Competence7 cossol-trapped-a play by students from ii lo rybnik poland


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Competence7 cossol-trapped-a play by students from ii lo rybnik poland

  1. 1. COMENIUS COSSOL POLAND 2010- 1012 Zespół Szkół nr 2 II Liceum Ogólnokształcące z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi im. Andrzeja Frycza Modrzewskiego w Rybniku. CoSSOL 2010-2012 Concepts for a Successful Self- Organized Learning______________________________________________________________Ten projekt został zrealizowany przy wsparciu finansowym Komisji Europejskiej. Projekt lub publikacja odzwierciedlają jedynie stanowiskoich autora i Komisja Europejska nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za umieszczoną w nich zawartość merytoryczną.‘TRAPPED’ a play written and staged by the students from class 2g ( bilingual) and 2f ( also prepared for the annual competition called The Festival of Theatres in English - 07 March 2012 )among others : Competence 7 Sense of initiative and entrepreneurshipSkills: related to proactive project management including : the ability to plan, organize, manage,lead and delegate, analyze, communicate, debrief, evaluate and record. It also involved the ability to negotiate, and the ability to work both as an individual and collaboratively in teams. Students showed the ability to judge and identify their own strengths and weaknesses.PREPARATIONS AND REHEARSALS
  2. 2. COMENIUS COSSOL POLAND 2010- 1012 THE SCRIPTkl. II g i II f Zespół Szkół nr 2 II Liceum Ogólnokształcące z Oddziałami Dwujęzycznymi im. Andrzeja Frycza Modrzewskiego w RybnikuTeacher : Hanna Skowrooska TRAPPEDJonathan - Male WorkaholicClaire - Jonathan’s wifeMessengerAngel – boy Angel 2 –girl ( messenger’s invisible companion)Devil – girl Devil 2 – girl ( messenger’s invisible companion)(prelude song - jazz , angel 2 blowing soap bubbles, cherishing the day, Devil 2 sneaking around ) (an ordinary room in a flat) MANHATTAN shots PART 1 MUSICAngel: ( to the audience) Is there anyone who knows what is going on here? My chief said that I had a mission but unfortunately he had no time to say what kind ofmission it was. (waiting for an answer) Nobody? So.. I have to find out by myself why God sent me here. Let ‘s look around..(suddenly a devil enters and sits on chair. Starring at the angel an singing “Angel” by Robbie Williams?)Devil: Falling from heaven must have been painful, mate?Angel: Take your hands off me!!!.. Oh no, we meet again, what are you doing here thistime?
  3. 3. COMENIUS COSSOL POLAND 2010- 1012Devil: Still the same: ( saying imperiously with his hands up) I bring evil to people and I destroy interpersonal ties. (laughing)Angel: (yawning) It is rather boring, isn’t it? You ‘ d better say what your plan is this time?Devil: (walking around the stage) I’ve been thinking about people’s weaknesses for a long time and I’ve noticed thatthey are still short of so many important things………. and for I am so generous, I decidedto make their wishes come true. . I make people happy!Angel: But it’s my job to make people happy. Your job is make people unhappy. It is a bitdifferent !Devil: That’s a simplification …… Well, people get what they want and I take what I want in return. It’s good business.Angel: Business…? their love, friendship, family ties …. You call that business!Devil: Oh, don’t be so meticulous!Angel: (staring at him, scared) Are you kidding me? Couldn’t you just take care of something more useful in life rather than hunting forpoor people’s souls?Devil: Like what?Angel: Maybe you could learn to dance.Devil: I’m a perfect dancer already! Look! ( starts dancing ) (AC/DC music)Angel: Nobody’s perfect!Devil: Who’s saying that? By the way, you seem to like me more and more…..Angel: Stop it! You’re all evil! Devil: I don’t think so.. Do you really think I love when people become evil and dull andcare only about redundant issues? No! I’m fed up with it !!! (starts crying) But it’s my job! And I am so good at it. (emotions change)Angel: ( with self-confidence) But you realize that you can’t have it all? Not this time!Devil: We will see.. (dancing again)
  4. 4. COMENIUS COSSOL POLAND 2010- 1012( they leave the stage and there enter Jonathan and Claire)________________________________________MUSIC……………………._____________________________ PART 2Claire: Darling, we’ll be late again! ( Looking at the mirror and checking her hair)Jonathan: Yes, late! They won’t wait! Meeting deadlines is a priority. (engrossed in papers)Claire: I hope, this time we’ll take a taxi, darling!Jonathan: Taxi, you’re saying, yes….. you’re right…. The last tax is wrong…..I just need to correct a few numbers….. ( not paying attention to his wife)Claire: I need new shoes!!! (throws the old pair with anger) Don’t you know women need new shoes?!Jonathan: ( Looking desperately for a solution wakes up at the sound of a doorbell)Claire: You’re quick! (looking at Jonathan) It must be the taxi.Jonathan: It’s them! (hides under the desk)Claire: Them? Who do you mean? (whispering)Jonathan: The men with the notice.Claire: Don’t worry!!! Darling, I’ve paid the rent this month again……and all the bills. I don’t know why I’m doing this! It’s so … mundane!
