i'l! X>ill1)i Hippo P. uolirigLlC. 2555 N. lliituitm um. Vlclhtrumc. H. managers allows a company not only to was i. .. In-111 . i.i. i.. .., i~ii. i— Ullll iimai iiiiiiisiii. .-in. ..-. ».i. i,i I0. oi: Tlwi - - - . ." . :.. ' ~~Iand' il "b It “:1.-h: i*-i l. lJ. .-fJ| 'Z. QOLIZIIIIIS i"I1i: (KL K Ilg Bil l1i. lf B11 Illgborl H I l| l'fs1(llf [Ill LI‘ (FL Li} economic times, but to innovate and grow to II in 3:cI'it)uf[: il: l:| il’EiIl| i‘Llrlg. 'l'Il'Icl: )‘llS; ilH yrs. VcllJ0l(lL‘lfW'ill'| IloS¢r| 3l. I1¢lI1lr| . lhelr naiiiiing II It meet and sen/ ice customer demand s. Sillccrciy. /Z/ /4, ’/ _/. ,wL, , Bi-ll Vnmm Brunch Spt-: :lIssl = 1C‘: -ASSIC . ., ,‘jJ_' _ alilistlaiiiolmosvsrszls Nu‘ . -us: mui: = linili-r l}1t'fil4'l Du r Hatrltmillteli I have been involved with iESid: i"lll'i-ll melil routing sinne 195:: when our tom ivllw was stifled with the purpose of DVadil(| np: t‘le best metal moi: unilernia sun in my “timer life" n5iflPliDI'li Classic Products. I am a board member or the Metal Construction Association as well as a rounding member urine Metal Roofing Alllrl um -IMRA). ziwlaud you on yourdtclslon to II1Ve5llR8l£ metal ioallrlt. HE’! is a wide variety al prod ucts Mailable and ‘(EU n_- dull‘; the iiglii liiing by searching oul the besl product inryou and your home. j Huwcvcr, thc arodun you choose is only part ofmc stow. vmi also new the best when il tomes to in installing urltiiclor. someone who is pm lcssiiml and will always lie there Whlll yuii need them » Snrllafllle ii. -nu has the lzesire, ability, size and Experience to look out ior ya in best interests Vroivl mi»: no rinisli. tor imnieowneis in vour area, that corltncnor is -ipcc Roofing LLC. aw. Roofing ‘ins demonstrate: [B . .i thattheycire niami, .i. ..i. ma. (USIIDIIIBYS, 35 well as the iiimi, To Hippo S u p ler Lefle r Roufing, pruviflirlg an mile aiia weathe ’XIght roof systems is '11fl in tlli ii I iiib or 3 iiuslnus - -t Is their calling to help riiiks ir their quest for shelter and enhanced mine value. Choosing the wmrfi cflllirizlnr is . pilnllll I'M aim, mistake. Unfortunately. the win Ask The Experts website is proof Why it's important: Like in any business, having at that ‘run is post alter past on «lie site in-im rianeowuais iv»; rushed Into a metal root with the wrong c. -intrauci. the wrong product or, worse yet. both. it is foolish to Invest In ii metal rooland nul cliuasc lllr. ‘ blzsl possible iflsullflilnil the correct relanon 5h| ps w| th supphers | s of contractor, as wel as .1 product which is €l| 'l| )ra| Il'i£iIE for your home. ri, -mi care about vour N)I"1e, Hippo nooiinz Is a great way to go. They look far zicyunu just signing ii caiitrm and ex treme importance’ Hlppo not only has installing a root. they will help you evaluate your current silualia-l intiudi 1; any veniilalinii needs your home miglil V-ave. Thcv will help you cliaosc llic pruuuc: which is bcst tor your name and then they will install it in a way wliiizri will create a iurigterm worry—free raalirlg symin. ‘way will also liinu out rorvuii by tuning rm mm and ti nilpnoii tn a bare mlilimnm for you aiic your raniin. Thank you l'Dr considering metal mini ‘Ag and Classic Miltnl niinriiig. I mi aniiia you lhal, along with me hippo lltloflllg companies like Classic Metal Roofing Systems and team. we will work hard to malls rennin that your next roof is I true "C| ass»(". relationships with local supply houses, but also has exclusive distribution aggreements with Kassel & Irons. Si rlcerety, ’: ‘~. cf / —~‘ Todd E Miller President . sstaliiaixuyvail BI; - op sum - viaisbnmss . _ i iiIno, s4:-1.0955 - i. s_stl: lmsus mivr-uusiclboloolm - iufl>‘! daulclo'of. cwrn r CONTRACTOR STANDARDS GUIDE | Compliments of Hippo Roofing 5
