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Continua Alliance: The Next Generation of TeleHealth


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Continua Alliance: The Next Generation of TeleHealth

  1. 1. Continua Health Alliance: The Next Generation of Personal Telehealth is Here A non-profit, open industry alliance of the finest healthcare and technology companies in the world joining together in collaboration to improve the quality of personal healthcare.
  2. 2. The Continua Health Alliance “Our Mission is to establish an eco-system of interoperable personal health systems that empower people & organizations to better manage their health and wellness”
  3. 3. Open Promoter Members International
  4. 4. Over 176 Contributors Member Companies! Lifescan TaiDoc Technology Corporation Alere Medical, Inc. Duodecim Medical Publications LS Research, LLC Tanita Corporation Allion Test Labs, Inc. Dynastream Innovations Inc. MEDCEL TechnoGym All Medicus Co., Ltd. Ember Corporation Medixine Oy Tekoa Technologies Inc. American Heart Association Empirica GmbH MedSignals Telbios, SpA Analog Devices ETRI MedTech Systems Inc. Telecom Italia SpA Analogic Corp. EuroTech, Inc. Microlife Corporation Telefonica S.A. Andago Ingenieria s.l. Fairbanks Scales Midmark Corporation Telehealth Solutions Ltd. AppsHub, Inc. FitLinxx Misys Healthcare Systems TeleMedCare Pty Ltd. AT4 Wireless Foundation for Research and Technology Molex Inc. Telus Communications Company AT&T Mobility France Telecom R&D, LLC Monitray, LLC Terumo Corporation AViTA Freescale Semiconductor Motorola Textronics Inc. BiancaMed Frontline Test Equipment MIR- Medical International Research The Scottish Centre for Telehealth BIOSPACE Co., Ltd. Fujitsu Limited Neusoft Medical Systems Toshiba Home Appliances Corporation Bluegiga Technologies Oy Fullpower Technologies Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Toumaz Technology Limited Boston Scientific Corporation GC Healthcare Corp. Triage Wireless Inc. British Telecommunications Nitto Denko Corporation GenerationOne, Inc. Tyco Electronics Cambridge Consultants Ltd. Novo Nordisk GlaxoSmithKline Tynetec Ltd Capital Health ON Semiconductor Google Inc. UnitedHealth Group Card Guard AG Oracle Hitachi, Ltd. University of Miami - Miller School of Cardiff University Oregon Medical Labs Medicine Home Guardian, LLC Cardiomedix Inc. Oregon Scientific Inc. Verizon HoMedics CELS, Ltd. Pfizer VivoMetrics, Inc. Honeywell HomMed LLC Centre for Global eHealth Innovation Precor Fitness VTT Technical Research Centre of Hosiden Corporation Cerner Corporation Finland Proskauer Rose LLP Industrial Technology Research Chiptech Limited Westchester Institute for Human Institute Proteus Biomedical, Inc. Christus Health Development Infineon Technologies RMD Networks Chunghwa Telecom Co., Ltd. Whole Health Management INFORSON Co., Ltd. Ryoyo Electro Corporation Claricode, Inc. Wipro InfraRed Integrated Systems Ltd. Sensor Technology & Devices Ltd Computerized Screening, Inc. Zarlink Semiconductor Innomed Medical Zrt. Shimmer Research ConnectBlue AB Zensys In Practice Systems Limited SHL Telemedicine Continuity Health Institute for Infocomm Research Silicon and Software Systems Convergence Wireless, Inc. Institute of Biomedical Smartlife Technology Ltd CSR plc InterComponentWare, Inc. Sony Electronics Inc. CYPAK AB Konami Sports and Life Southern Nevada Wellness Cypress Semiconductor LAXTHA Inc. Stichting IMEC – Nederland Dell LG CNS Stollmann E+V GmbH Digi International LifeGate, Inc. STMicroelectronics Dossia Consortium Dovetail Health
  5. 5. The Challenge & The Opportunity Worldwide today: – 1 billion adults overweight – 860 million chronic disease patients – 600 million elders age 60 or older – 75-85% of healthcare spending is on chronic disease management Source: World Health Organization; McKinsey
  6. 6. Health and Wellness One billion adults overweight world wide Health and Wellness In the future… Extension of healthcare system “Worried well” vital sign into the home monitoring: Initial triage of non-emergency – Weight conditions – Blood pressure – Vital signs – Glucose – Images – Cholesterol – Email / chat / video – Activity level Healthy Family Glucose Continua member companies help people live Meter healthier, more active lives by connecting them to their health and wellness team Blood-pressure through a more efficient exchange of their Cuff personal fitness information. Cell Phone Digital Pedometer Home Weight Scale Internet Personal Weight loss Healthcare Fitness Health and fitness Professionals Equipment Record coaching PC Medication Tracking
  7. 7. Disease Management 860 million chronic disease patients world wide Disease Management Vital sign monitoring (remote patient monitoring) Chronic disease Post trauma Pre-op Implant Continua member companies help people Pulse Ox with chronic conditions live healthier lives by connecting them to their care team through Blood-pressure a more efficient exchange of personal health Cuff Cell Phone information. Digital Pedometer Home Weight Scale Internet PC Personal Family Disease Healthcare Fitness Health Care Management Provider Equipment Record Givers Service Personal Health System Medication Tracking