  5. 5. COMENIUS COSSOL POLAND 2010- 1012 Women are not born to take care of such trivial things! We are born to …….dance!Jonathan: Quick! We need to run away!Claire: Without shoes! You must be joking!Jonathan: Do you remember Josh …… ?Claire: Josh?Jonathan: Yes, JOSH! They DELETED him last week! (hiding again)Claire: DELETED ???? What kind of language is this? You’re going insane ! (feeling his forehead) Are you all right?Jonathan: He’s dead! Seriously dead!Claire: What do you mean by seriously dead?Jonathan: DEAD! with no pulse!Claire: I don’t catch the meaning !!! I used to understand you once …… But now… ??? Why would anyone want to kill Josh?Jonathan: Because he was no longer fast enough, efficiency ! Deadlines! (loud knocking on the door)Claire: I’ll answer the door!Jonathan: Don’t ! ( talking to himself) That’s their strategy . First, they send you a parcel, make you believe it’sindispensable. When you take it, you can no longer quit. Enslaved by the desire you suffocate….. get into debt. It’s a one way road.
  6. 6. COMENIUS COSSOL POLAND 2010- 1012Messenger: Good morning Madam. This is especially for you.Claire: Look! Darling! ( holding a big parcel, excited ) Someone from your company has brought this. (opens the parcel) Jonathan: ( almost fainting) It’s my turn now….Claire: Darling! They are fabulous! What a fantastic present! I knew you would remember about our anniversary! (trying on the pair)Jonathan : ( taking the contract out of the parcel) The contract !!! and more duties!!!! How come they knew my wife’s dreams? They must have applied the mind reading chip. It’s unfair!Claire: What’s that?Jonathan: It’s the last level?Claire: You and your computer games! Don’t you think that, at least, on the day of our anniversary you could be a little more romantic and use the language I understand…….. Fantastic shoes! Look at this colour!Jonathan: What’s so romantic about shoes?......... No, you cannot accept them.Claire: They are original - Gucci’s top brand shoes! Look at the label…!Messenger: You are right. We take care about our employees and their families.Jonathan : Honey.. If I take it, all my life will become endless work.You have to make a decision . Me or the so- called brand shoes and other unnecessarystuff like that…( taking off his glasses)Claire: Other? Like Brand cosmetics? Darling, please take it!Messenger: Make your wife happy John. I know you love her ……
  7. 7. COMENIUS COSSOL POLAND 2010- 1012 Love requires devotion.Jonathan: (looking at Claire) For you? Everything.. (quietly) even my life.Messenger: I need your signature here, sir.Jonathan: I see.Claire: Yes, yes, yes! I’ll put them on right now!Messenger: That is all for today. See you soon, John (leaves satisfied)( Jonathan leaves, a few second later, from the audience there emerges an angel and enters the stage) MUSIC……………………………..Claire: Work, work, work.. Nothing else! I am tired, I am turning in, and you?Jonathan: I can’t. They are waiting for me.Claire: They? Who? I don’t see anybody here.. (angel and devil appear around very surprised)Jonathan: Bills, invoices, reports, new orders , all the documents… you know……Claire: You are going insane. Good night! ( Jonathan comes to his desk, sits and starts writing, reading, telephoning..) (background music) (angel 2, devil 2 start a fight in the background) Jonathan: Just one more report!Next day:(knocking on the door, Claire dashes to answer it. She takes the present, opens it delighted )Claire: The most beautiful dress I have ever seen! Look Jonathan!(the man comes to Jonathan and programs him. Claire seeing it bursts with anger)Claire: What have I done…??? I’ve lost my beloved husband !!! If only I could turn back the time…Devil 2: But you can’t !!! (laughing)