  4. 4. WHAT TO V LOOK FOR: You can check any Florida contractor by searching the Florida worker's compensation proof of coverage database: ht-tpsrlllpps8.l| dfs. ¢orIIIproofof¢overagalSea| -ch. aspx Business Licenses rmunll A natnxrusnr um. srlvrols wcxum wc xmsznm crvot-(mu Why It's Important: Make sure they have been operating under the . Employer Detail Page same name for a minimum of 5 years. Many contractors open and ¢a, ... .,. m,. m , ,.o, ... ,.. m close their doors multiple times to avoid past customer complaints. “'""‘“‘“"“"" (Naturally, some businesses will be legitimately new—if so, get a 10 — v . » — HIIFD I00 PING LIE LIIIITED LIHIILITV CD ZSIZII year work history of the owner and ASK questions! ) . . gggm use . rnla: lu. waleelwlmuunI: n 3‘g‘}, ',f.3,"""'°‘ lnelwunmlruncr lC#_5252 30 3 Sr"; OF FLOW)‘ ‘”““ lssts . III 1 am an 1 all A °“""°"“"‘°‘ um-mnnmlla MO ‘ “R“"‘§§55’i‘5uE¥l5ll'i§t3'r§'§‘1w‘F‘€§é§r‘3§? §'r3”éSiS'r§’“‘°“ l ‘°“"”" SEl3r. ::: :sa'. 'v1.ss5l . . r . .- . : r. ‘ 1,, “ H“ ~ u or/ Juxzaanzaiayz cd: }1:, !,ghu . .-. . - , The noorpu: l: mrrpw:1os ‘ t14n. eo be Under the ‘p sxpxnuon Gite: we 2). ans | No Oflleer Exemptiorlof coverage Lialrgs ] 9"-ILnK‘£x" “LL, ” mm , No Dvmer Elelrtrorl of coverage Lrslrrgs . FPO JIOOFVNG I‘. .1‘ 55 H MAISON CITY ILVD LBOUIIHE r WV; 'l2‘13fi r NIIFD nonnm LLC Legal ocnsmns aE5»T“r§ré'§T Liar)»; -rr-1sxAr. s£t‘l. ‘lults; L~3(l. m-rié, Idlrru In Stitch Pig! CERTlFlC_A_‘[§ or L| ABtLlTY_l_NSU_HANCE ' ms wen-rn: Ar: rs Ema: A5 A Ivtrral or rnrunmnuu urlur Ann oortrirls no nchni la-nrfis: rsurrrmu: nuuaen nu csrmmalr: ours Nor Airnmvn-r_' an . i5I'INEL' nlntun. rzxrtro on man comma: Arwlnin law no nouclsp lE| .I1'I. ms l: EIr1F: r.'rE or nsusumcs trots rnr l>. msnruI1: A curmulm m an roe rs-urns hluIE| '! l.AIrrr1onzEn Insurance Why It’s Important: You need to know if your contractor carries general '"' liability and worker’s compensation insurance for both commercial and . ... .,- »‘: &.ii. ..; ‘»’. ::5.: '.‘,5caW residential projects. A sizable contractor will carry no less than $500,000.. m”"'‘ H I ' and usually around $1,000,000 of general liability coverage. If your nrwr-nr-as crwvmcnsuuum . .-“El. M: -l4SlLIk contractor's insurance policy can't cover potential damages, then the contractor would be personally liable. If he can not cover the damages himself, you will have no legal recourse and will end up paying for any possible damages or injuries yourself. Many contractors are not financially stab| e.. .and don't carry proper Insurance coverage to protect you against losses. Additionally, contractors who fail to provide workers compensation benefits risk severe governmental penalties and potentially company-ending lawsuits should an employee become injured. : &‘rr‘»'rrmr&': rr. i':7uu'Ier: v~nrruz . -.r. ... .:«. r. r. .n. .r. ... ... ».r. ... rr. ... .r. ... .-. m- Hippo Roofing rries $1,000,000 of general liability coverage and here's the certificate ‘I'D prove it! Do NOT deal with a contractor without sble coverage, or you could foot the bill for the mistake. Also, do not deal with °‘““"°"*"°“>= “ _m__“ °*"°= “*'*'" rm. .. . ne. ... .:. m.. ... ... ... ,r. .m. ch. r.7.w. e a contractor that uses worker’s compensation exemptions If you find « " "W" "°"°‘ '"‘ °‘ “”"'“° exemptions rather than coverage by a work comp carrier, you take 'vl5"'-. "'3"=7l~lt"' a rrasmn lcanntzvlmlnnou. All rlglln mnuuell. great ri Sk in using this type of Contractor. Aeonlr 15 gems-, ‘trlollznlommum lnganmrlglnlnrarl rnnrnnl rleolln 6 Questions‘? Call l.8OU. GO. HlPF'O or 32l~95l —25OU| wwu/ .HippoRoof. con'l
