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Tokyo Illustration


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Hi! I'm a Japanese amateur illustrator. I tried to draw a daily Tokyo. Please enjoy Tokyo sightseeing at this slide.

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Tokyo Illustration

  1. 1. TOKYO ILLUSTRATION Vol.1 By Kouji Hayateno
  2. 2. TOKYO ILLUSTRATION Sumida River
  3. 3. TOKYO ILLUSTRATION Sumida River
  4. 4. TOKYO ILLUSTRATION Imperial Palace
  5. 5. TOKYO ILLUSTRATION Shibuya Station
  6. 6. TOKYO ILLUSTRATION Tokyo Tower and Roppongi Hills Tower
  7. 7. TOKYO ILLUSTRATION Tokyo Metro Ginza Line
  8. 8. TOKYO ILLUSTRATION Gateway of Edo castle
  9. 9. TOKYO ILLUSTRATION New National Gallery at Roppongi
  10. 10. TOKYO ILLUSTRATION Senso-ji Temple, very famous sightseeing spot at Tokyo.
  11. 11. TOKYO ILLUSTRATION Very Large Tree in Shinjyuku Gyoen Park
  12. 12. • Thank you! TOKYO ILLUSTRATION Vol.1 • I’m a Japanese amateur Illustrator. Copyright • My hobby is drawing illustrations about Kouji Hayateno Japanese garden, shrines and temples and town at Kyoto and Tokyo. • My Website • http://sync :// • Twitter •