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What's next-generation Japanese input method best for LibreOffice?


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for LibreOffice Asia Conference 2019 Tokyo 2019/5/25

Published in: Technology
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What's next-generation Japanese input method best for LibreOffice?

  1. 1. What's next-generation Japanese input method best for LibreOffice? 〜LibreOfficeに最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜次世代型日本語入力とは?〜とは?〜 Masahiko Hashimoto @LibreOffice Asia Conference 2019 Tokyo 2019/05/25
  2. 2. 2010/05/25LibreOfficeに最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜次世代日本語入力とは?〜 2/15 about Me Name: Masahiko Hahsimoto Twitter: @shikanotsukimi ● Tokaido Linux-User-Group Place: Nagoya, Yokohama, Nishinomiya ... ● Open Man-Yo Project Development of Kana-Kanji conversion using Open-Data ● Japan openSUSE User Group 2019/5/22 openSUSE 15.1 Released!!!
  3. 3. 2010/05/25LibreOfficeに最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜次世代日本語入力とは?〜 3/15 And… (about me) Every week I write a series of secondary novels using LibreOffice. Original: 『How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend』 和名)『冴えない彼女の育てかた』 えな次世代型日本語入力とは?〜い彼女の育てかた』 彼女の育てかた』 の育てかた』 育てかた』 てかた』 』 (Common Name: Common Name: Saekano) (Common Name: Do you know?)
  4. 4. 2010/05/25LibreOfficeに最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜次世代日本語入力とは?〜 4/15 But!!!! Japanese input (Common Name: Kana-Kanji conversion) is not smart!
  5. 5. 2010/05/25LibreOfficeに最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜次世代日本語入力とは?〜 5/15 About Kana-Kanji conversion Japanese input is converted into Kana-Kanji by two-step conversion. 1. Romaji → Kana “watashinonamae”  →『わた』 しの育てかた』 な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜まえ』 2. Kana → Kana-Kanji 『わた』 しの育てかた』 な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜まえ』  →『私の名前』の育てかた』 名前』』 Input from keyboard
  6. 6. 2010/05/25LibreOfficeに最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜次世代日本語入力とは?〜 6/15 What is not smart? The main reason: Rarely Kana-Kanji conversion is incorrectly converted. Example) 『わた』 しの育てかた』 な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜まえ』 → Kana-Kanji conversion Correct: 『私の名前』の育てかた』 名前』』 →mean : “my name” Incorrect: 『綿氏の生絵』の育てかた』 生絵』』 →mean : “Mr. Wata’s row picture” !?? Note: This is an example. (There is rarely anything worse than this)
  7. 7. 2010/05/25LibreOfficeに最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜次世代日本語入力とは?〜 7/15 Various improvements have been made 1. Predictive conversion 『予測変換』』 ➢ Google Japanese IME etc… 2. Live conversion 『ライブ入力』入力とは?〜』 ➢Apple MacOS
  8. 8. 2010/05/25LibreOfficeに最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜次世代日本語入力とは?〜 8/15 1. Predictive conversion Predict and convert text before typing. The text before input is predicted and displayed Usually, conversion is performed by pressing the space key after typing.
  9. 9. 2010/05/25LibreOfficeに最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜次世代日本語入力とは?〜 9/15 2. Live conversion (by Apple) Conversion is done at the same time as input. The conversion is done without pressing the space key.
  10. 10. 2010/05/25LibreOfficeに最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜次世代日本語入力とは?〜 10/15 The question that has come upon me... 1. Have I ever used a Predictive conversion? ➔ No!! ...why? ➔ I feel that my thinking is interrupted. 2. Is Live conversion annoying? ➔ Umm…. ➔ If there is no misconversion, I may use. It seems that preferences are divided?
  11. 11. 2010/05/25LibreOfficeに最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜次世代日本語入力とは?〜 11/15 Question!! Sorry, please answer only Japanese people: Q1: Do you often use Predictive conversion? – Yes – No Q2: What do you think of Live conversion? – Very Good – Can not forgive!! – I don’t know because I use MacOS
  12. 12. 2010/05/25LibreOfficeに最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜次世代日本語入力とは?〜 12/15 Fundamental problem in the first place Conversion accuracy is too bad!! Especially in the case of Linux...
  13. 13. 2010/05/25LibreOfficeに最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜次世代日本語入力とは?〜 13/15 Desired function Typographical error check Example: 『私の名前』を名前』は』 →It can not be grammatical Correct: 『私の名前』の名前』は』 ➢ Display a warning for the strange part ※ It exists in Windows...
  14. 14. 2010/05/25LibreOfficeに最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜次世代日本語入力とは?〜 14/15 I am ready. But I was busy at work and couldn't start…orz Advance notice Looking forward to the OSC Nagoya 2019 in July!
  15. 15. 2010/05/25LibreOfficeに最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜最適な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜な次世代型日本語入力とは?〜次世代日本語入力とは?〜 15/15 Thank you!!