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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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  1. 1. DISCUSSION<br />What is A DISCUSSION?<br />A discussion text type gives the for and against, the positive and negative, or the good and bad points. A discussion can be in oral or written form. The purpose of a discussion is to present to the audiences different opinions on a topic and, at the end, your opinion.<br /> Examples of discussion texts include:<br /> talkback radio<br /> debates<br /> current affairs interviews<br /> letters to the editor<br /> essays<br /> newspaper articles<br />
  2. 2. DISCUSSION<br />Features of a DISCUSSION<br />Constructing a discussion<br />A typical discussion text has an introductory paragraph that has a statement about the topic followed by a series of paragraphs that give evidence, opinions or arguments for and against the topic. The end of the discussion text is signalled by a conclusion that gives a final point of view, either for or against the topic.<br />Grammatical features of a dramatic text<br />Discussions usually include the following grammatical features:<br />the use of generic terms related to the topic<br /> words that show a comparison or a contrast<br /> words that link arguments.<br />
  3. 3. DISCUSSION<br />The DISCUSSIOn scaffold<br />
  4. 4. DISCUSSION<br />MODEL OF a discussion<br />Should Australia become a republic?<br />Recently, Australians have been debating the possibility of becoming a republic. There are arguments for and against Australia pursuing this course in the twenty-first century. I believe that Australia should become a republic.<br /> Republicans see Australia as having moved beyond its British roots and desire change, not only because it is practical, but also symbolic. I believe that Britain is now less important to Australia economically as well as culturally, and that Australia should look at forming stronger links with nations situated in the same region.<br /> On the other hand, those opposed to a republic argue that our parliamentary system and other major institutions, such as the law, are based on the British model, which has provided Australia with a stable system of government and they fear that any changes may threaten this stability.<br /> It can be seen that there are reasons for and against becoming a republic. After looking at both sides, I still believe that Australia should become a republic.<br />Structures<br />Grammatical <br />features<br />GENERAL<br />STATEMENT<br />THAT<br />INTRODUCES<br />DISCUSSION<br />WORDS TO <br />LINK<br />ARGUMENTS <br />PHRASE<br />INTRODUCES<br />ANOTHER <br />POINT<br />OF VIEW<br />ARGUMENTS <br />FOR<br />ARGUMENTS <br />AGAINST<br />WORDS<br />SHOWING<br />AUTHOR’S<br />OPINION<br />CONCLUSION<br />
  5. 5. Contact PersonAyuniiannisa.ayuni@yahoo.comthank you~<br />