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  1. 1. How MP3 Music Files Work ● Slide 2 : MP3 file ● Slide 3 : Ripper ● Slide 4 : Encoder ● Slide 5 : Copyright ● Slide 6 : Reference of this slide
  2. 2. About MP3 file ● MP3 file is a compressed digital audio format to listen to music with PCs and digital audio player. ● MP3 can compress audio files without large deterioration of quality, so this format is widely used. ● Nowadays, we can listen to the music with almost audio player, such as iPod and Walkman, and MP3 files.
  3. 3. MP3 Encoder ● Encoder is algorithm that converts information from one format, or code to another, for the purpose of own. ● It can be change a signal or data into a code. ● The code serves any of a number of purposes such as compressing information.
  4. 4. Ripper This application converts digital data of DVD and CD to wav and mp3. It has one of the features that tone quality don't deteriorate.
  5. 5. Copyright ● Copyright's work is simple and very important work. ● It protects MP3 files from illegal copying , etc,etc.
  6. 6. Reference ● Wikipedia – ● e-words – –