  8. 8. Aging Independently 600 million elderly individuals world wide Aging Independently Basic life monitoring as appropriate (ADL): – Bed pressure (sleep) – Bathroom sensor – Gas / water sensor Independent – Emergency sensor living Chronic disease Implant Continua member companies help the Pulse Ox elderly age independently, with dignity and security, through the efficient exchange of Blood-pressure personal health and safety information that Cuff Cell Phone connects them to their family and care team. Digital Pedometer Home Home Automation and Control Internet PC Disease Family Elderly Diet and Fitness Management Care Monitoring Wellness Equipment Service, Givers Services Services Personal Healthcare Health System Provider Medication Tracking
  9. 9. Version One Device Connectivity Standards Pulse Oximeter ISO/IEEE 11073-10404 = Pulse Oximeter PC ISO/IEEE 11073-10406 = Pulse / Heart Rate ISO/IEEE 11073-10407 = Blood Pressure Pulse / ISO/IEEE 11073-10408 = Thermometer Blood Pressure ISO/IEEE 11073-10415 = Weighing Scale Personal ISO/IEEE 11073-10417 = Glucose Health System ISO/IEEE 11073-10441 = Cardiovascular Fitness Monitor Weight ISO/IEEE 11073-10442 = Strength Fitness Equipment Scale ISO/IEEE 11073-10471 = Independent Living Activity ISO/IEEE 11073-10472 = Medication Monitor Glucose Cell Phone Meter Cardiovascular and Strength Fitness Monitor Bluetooth Medical Set Top Box Independent Device Profile Specification Living Activity Medication Monitor USB Personal Healthcare Aggregator Device Class Specification
  10. 10. Version One Healthcare Record Standards Disease Management Healthcare Provider Continua xHR Interface Service Provider (Data, Message, Security) Electronic Remote Health Record Patient Labs System Disease Monitoring management (RPM) Server nurse or home care nurse Home-based Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) System Patient EHR Vital Sign Devices
  11. 11. Ecosystem Development Certification Developer Resources Test and certification tools Web-based environment Right to use certified logo upon (repository, collaboration tools) completion of successful Reference source code certification Market Intelligence Collaboration Plugfests participation Access to market research data Participation in RFP MatchMaker Access to pre-publication drafts of program the design guidelines Unlimited participation in Continua Internal and external education and quarterly summits, town hall training meetings, and education seminars Wednesday, December 03, 2008
  12. 12. Guidelines Certification Recognizable Logo Electronic Media / Software Guidelines Continua member companies will select connectivity standards and publish Guidelines for strict interoperability. Certification and Logo Product Packaging Continua is establishing a test and certification program with a recognizable logo signifying the promise of interoperability with other certified products. Product Applications Product Substrates
  13. 13. Save $500-600K Free Reference Source Code on Product Development! Source Code Library 500 modules of member-written source code already available in our library…downloaded by dozens of companies We are paying contractors to write the rest. Planning on $1M in 2008…add more code to the library each year Structured as library of modules w/ API Reference code only—use at your own risk (disclaimer) Generic Reference Platform Not optimized for a specific device: Operating system: Windows XP Hardware: X86-based Language: C/C++ Implement Mandatory Features of Guidelines
  14. 14. First Plugfest—April, 2008 Luxembourg V1 PAN Interface Using ISO/IEEE PHD Standards 10 Companies 2 PAN Interface Transports 7 Devices Blood Cardio Glucose Pulse Medication Pressure Weighing Thermometer Scale Meter Oximeter Monitor Monitor
  15. 15. First Public Interoperability Demonstration Harvard Medical Amphitheater | October 27, 2008 XHR Interface Heart Failure & COPD Device Interface EHR Wireless Pulse Oximeter Telehealth Service PHR Weighing Scale Obesity & Diabetes Telehealth Service EHR Blood Pressure Monitor Telehealth Service
  16. 16. Let Continua Continua Matchmaking help you find partners! The Continua Matchmaking Program: Helping members and non-members find solutions for new health and chronic disease management programs Help healthcare providers find world class vendors who are developing the next generation of personal telehealth devices and services Come to our website, fill out a simple RFP-like form and submit it. Our Continua vendor community will receive notification and contact you
  17. 17. Building Awareness Around the World… London January 2007 Luxembourg Ireland Boston San Francisco April 2008 Tokyo January 2008 October 2006 June 2006 April 2007 Boston San Francisco October 2007 June 2007 San Francisco Boston June 2008 October 2008 Continua sponsored public 2009: Tokyo, Barcelona, Vancouver B.C., Boston symposiums and Tentative 2010: Singapore, Brussels, Africa, Seattle member summits
  18. 18. Thank You Thank you!