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Learning english polish students co ssol 2010-2012


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Learning english polish students co ssol 2010-2012

  1. 1. 2010-2012 Zespół Szkół nr 2 Rybnik, POLANDEnglish is a tool which helps to make my dreams come true My adventure with the English language began in primary school. Even today I still remember the firstwords which I learnt then. I simply fell in love with this language. I wanted to learn more and more. Then Irealized that it would be one of the targets in my life.Firstly, I am a person who always wants to make my dreams come true, if its possible. Now I am able to doit because my school gives me a chance to develop my skills. Of course, its connected with hard work, butits a pleasure for me.Another reason is the fact that foreign language competence these days gives people a chance to find abetter job which can be well-paid. I think its absolutely important to ensure a well paid job, because thenour life becomes easier.What is more, I am planning to travel around the world and its essential to know the language people arelearning in so many countries all over the world. Without language skills travelling would not be so easyand interesting.Finally, the fact that I can use the English language allows me to do many things I love! Not so long ago Ihad a pleasure to write a script for the theatre competition and a few weeks later with a group of friends westaged the play. Considering the fact that I want to be an actress in the future, this kind of experience is veryuseful.I decided to write a play in English entitled ‘A Serious Comedy about the Phantom of the Museum’ because Ithought that it could be really challenging experience. I love theatre and I think that being an actress couldbe a proper job for me, so when I heard about a theatre competition in English I was really thrilled and Isaid to myself:’ I must take part in this competition’ and so this happened.At the beginning we faced some technical obstacles……but determination helped us a lot. During the winterholiday I spent evenings thinking about the plot of the performance and till the very last moment I haddoubts….I remember millions of ideas crossing my mind. Finally, I managed to make up my mind and Iorganized some ideas and then I could start writing. Even now I don’t know how I managed to put all thethings together. There were so many different characters: Marilyn Monroe, Romeo and Juliet, Mona Lisa,Nicolas Copernicus…. These people were from different times, so maybe it was my big imagination whichenabled them to meet on stage. My teacher of English, Mrs. Skowrońska helped me make some corrections inthe script.When I heard that the script was accepted by the jury and we were invited to perform in the Final of theFestival I felt like a celebrity. I was really proud of myself because it was the first time I had taken part insuch a competition and I was successful.As far as the performance is concerned, it was an amazing experience both for me and other people whoplayed in it. Everyone had fun. Acting on stage we heard the audience’s reaction and it gave us motivation toperform as well as we could. I hope next year we will also have a chance to have fun with theatre in English.From my point of view learning English is important and allows me to develop my skills and interests. It isthe experience I really need as I am a creative teenager and I want to broaden my horizons. 1
  2. 2. 2010-2012 Zespół Szkół nr 2 Rybnik, POLAND Wioleta Czech , 16 Rybnik (Poland) Recently a part of my group and I have participated in the Theatre Festival in English. It was aninteresting adventure and even though we were not the winners, we had great fun during the competition.The rehearsals were funny and everyone felt relaxed and had a lot of fantastic ideas. The performance was agreat challenge for us because it is difficult to stage a play in a foreign language. At the beginning I was alittle worried that we would not manage to cope with the amount of work and that we would have to give upbut soon I realized that we had a chance to achieve something. Although the rehearsals were sometimes alittle tiring when I was on the stage I didn’t feel fear but a huge joy that I could perform despite being shy. Ihope that I will have a chance to gain more experience like that in the future. Learning English in this wayis fun.Klaudia Nowicka, 16 (class I g) Rybnik, Poland (first on the left) 2
  3. 3. 2010-2012 Zespół Szkół nr 2 Rybnik, POLAND I would like to share my memories which are connected with the trip to Pszczyna. This trip was inFebruary. I went there thanks to the invitation from my English teacher. I travelled with my friends fromschool and guests from 10 different countries - the CoSSOL partners. It was my first journey with people whocannot speak Polish. Before the trip I had been scared, but it was unnecessary. The people I met there had asense of humour and they were also very pleasant and open. This trip was an unusual and excitingexperience for me. I had an opportunity to meet and spend the time with entirely different people, find outinformation about their life, their countries and what they think about Poland too. Sightseeing in Pszyczynawith our guests was delightful and a big gratification for me. I am very satisfied that I had a chance to go onsuch a trip. English is the subject I like very much and this experience also motivated me a lot. Learninglanguages is simply indispensable in our times.Ania Nowak from class I g , Rybnik ( on the left) To my mind learning foreign languages is a really important aspect of my life. It brings a lot ofopportunities such as a chance to meet new people and get to know their culture, solving different problemswhile travelling abroad and eventually I believe it will help me to get a better job. This is why I like learningmodern languages and in my life I have already studied many of them. Thus I acquired knowledge not onlyabout learning a foreign language but also how to do this effectively. I have been using many techniques tomemorize vocabulary and grammar which I was introduced to by my teachers, but also which I read about inthe Internet and which I invented on my own. The two major languages I study are English and French.However, due to reasons like holiday travels I used to learn, as I previously mentioned other languages,including Turkish, Russian, German and Czech. I am also interested in getting to know the language itself, as a tool people use to communicate.Patryk Górczyński (16, class I g) Rybnik, Poland 3