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Hector juarez handouts

  1. 1. Hector Juarez http://www.slideshare.net/hector102jamz/how-technology-has-changed-the-way-we-live-7825562?from=share_email<br />Slide 1Slide 2Slide 3We just have to turn our head around to see all the technology that surrounds us. Slide 4These are some of the new and emerging technologies, these technologies have changed the way we live dramatically.Slide 5The Internet, a global network connecting millions of computers is with no doubt one of the most usable technologies now days.You can buy or sell products or services over the internet and many times you get much better deals online.It’s possible to pay your bills, view and manage your banking accounts online.Just like FTCC many learning centers and schools offer classes online, this technology allows you to take classes to your own peace without traveling back and forth.Slide 6Smart phones are mobile phones that offer more advance computing ability and connectivity than a regular feature phone. For instance, the iPhone and Blackberry. This type of technology is changing every day with new and more sophisticated devices.A satellite phone is a type of mobile phone that connects to orbiting satellites instead of terrestrial cell sites.Slide 7Like any other technology invention, the technology in cars has changed tremendously over time. Car technology is updated constantly, in an effort to enhance the comfort levels of the customers.A hybrid car is a vehicle that utilizes two types of technology for energy. The hybrid car usually refers to an automobile that has both conventional gas engine and a bank of batteries.Whereas an electric car is an automobile which is propelled by an electric motor, using electrical energy stored in batteries, an example would be the new electric Nissan leaf.Slide 8The computer technology is one of the fastest growing technologies. Every day more powerful and faster processors are released, and currently desktop and laptop computers’ sizes are now smaller, thinner and lighter.As an example we have the netbook. A netbook is a new type of laptop computer, that is smaller, cheaper, and under powered. They have 9 or 10 inch screens.A tablet computer however is a wireless, portable personal computer with a touch screen interface. The tablet form factor is typically smaller than a notebook computer but larger than a smart phone. The best examples are iPad2 and Motorola xoom.Slide 9Technology in electronics changes constantly offering more attractive entertainment.Ultra small high definition size camcorders.With a 24 megapixel digital camera you can print a wall size picture with high resolution.The new technology on TV’s is 3D LED TV’s, basically these TV’s allow to watch movies on 3D with a 3D DVD player connected to it and 3D glasses.With these new technology on DVD players now you can watch Internet content on your TV such as movies, video or TV shows using this device that connects to the Internet via LAN or wirelessly.Slide 10Smart home technology is the technology used to make all electronic devices around a house act smart or more automated.When you're not home, nagging little doubts can start to crowd your mind. Did I turn the coffee maker off? Did I set the security alarm? Are the kids doing their homework or watching television?With a smart home, you could quiet all of these worries with a quick trip online.Smart homes connect all the devices and appliances in your home so they can communicate with each other and with you.Slide 11The top leader on this technology is Netflix, which offers HD movies over the Internet for a monthly fee.Now you can rent DVDs on vending machines, this technology has made most of video rental stores to shut down. Currently redbox is the leader on this technology followed by blockbusterSatellite radios allow you to receive signal in a much wider geographical area than terrestrial FM radio stations, you can choose from a variety of music styles or talking shows, commercial free for a monthly fee either in your car or home. Sirius is one example of this technology.One of the most popular features of HD Radio Technology are the additional channels that you have access to when you listen to HD Radio broadcasts. These additional channels are called HD2/HD3 Channels, and are located on the FM dial, adjacent to regular stations. It’s free and no subscription is required, you would only need an HD enabled receiver to get digital sound.Slide 12Although technology and invention have created advantages and disadvantages, one of the main reasons devices are being invented is to make a task easier to perform.Slide 13Technology has made people lazier and more static, creating obesity issues specially on kids and teenagers.Since technology changes so rapidly, products have become disposable.It is inevitable that as technology develops so traditional cultures must be lost. Technology and tradition are incompatible, you cannot have both together.To what extent do you agree or disagree?Slide 14Click to add notesSlide 15<br />