JSON Schema Validation for Cats - PyCon APAC


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JSON Schema Validation is a nice way to bring unity between server-side and client-side validation rules, and Python makes it better.

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JSON Schema Validation for Cats - PyCon APAC

  1. 1. Unified JSON Schema Validation ...in Python ...for the web ...and cats
  2. 2. Herman Schaaf @ironzeb
  3. 3. { "name": "Ringo", "age": 1, "loves": ["bananas", "pancakes"] "picture": "http://imgur.com/..." }
  4. 4. Decanter Web Framework https://github.com/gengo/decanter - Based on Bottle - JSON Schema Validation built-in
  5. 5. https://github.com/hermanschaaf/catvalidate
  6. 6. https://github.com/hermanschaaf/catvalidate
  7. 7. Python is a great fit for this - DRY - Custom fields - Easy Internationalization (i18n) - Dictionaries look almost like JSON already ...and same validation on frontend as easy as json.dumps!
  8. 8. Thanks JSON Schema http://json-schema.org/ Decanter https://github.com/gengo/decanter Cat Validate https://github. com/hermanschaaf/catvalidate