Report Of Follow Up Week With Stakeholders


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Report Of Follow Up Week With Stakeholders

  1. 1. India Report on Follow up Week with Stakeholders 24th - 29th November, 2008 Observed by Mainstreaming Team, Rajasthan Conceptual Framework Support to national Efforts for Mainstreaming of HIV 1
  2. 2. Objectives of follow up week • To provide technical support to the stakeholders in Mainstreaming of HIV • To execute work-place policy with the stakeholders • To promote the availability of Condoms and increase IEC through innovative approaches • To address the suggestions made by stakeholders during advocacy and training workshops with them. Target v/s Achivement 1287 983 226 2000 1000 200 Government Corporate NGO Target Achievment In the Tenth Five Year Plan India has targeted to achieve zero level increase of HIV/AIDS prevalence by 2007. The target is Halt and begin to reverse the spread of HIV/AIDS by 2015. In this perspective the Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS into national development processes is one of the key approaches of addressing both the direct and indirect causes of the growing epidemic through integrated planning and multi-sectoral and multi-stakeholder response. The mainstreaming process facilitates multisectoral actions. It is a good starting point to engage sectors that ought to but have as yet not participated in the overall national HIV and AIDS responses. In Rajasthan the program is launched in six districts, namely, Ajmer, Alwar, Barmer, Jaipur, Jodhpur and Udaipur. Through Mainstreaming of HIV project in these districts the capacity building of stakeholders belonging to Government Sector, Corporate and Non HIV NGOs is done through training. As a result the stakeholders- Government departments, Corporate and Non HIV NGOs take the initiative to become part of this national Effort for Mainstreaming of HIV. But constant follow-up action is important to develop a sustainable mechanism of information dissemination on HIV to achieve the project objectives. As per the Annual Work Plan the graph given below shows the achievement of targets with Government department, Non HIV NGOs and Corporate sector. Support to national Efforts for Mainstreaming of HIV 1
  3. 3. In terms of the follow up with these stakeholders, the Follow-up Week was observed from 24th -29th November 2008 as a follow-up action with the stakeholders who were imparted training during the initial phase of the project from August 2007 to November 2008. The whole process was divided into three major categories: 1. Sharing of IEC Materials 2. Declaration cum Work Place Policy 3. Condom Corner Proceedings during the Follow-up Week: The teams of two persons were formed comprising members of SMU and MRU staff. The visit plan for each target district was prepared accordingly and the teams visited the districts on the due dates. To facilitate the installation process of Declaration, IEC material and Condom Corners, a driller was also kept along with the teams in each district. The team members contacted the offices and as per their willing towards installation of facilitate them in Support to national Efforts for Mainstreaming of HIV 1 Flex on Transmission modes of HIV Along with IEC on Mainstreaming of HIV, a new initiative in form of installation of Condom Corners was taken up. In this regard the Halmets were modified in form of Condom Corner. During the constant advocacies and trainings, the stakeholders expressed their intention to incorporate Mainstreaming of HIV in their workplace policy and to have some IEC material at their offices. With this intention the IEC material in form of posters and flex carrying messages on HIV prevention and control were designed and developed. Halmet modified in to Condom Outlet
  4. 4. Railway Zonal Office, Ajmer ………….. installing the IEC material, Declaration and creating Condom corners at right place the process was begun with their consultation. SHARING OF IEC MATERIAL: IEC material in form of Posters, Stickers and Flex were displayed at the offices of stakeholders. The strategic locations like corridor, reception, waiting halls, entrance of training halls etc. were chosen for display of IEC material so that they can be easily visible to the visitors. Declaration on HIV/ AIDS The importance of Mainstreaming of HIV is as vital as addressing other issues and has to be taken beyond the responsibility fold of health departments. In between the above lines declarations were signed by the concerned departmental or organizational authorities. Some of the commitments, which were the part of the same, are: Support to national Efforts for Mainstreaming of HIV 1 Municipal Board, Barmer Unnati NGO, Jodhpur Campus of RTDC Hotel, Jodhpur Khilti Kaliya NGO, Ajmer Railway Dispensary at Udaipur
