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B2B Online Lead Generation Service by Domodomain


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Domodomain is a software-as-a-service that let you automatically identify your website business visitors, to get a detailed company profile on its name, the business description, its mission, the company contacts, to activate and increase your sales network.

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B2B Online Lead Generation Service by Domodomain

  1. 1. – The most effective B2B Lead Generation Online Services Increase your company business-to-business growth on the Web Support your company sales network effectiveness and efficency Generate, manage and well qualify entry-level profiled b2b leads Find out more on Domodomain, the next-generation web sales machine
  2. 2. What is Domodomain? Domodomain is the b2b lead generation services for your website, that lets you: Get real-time analytics data Identify the company name of b2b visitors Get business profile and company contacts Get the analytics history for each company Activate the sales network with profiled leads Increase your business revenue and growth The importance of Lead Generation Please rate how important each of the following is to your company-wide marketing activities in 2008. Source: IDC's CMO, Tech Marketing Barometer 2008
  3. 3. Why using Domodomain? Less than 1% Conversion The average conversion rate in online advertising and marketing campaigns … We identify those > 99% Stop throwing away so many prospects! How much corporate budget is so wasted? Over $ 65 billion / year The annual marketing budget “burned” in new media actions with NO Conversion!
  4. 4. How to activate Domodomain? It’s really simply and fast. Follow these steps: 1. Sign Up filling form here available 2. Confirm the email you’ll receive 3. Define the website on which to activate it 4. Insert our script on your website (if you’re the webmaster) or provide your webmaster email we will contact him 5. Login to your online dashboard and start getting b2b leads. That’s all! Get company contacts + infos You can start getting b2b leadsfrom your website in less than 5 minutes. Sign up, Sensorize, and then Login!
  5. 5. 1. Sign Up to Domodomain Fill the online form available: Your Name and your Company Your Contacts Your personal Username to login If you need technical support to activate it, please provide your Webmaster Email Few minutes to be operative! You can start getting b2b leadsfrom your website in less than 5 minutes. Sign up, Sensorize, and then Login!
  6. 6. 2. Confirm your activation On the received email : Click on the confirmation link Insert password you’ll use to login Then click on “Activate” button Few minutes to be operative! You can start getting b2b leadsfrom your website in less than 5 minutes. Sign up, Sensorize, and then Login!
  7. 7. 3. Define your webzone Now define the website url (webzone) on which to activate Domodomain: Your Webzone address (eg. http://www.yourwebsite.ext) The Webzone label to help you managing more webzones Then click on “Define” button
  8. 8. 4a. Insert our script … If you have technical skills, follow the instructions to insert the script on your website. You have to insert it before the </body> Html tag into all the webpages of your website.
  9. 9. 4b. … or wait for our support If you need technical support we’ll contact you to help to activate the service We’ll explain you (or to your webmaster) how to insert the Domodomain script into your website
  10. 10. 5. Login to online dashboard Login with your username and password to: Then access to your personal online dashboard, to manage your Domodomain Account Now start getting named leads.
  11. 11. Real-time analytics data You can analize your web traffic by an useful online dashboard, to view (real-time) data details on: Visits, Pageviews and Visitors Referrals and Source of Traffics Geographical locations of Visitors Keywords used on search engines Companies most frequently on site The ISP users (not qualified leads) You can decide to filter data by time: Last day / week / month / year
  12. 12. Lists of named B2B leads Look who's browsing your website scrolling the list of b2b visitors identified by Domodomain service. For each lead you can instantly get: the name of the company, its business description its referrals and keywords the navigation path for the visit
  13. 13. Company contacts and profile For each b2b visitors to your webiste you automatically get a detailed company report: company name and mission qualified business informations geographical location of company contacts of company directors complete historical analytics data
  14. 14. Historical analytics report For each company you get a detailed analytics historical report on all their visits, including: Date of each visit Duration of each visit Number of pageviews for each visit Referral source of each visit Keyword used on search engines Navigation path for each visit (an interactive video simulates the actions of the b2b users)
  15. 15. Search, Tag or Track leads For each b2b visitors to your website you automatically get a detailed report: Search within the identified business leads Tag to aggregate them to similar companies Filter analogue companies to get profiled lists Track the companies most relevant for you
  16. 16. Support your sales network Immediately activate your sales network letting them access to the leads lists. You can create Unlimited users to share the leads with your sales network Or send them a daily/weekly email report with the leads In few minutes you automatically increase your sales and business growth
  17. 17. Choose the best service … 3 different Domodomain scalable services to ensure you ? with the most effective service: a simply and Basic service a perfectly Balanced solution or our Most powerful service Domodomain Personal Domodomain Professional Domodomain Enterprise  Email Leads Delivery  Email / Online Leads Delivery  Email / Online / API Leads Delivery  10.000 monthly tracked pageviews  100.000 monthly trackable pageviews  Unlimited trackable pageviews  Web Analytics Dashboard (last  Lead Search / Filters  Lead Search / Filters week)  Web Analytics Dashboard (last  Advanced Web Analytics month)  Lead Management / Qualification  Lead Management / Qualification  Lead Tagging  Lead Scoring / Rating  Lead Scoring / Rating  Lead Navigation Path / Video  Lead Navigation Path / Video  Import / Export features  Import / Export features  Integrable in all CRM Systems Monthly Price € 30 Monthly Price € 90 Monthly Price € 490
  18. 18. … or become a Partner We’re happy to offer you new business opportunities. Free White Label version No activation or annual fee Domodomain for Partners, the Get discounts and commissions dashboard to manage customers IF Partnership Program Affiliate Partner Reseller Partner Domodomain for Partners White Label Feature - Annual Fee € 0,00 € 0,00 Discount on Domodomain services up to 10% up to 38% Discount on Re-Branded services - up to 28% Affiliate, Reseller or System Integrator? Have you got any new idea? Contact us!
  19. 19. Be a Sales Leader. Sign up! Free try now Domodomain services or contact us for more details. Email: EU Phone: +39 (0)11 434 4201 US Phone: +1 888 590 9773