  8. 8. COMENIUS COSSOL POLAND 2010- 1012( The messenger disappears , Jonathan acts like a robot)Angel and Devil standing next to Claire)Claire: I have to change it! But.. how?Devil 2: It’s easy , just press the button DELETE. Jonathan will feel better and the new parcel will arrive…..Angel 2: Remember Josh?Claire: Yes, …… now I understand what Jonathan was saying……. Seriously dead with no pulse !! (frightened, checking Jonathan’s pulse)Devil: Rubbish!!! Oh! Think about all the moments when he criticized your food – tasteless! …. or when he was late for home or when he preferred going to a pub with hiscolleagues to spending the time with you!!!Angel: Rubbish!!! Remember your last anniversary? He prepared delicious dinner with candles and romantic music…Devil: Yuk!!! Burnt steak with spinach and disco polo …..Claire: I feel dizzy!!!( takes all the presents, her beloved shoes and throws them away ) I don’t need it any more. I want to be free ! DANCE ( special choreography)( Claire throws away all her exclusive stuff. Angel and Devil dancing. )Claire: Darling! Wake up, please!Jonathan: What’s going on? Oh no! I dozed off ! My work! Invoices . Bills.. I have to make a phone call ……!Claire: Not this time. This is over. Do you see this ticket? We are going to the Caribbean for2
  9. 9. COMENIUS COSSOL POLAND 2010- 1012 weeks! What is more… Now, I am going to take a part of your duties because I’vebeen offered a job in your company. I’ll be your assistant.Jonathan: (looking at Claire in disbelief saying to himself ) It’s not my wife. Where is Claire? Work inmy company?Claire: Don’t be ridiculous (smiling)! It is real me! I have changed. I was so selfish, I hope youwill forgive me.Jonathan: Of course, darling……( hugging each other)( Someone knocking on the door)Claire: I will answer the door.Messenger: Hello Madam. Today I recommend a top cosmetics kit from Dolce & Gabbana,here you are…….Claire: Thanks but I don’t need it anymore. No more parcels! Goodbye, sir!Jonathan: See you never! ( from behind, hesitating)Messenger: But… What should I do with this?Jonathan: Take it away from us. As far as possible.Messenger: I will leave it here just in case…..Claire: So? We need to pack our luggage. Tomorrow we are flying to the Caribbean.Jonathan: Yes, the best trip of our lives !(Angel and devil come to the stage)Angel: You see? You’ve lost again!!!Devil: Yes, you are right. …. But I also see a positive aspect of the whole situation.Angel: Really? What aspect?Devil: (rests the hand on angel’s shoulder) We spent a lot of time together. I like you… I like you verymuch!
  10. 10. COMENIUS COSSOL POLAND 2010- 1012Angel: (ashamed) I’d better be going!Devil: Men! (Angel disappears)Devil 2 (to the messenger): Take it , Claire forgot that to fly to the Caribbean Islands with Jonathan she needs two tickets. I’m sure she will sign this contract to get the second one.Messenger: OkDevil 2: Wait,………. maybe you can take this nice pair of shoes too. She will be delighted! (music) All rights reserved – students!