  5. 5. • There will be no discrimination with any one due to her/his HIV Status, at our work place at the time of appointment, induction and promotion. • We shall provide guidance to all, seeking counseling on HIV/AIDS. • We shall promote all activities pertaining to Correct Dissemination of Information on HIV/AIDS. • We will encourage Voluntary Blood Donation and Voluntary Counseling and Testing for all our employees • We will take measures for Prevention and Halting of HIV epidemic within our work place and area of work. • We will support “National Efforts for Mainstreaming of HIV” in all our related activities. • We will discourage all thoughts and deeds of Bias against PLHIVs. "Graphical Presentation of the out put of follow up week" 21 7 13 14 5 9 0 5 10 15 20 25 Declaration 21 7 13 Condom Corners 14 5 9 Government Corporate NGO Support to national Efforts for Mainstreaming of HIV 1
  6. 6. Details of Declaration cum Work Place Policy executed in Government Offices S. No. Date Contact Person Designation Name of Office/ Department District 1. 24/11/08 Mr. S.M. Johary SPO Ajmer Loco Railway Section Ajmer 2. 24/11/08 Dr. I.P. Keswani Chief Medical Superintendent Railway Hospital Ajmer 3. 24/11/08 Mr. Prakash Bhutani ADRM Ajmer DRM office Ajmer 4. 28/11/08 Mr. Mukesh Mathur Divisional Secretary Divisional Secretary, North Western Rly. Employees Union Ajmer 5. 28/11/08 Mrs. Beena Mathur P.O Zila Parisad Alwar 6. 28/11/08 Mr. Sanjay Johri Asst. Director Tourism Dept. Alwar 7. 26/11/08 Mr. Amanullah Khan Commissioner Municipal Board Barmer 8. 26/11/08 Mr. P.C. Viyas AEN Railway Department Barmer 9. 26/11/08 Dr. P.P. Khandelwal Medial Director Central Railway Hospital Jaipur 10. 28/11/08 Mr. Richhpal Singh BDO BDO, Panchayat Samiti, Chaksu Jaipur 11. 28/11/08 Mr. N.K. Singh BDO BDO, Panchayat Samiti, Sanganer Jaipur 12. 28/11/08 Mr. Laxmi Narayan Adhishasi Adhikari Municipality, Panchayat Samiti, Chaksu Jaipur 13. 16/12/08 Mr. Pooran Singh Secretary Secretarait Employee Association Jaipur 14. 16/12/08 Ramesh Sharma Divisional Secretary North Western Railway Jaipur 15. 24/11/08 Mrs. Laxmi Devi President Municipal Board, Pipar City Jodhpur 16. 25/11/08 Shri S. D. Mena CWM Railway Dept., Jodhpur 17. 25/11/08 Mr. Maan Singh Asst. Director Tourism Dept., Jodhpur 18. 25/11/08 Mr. Rajeshwar Singh Commissioner Tribal Affairs office Udaipur 19. 25/11/08 Mr. J.H. Meena Principal Zonal Railway Training Institute Udaipur 20. 26/11/08 Mr. Dinesh Sharma Add. CEO Additional CEO at Zila Parishad Office Udaipur 21. 26/11/08 Mrs. Sumita Saroj Asst. Director Department of Tourism Udaipur Support to national Efforts for Mainstreaming of HIV 1
  7. 7. Secretariat Employee Association, Jaipur Municipal Commissioner, Barmer Mrs. Sumita Saroj, Asst. Director, Tourism, Udaipur Mr. Bhanu Pratap Singh, Add. Director, Tourism, Jodhpur Mr. Prakash Bhutani, ADRM, Ajmer Shri. Rajeshwar Singh (IAS), Commissioner, Tribal Dept., Udaipur Some Glimpses of declaration signed by senior officials in Government sectors Support to national Efforts for Mainstreaming of HIV 1
  8. 8. Fortis Escort Hospital, Jaipur Raj West Power Ltd. (JSO) Barmer Soldier Filling Station, JaipurLIC office, Barmer Station Head, My FM, Udaipur Declaration cum work place policy executed in Corporates S. No. Date Contact Person Designation Name of Organisation District 1. 26/11/08 Shri Devraj Vice President Small Scale Industry Barmer 2. 26/11/08 Mr. S.S. Solanki Manager (Admin) LIC of India Barmer 3. 26/11/08 Mr. Sharad Mishra Asst. General Manager Raj West Power Ltd. (JWS) Barmer 4. 26/11/08 Mr. Sanjay Misra Station Head MY FM office Udaipur 5. 28/11/08 Mr. Rajendra Singh Manager Soldier Filling Station Jaipur 6. 01/12/08 Mr. N. Sharma Group General Manager Wolkem India Ltd. Udaipur 7. 15/12/08 Dr. Mala Airun Medical Officer Fortis Escort Hospital Jaipur Some Glimpses of declaration signed by senior officials of Corporate sectors: Support to national Efforts for Mainstreaming of HIV 1
  9. 9. Declaration cum work place policy executed in Non HIV NGOs S. No. Date Contact Person Designation Name of Organisation District 1. 24/11/08 Mr. Yoby George Secretary Apna Theater Ajmer 2. 24/11/08 Mr. Harendra Panwar Programme Officer Khilti Kaliyan Ajmer 3. 25/11/08 Mr. Rajendra Gamath Secretary Mahaan Udaipur 4. 25/11/08 Mr. Jitendra President Alert Udaipur 5. 28/11/08 Mr. Vishnu K. Sakunia Secretary Rajasthan Human Care Foundation Jaipur 6. 26/11/08 Mr. Ashok Director ICECD Barmer 7. 28/11/08 Mr. Sharvan Singhal CEO Bhartiya Samaj Seva Samiti Alwar 8. 28/11/08 Mr. Jitendra Sharma Secretary District Layers Association Alwar 9. 24/11/08 Mr. Arvind Kumar Secretary Jyoti Vikas Shiksha Sansthan Jodhpur 10. 25/11/08 Mr. Hitendra Chauhan CEO Unnati, Choupasni Jodhpur 11. 25/11/08 Mr. Tejveer Secretary NIDAN Jodhpur 12. 26/11/08 Mr. Ish Madhu Talwar President Rajasthan Shram jeevi Patrakar Sangh Jaipur 13. 15/12/08 Dr. S. Mathur Project Director Jaipur Rural Health & Development Trust Jaipur Support to national Efforts for Mainstreaming of HIV 1
