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R F Buzz (July 2009)


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R F Buzz (July 2009)

  1. 1. R/F Buzz (July 2009) If you are having difficulty viewing images or clicking links in this e-mail, view in browser window here. July 2009 • Volume 2, Number 4 RSNA Home 2009 Annual Meeting Registration and course Membership enrollment are in full swing for RSNA 2009. Donʼt miss the RSNA Education Center opportunity—FREE registration RSNA Journals for medical students and RSNA R&E Foundation members in training—to be a part of the worldʼs premier medical meeting. To ensure you get the courses of RSNA is now on Facebook! your choice, register now. Won't you be our fan? RSNA has secured exclusive airline discounts and works with more than 70 Chicago hotels—as well as Follow @RSNA on Twitter! Hostelling International—to get RSNA 2009 attendees the best prices on lodging. Get more information here. Donʼt forget, the annual meeting offers numerous resident-friendly perks and events, including: •Giveaways •Residents Lounge •Residents Reception Learn Fluoroscopy Basics in the AAPM/RSNA Physics Tutorial for Residents This course, sponsored by RSNA and the American Association of Physicists in Medicine, demonstrates to residents the physics of flat-panel fluoroscopy systems —essential knowledge for emerging practitioners. Find session PS10 and enroll. “Radiology and the Family Physician” Course Builds Professional Bridges RSNA 2009 refresher course RC216, co-presented by RSNA and the American Academy of Family Physicians, helps attendees develop a better understanding of what 1 of 3 8/10/09 2:33 PM
  2. 2. R/F Buzz (July 2009) radiologists and family physicians need from each other and how they can work more effectively together. Expect this course to fill up fast—sign up now. RSNA welcomes medical students, residents and fellows to join RSNA for free and enjoy free admission to the annual meeting. In addition to free meeting admission, RSNA membership confers many other benefits, including free online access to the journals Radiology and RadioGraphics, free online access to the Resident Learning Portfolio and eligibility to apply for RSNA Research & Education Foundation grants. Refer a friend here. Radiologyʼs free “Hear What We Think” podcasts, featuring discussions on select articles and hot topics, are now available through the iTunes store. Have iTunes software? Listen now. (Downloading iTunes software may be necessary) Beginning in August, RSNA will host monthly Webinars presented by the developers of myRSNA, who will highlight new and updated tools, demonstrate a featured tool in detail and take feedback from users on their myRSNA experiences. The first Webinar starts Tuesday, August 18, at 1:00 p.m. Central Time. Save this e-mail and click 2 of 3 8/10/09 2:33 PM
  3. 3. R/F Buzz (July 2009) here to join the forum. See How Itʼs Done with Radiology Videos Radiologyʼs How I Do It articles feature video tutorials of imaging techniques and procedures. This monthʼs video and abstract demonstrate multidetector CT evaluation of tracheobronchomalacia in infants and children. Watch. Peering into Peer Review A Quality Initiatives article in RadioGraphics examines the current state of peer review in diagnostic radiology and takes a look at its future. Read it now. Render Finds and Pulls Relevant Cases for Teaching and More Render, a free text radiology report and image search application described in a RadioGraphics Informatics article, allows users to find pertinent cases for a variety of purposes. From the retrieved results, users can save images, bookmark examinations and navigate to an external search engine such as Google. Read more on Render. 3 of 3 8/10/09 2:33 PM