  5. 5. K 1 CO V LOOK FOR: BBB Accreditation Why It's Important: You need to go further than just checking a contractor's standing with the BBB. Remember, many contractors shut down and open under new names year after year. So check to see how long they've been a member, and check to be sure the contractor is accredited by the BBB. This means that if complaints arise, the contractor agrees that the BBB's judgment is binding and must perform accordingly. Without this agreement, you may have no recourse. Hippo Roofing is a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating at the time of this printing. A+ Rating wvM. bhb. orgIoentraI-llorldal PEPUTATIQN Questions? Need More Information? Call 1 .800.GO. HIPPC) 32] 95] /2500 wvx/ w.HippoRoof. Ccrm You can tell a great deal about a contractor based on what others are saying about them—particularly their customers. The old advice of "ask for 3 references" is just too easy to fake. You'll need to get a little tougher with your contractor to protect yourself. Insist that any contractor you’re considering can prod uce the things listed on the next few pages to PROVE that their reputation is rock solid. Better Business Bureau‘ '— Start With Trust" -- ACCREDITED BUSINESS Hippo Roofing, LLC Valid Through Sept 30, 2015 —:3— CO Ni P; fl.'. .'; T'C>F«I :3TAl*~l l3AFiD15 GUIDE I ‘1.Z'm; wr'i‘I; ‘2|irI’IeI‘its: :of Hllopo i3,r: »;: »fing 7
  6. 6. $1.’ ” Presented to Hippo Roqfing LLC Lo 0 K R I ‘ In grurqfirl recogirrrfiorr Qfyrutr rrrenrbcrship in I * The I'? i~cutw- Pulm Bay Chuniber SICVEI) AV]! .§II. AI, L'D THIS IIIIH D. -‘H’ OI". l"lF. . 1009 V Memberships Why It's Important: Any reputable company will be a member of at least their local Chamber Of Commerce—and often multiple Chambers. Companies that aren't members of their local BBB are almost surely trying to hide This IE to certify that past unresolved complaints. Insist that any HIPPO ROOFING LLC contractor you're considering hiring can show you current certificates of membership for all nu mm. » ‘a wad Slurldlllg nl the BUILDING TRADES ASSOCIATION and is pledged In Dl)SE7I'E tire highest elliirul standards of business prurliie IIEieilorIl1ll‘{ll'IlSASSD(lI! IlDlI of these organizations VAIID THRU xmiuim. 2009 MEMBERSHIP IIUMBEII. M4345 Shirley llerliriei Mrndmliiu (lln. 'IllVliI1lllr u~; u'1‘rru: n (‘lIN'I"IlA("l‘lIllS NETWOIIK CERTIFICATE OF MEMBERSHIP Tliis n>rIz; ’w. ~‘ t/ ml ffgv/0 Rozflng, 1.Z‘C’ .7!/ efiourrze, fl is Al mrrnllrr In good alamlillg 2012 CERTIFIED __ CONTRACTORS N w 0 R K (:20 Ocwlzrr 25.2012 Tiff! ‘ '1' ‘ill! Your Key to Success i 3 Questions’? Call i.800.GO. H|PPO or 321-951 —25OU| www. HippoRoof. com
  7. 7. Questions? Need More Information? GO. Call I .8£ 32 I — Customer References WHAT TO V LOOK FOR: Why | t'slmportant: All reputable contractors carry pre—printed lists of references-. that includes customers from I to 5 years ago, as well as customers from the previous six months. This list should contain at least I00 references. In addition to the Hippo references below, go to: http: IIrevIervs. revlewmanagement. oomIhlppo-rooting-llc-405193056 You can also visit our Youtube channel at: https: IIwIvw. youtubo. comIusorlllippolloofing Veryprofessional, would referto anyone. Tony B. - Palm Bay, FL The job was done very professionally and in a rimehr manner. BIII H. - Palm Bay, FL We have been impressed and very pleased with the entire roofing project. Your customerservice is absolutely superb and qualityof workmanship and materials is without question the best! Mark H. - Melbourne, FL Greatlobl James H. - Merritt Island, FL I'm pleased with everything. It couk1'n’r have gone better. Karen D. - Satellite Beach, FL We can't say enough positive things about Hippo and their team. The job was completed on time, on budget and couldn't be more perfect. Robert R. - Melbourne, FL The installation crew wasoutstanding! Dorothyl. - Port StJohn, FL Everything done in a rimelyand professional manner. Thank youall! Rober‘IC. - Palm Bay, FL Thanks fora great job! Bruci H. I Malabar, FL Thank you fora fine job. Daniel M. 0 Merritt Island, FL We are I/ eryhappy with ournew roof and the en tire experience. You are a luckyoompany to have such fine young men employed. You guysare the best! Kathy C. - Melbourne, FL The crew that did the actual work was very courteous and professional. I am so thankful we chose Hippo