  10. 10. Some Glimpses of declaration signed by senior officials of NGO sectors NGO, Jyoti Vikas Sansthan, Jodhpur NGO, Alert Sansthan, Udaipur Apna Theatre, Ajmer Small Scale Industries, Jasol, Barmer NGO Mahaan, Udaipur Bureau Times, Alwar Support to national Efforts for Mainstreaming of HIV 1
  11. 11. Railway (Loco) Ajmer NGO, Khilti Kaliyan, Ajmer Railway Office, Jodhpur Railway TB Hospital, Ajmer Condom Corners Condom is the right choice of Contraceptive for Prevention and Control of HIV. Accessibility and availability of condom is an important determinant in condom use. How to increase condom use is an important issue to increase safe sex behavior. During the trainings with stakeholders there was a suggestion to promote condoms by opening new outlets. Mainstreaming Units made an innovative approach by modifying Halmets in to Condom Corner. The Halmets, modified as Condom corners, were given to the stakeholders to install on an easily accessible location of their premises. The Condom Corners are created in the premises of Government departments, Non HIV NGOs and Corporate and approximately 10,000 condoms were filled during the week. Details of Condom Corners created in Government offices S. No. Government departments District 1. Municipal Board, Pipar City, Jodhpur Jodhpur 2. Jyoti Vikas Shiksha Sansthan, Pipar City Jodhpur Jodhpur 3. Railway Dept., Jodhpur Jodhpur 4. Tourism Dept., Jodhpur Jodhpur 5. Municipal Board, Barmer Barmer 6. Railway Department, Barmer Barmer 7. Zila Parisad, Alwar Alwar 8. Tourism Dept. Alwar Alwar 9. Ajmer Loco Railway Section, Ajmer Ajmer 10. Ajmer DRM office, Ajmer Ajmer 11. Zonal Railway Training Institute, Udaipur Udaipur 12. Municipality, Panchayat Samiti, Chaksu Jaipur 13. Divisional Secretary, North Western Rly. Employees Union, Ajmer Ajmer 14. North-western Railway Hospital, Jaipur Jaipur Photographs of Condom corners at locations of all three sectors in six districts Support to national Efforts for Mainstreaming of HIV 1
  12. 12. Municipality Office, Jaipur Railway Dispensary, Udaipur Support to national Efforts for Mainstreaming of HIV 1
  13. 13. Jindel South West, Barmer NGO Aapna Theater, Ajmer Bar Association, Alwar NGO Jyoti Vikas Sikshan Sansthan, Jodhpur Details of Condom Corners created in Corporate & Non HIV NGOs/ CSOs S. No. Name of Organisation District 1. NGO ICECD Barmer 2. NGO Bhartiya Samaj Seva Samiti Alwar 3. District Layers Association (CSO) Alwar 4. NGO Apna Theater Ajmer 5. NGO Khilti Kaliyan Ajmer 6. NGO Mahaan Udaipur 7. NGO Alert Udaipur 8. NGO Unnati Jodhpur 9. NGO Jyoti Vikas Sikshan Sansthan Jodhpur 10. State office of Shramjeevi Patrakar Sangh (CSO) Jaipur 11. Raj West Power Ltd. (JWS), Bhadresh (Corporate) Barmer 12. MY FM office (Corporate) Udaipur Photographs NGO Mahaan, Udaipur Support to national Efforts for Mainstreaming of HIV 1
  14. 14. Railway Hospital, (Room of CMS) Ajmer RCCI, (Office Entrance), Jaipur Tourism Office, (Entrance gate) Udaipur Commissioner Office, Municipality, Barmer Collectorate, Assembly Hall, Udaipur Tourist Reception Centre, Jodpur Installations at Strategic locations Support to national Efforts for Mainstreaming of HIV 1
  15. 15. Inspirational comments The Mainstreaming week helped to develop an interest in the target audience to get involve with the project. It also enables them to discuss the barriers they may have encountered in implementation at their level. The Mainstreaming Week can be perceived successful because the response received from the stakeholders was wonderful. • Mr. Rajeshwar Sing, Divisional Commissioner of Department of Tribal Affairs at Udaipur said that there should session of staff on Sex and Sexuality so that people should come to know social issues involved in spread of HIV. • Key officials of Railway department said that the IEC material should be displayed on more number of public places to create more awareness. • Non HIV NGOs were ready to open Condom corners in their premises and they requested for more IEC material to display in the field where they are implementing the project. • Dr. P. P. Khandelwal, Medical Director, North Western Railway Hospital, Jaipur appreciated this effort of mainstreaming team and enthusiastically shared his previous experiences on HIV/AIDS. He ensured his best support towards this national effort. Support to national Efforts for Mainstreaming of HIV 1