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Eco System Capability Stephen Mc Comb


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Connected Health is the way forward!

By improving this we can improve the Health of all. Advances in new technologies are being developed and implemented everyday. The key factor that connects and delivers all of these advances are health professionals.

Stredia are at the forefront of these innovative changes: Driving clinical improvement by engaging and supporting staff.

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Eco System Capability Stephen Mc Comb

  1. 1. NI Connected Health Capability Work In Progress • Identify Researchers • Showcase Capability • Seek OpportunityStephen McComb
  2. 2. Multidiscipline Connected Health Interest 94 Research Centres in Northern IrelandAcademics Funding SupportCross Faculty Academics 90 Connected Health Focus Companies Health Focus Connected Health, Health and Transferable Skills Relevant Skills 5 10 acute hospitals, 5 local hospitals Trusts Integrated Care 30 community hospitals 60 statutory care 354 GP practices
  3. 3. Connected Health 94 in Northern IrelandAcademicsCross Faculty Academics Strategic Direction Example of emerging Interest. Academics forums Opportunities in of connected security, analytics, health Interest. bio and pharmacy. Health@Ulster Assisted Living cross faculty and bio leadership engineering work directed at collaborating with Connected Health. care providers.
  4. 4. • Local Trusts tele- Connected Health care pilots in Northern Ireland• £18M Connected Health demonstrator.• A NI region wide 18m data set including Connected GP’s, hospital PAS, Health HSC theatres, PACS and Demonstrator Research pharmacy data. Network 5 Data Set Trusts Joined Integrated Care Systems
  5. 5. Connected Health in Northern Ireland 90 Companies 12 53 25Connected Health Related Health Transfer Skills
  6. 6. 90 Companies Consumables 3. Emergent Transferable Experience 2. Relevant Health Experience Advanced Materials E-learning 1.Connected Health Device Manufacture Web Content Mobile technology
  7. 7. Company Products Market Mobile E-Forms and 10 Hospital Trusts across Document management in the UK – Western Trust, the Evolve Product. Bradford, Chelsea and Westminster. System Integration and IT Services, Portals, patient 10 Hospitals - Great record analytics. Ormond Street, Ipswich Hospital.Total Mobile Mobile Electronic workflow.(Consilium) Saving 30-50% time gathering Belfast Trust, Pennine, St and recording data. Andrews Mental and Community Health. Integration to all back end systems. All leading mobile platforms and full off line working.Other Examples: Crafty Devil, Yarra Software, Redburn Solutions, BT Health, HP,and Omnisoft Services.
  8. 8. Company Products Market Portfolio of products include Global Sales with wireless GPRS Cardiac Arrhythmia Clinical Trials operating Detection Device and devices which locally and monitors respiration in addition to Internationally. ECG, heart rate, skin temperature and motion. TASK Community Care is Ireland’s Large ROI sales and longest established Telecare growing UK presence. provider. All TASK’s products can be linked to their 24-hour Response Centre. Wellbeing of people in the workplace through the deployment Frimley Park Hospital of its online workplace stress risk and other Government diagnostic organisations.Other Examples: Heartsine, Medevol, Exploristics Ltd, Vertical Structures, BrainfitPlan, Kings Bridge, Simple Steps Autism, ACT Wireless, Connected Health Ltd, Trackars,121 Dietician and IOT Tech Ltd.
  9. 9. • Identify Researchers • Showcase Capability • Seek Opportunity