Roofing! Kimmy T. o Titusville, FL Roof looks great! D0|'II'IIl S. I Merritt Island, FL I am very satisfied with the service provided. Donald M. - Titusville, FL it's obi/ io us why Hippo Roofing is "Brew: id's Best. ” They work diligently and conscien riously. Wo rkm en are courreo us. The finished product is good looking and upgrades the neighborhood. I'm glad we chose Hippo. Harm I Donna S. - Merritt Island, FL E/ erything was done very professionally and we're veryhappy with the entire job. We would definitely recomm end Hippo to our friends and family. Eddie W. 0 West Melbourne, FL Very good job, great company, good workmanship! WD L. - Titusville, FL Total team excellence. Joseph S. - West Melbourne, FL Would recommend Hippo to anyone. DIII II. 0 Cocoa, FL The crewworked extremely well together. They took pride in the finished product! Elwin & Deborah D. 0 Palm Bay, FL Great job, the entire crew was polite and professional. Give them a raise! John G. - Viera, FL I am exrremelypleased with the appearance 84 confident of the quality. Halon H. o Melbourne, FL Everyone from sales to service were wonderful. I will tell everyone I know abo ur you. Charles W. - Indian Harbour Beach, FL CONTRACTOR STANDARDS GUIDE | Compliments of Hippo Roofing 9
  8. 8. ATLAS‘ , *&'x'. °.f. ‘l. ‘l. ¥ FEIIIIV I'I.2IJl2 Ihznppo noon-g no- at Iloolrg Dnrpnmhr reoog-rm nun llootlg LID 3 -'r; urrnea- mum orarmm nep lhpe rourlrg prmIc1x, ||r: IdIg itplan tllglx. me rhy- Inert an Iwrremea: oueswnu. uIr: I rnwr: mum Ir orrslgraun se- nor laotlrg mm» rurzrmrm. Aoeorangv. Ia MB: snug: llrrmfl warmly urrrru r errecurm norm per in nxrrmlorx mu um puacagrngnavu uorrna win rrupo rroanrgucamngru mgr norlran-rmarrar xnaarexcerrmoov lg xvmn. sneurr. Ed Todd some nrremorrmum Imgunm Au nmlrg corpoam zrm RIVEIEDGE mrwuw . surre an -ArLArrrn. ca: morA: rrnx This wv 1;-. |Ir: :r Hippo Roofing LLC has amravuc no sets 11' a-n. u.. ... .m-. :.- -. ... .. ... . . .. » . Inn- for r: ..r= Frr. uzmlr. ».m. ar Rnnlirxir vm.1m-mil r. mry Am: rr, r=<4 tr HI cumrnroea SELECT Shinglemasier mu la us mm rraor Hippo Roofing LLC . &.. .'sl' in ‘? .°'. '*"_‘, "T°‘? “. . Queslions? Need More lnformcrlion? Coll I .8(I). GO. H|PPO 321 -951 -25% www. HippoRoof. c:om Hippo Roofing - Florida's Largest Metal Roofer The June, 2014 issue of Metal Construction News ranked metal roofers by size for their 2013 performance and assessed the state of the indus- try According to this article, Hlppo Roofing ranked as a top performer Installing more squares of metal roofing than any other contractor In Florida. Hippo's performance also ranked them 8th nationwide in an industry experiencing 23% growth over 2012. This extraordianry growth In metal roofing reflects a nationwide trend of people moving away from temporay asphalt roofing to more permanent. cost effective, metd roofing systems. Local Contractor Wins National Award Earlier this year, a local home improvement contractor, Hippo Roofing, LLC was honored with the Shining Star Award by their metal roofing supplier, Gassic Metal Roofing Systems, for their performance in 2013. This award is given to onlya few roofing contractors across North America who exemplify superior customer service and quality resulting in highvolume sales. Hippo Roofing, LLC General Manager, Bill Stillwell, accepted the award on behalf of his organization at Classic Metal Roofing Systems'annual dealer meeting in Piqua, Ohio. Classic Metal Roofing Systems‘ President Todd Miller, praised Hippo Roofing, LLC "Every year Hippo Roofing LLC sets an example for home improvement contractors aaoss the country in their care for customers and quality installations. We are honored that they choose to partner with us to serve homeowners in their area. " PIEFEMEII E0|I'III£I'IIl Mt »r-r'l'lr-' rm Brian Stillwell Hippo Roofing LLC .14.. vi August 1. am , ,,. “L CONTRACTOR STANDARDS GUIDE | C0 npllmenls of Hippo Roofing ll