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Credentials - Dick Laurie Communication Planning Consultant


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Short document outlining who I am, what I can do and some thinking concerning communicating in a recessionary environment.

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Credentials - Dick Laurie Communication Planning Consultant

  1. 1. Dick Laurie Communication Planning Consultant “I am the extension to the brand or marketing team / the agency team, adding value through international experience and communication invention”.
  2. 2. Why Dick Laurie… • With 19 years of communication agency experience, traversing the globe, I can offer you a truly international depth of brand communication knowledge – Australia, Europe, North America, Asia and North Africa/Middle East/Turkey • After the last 9 years of working with the world’s largest FMCG companies, I have intimate operational knowledge, first-hand communication planning and client leadership experience at local country, regional and global hub levels – The cause and effect of which has been to harness an understanding of and respect for some of the globe’s largest retail chains; what excites them and their priorities vs. brand manufacturers • I know people.. – Cultures from around the globe, from many of the world’s leading agency teams, from independent/non-aligned organisations or individuals, from specialist skill functions (business analytics, digital and content, out-of-home) etc. – Senior (and junior) brand marketers, customer development, finance and media professionals • My approach to communication is agnostic… – Identifying the most effective brand connection points stems from an intimate consumer understanding; when, where, how your consumers engage with your brand; your business objectives will determine investment levels and channels for creative exploration/ development • My track-record… – In new business pitches and/or mandatory reviews over the past 9 years, and around the globe, is zero losses respectively • I have led… – Small and large local teams; collaborated with country Managing Directors and CEOs to bring centralised client team focus across regions; identified and developed central communication strategies, co-working with local teams around the globe to ensure workability and implementation – Equally comfortable operating independently or within a team (either large or small) environment +61 (08) 9243 1437
  3. 3. How can I help you… • Developing deep consumer/category/market insights, succinctly documenting the core findings and presenting them prior to any written brief being drafted • Informing (client) communication briefs from Consumer and Channel Insight perspectives before the brief lands on the creative team’s/specialist skill agency desks • Identifying moments when consumers meet brands organically (not through advertising) and in their time as key communication opportunities • Developing and documenting communication strategies in consultation with client discussions and written briefs • Identifying ‘Big Ideas’ for brands as they strive for closer consumer connections • Identifying targeted brand communication ideas, which serve to shape creative development and execution in channels • Developing channel agnostic ideas and plan lay downs as close to the point of purchase as is relevant and possible • Facilitate the development of senior level relationships between clients and new agencies; assist clients in identifying the right agency to meet their business/communication needs in market; assist clients in writing tight communication briefs for integrated brand campaign recommendations and executions; support clients to set tangible business and communication objectives, ensuring they are measurable; represent the communication channel planning role where none currently exists +61 (08) 9243 1437
  4. 4. How can I help you… • Facilitate and/or partner with Creative Teams, Channel Agencies Account Teams, Digital and Content specialists to design and deliver integrated communication recommendations to respective clients • Build on existing channel planning team skills through internal on-the-job training programs with the objective of encouraging bigger/broader idea casting and development. Provide short-term senior planning resource for agencies when a gap exists. • Provide detailed planning expertise with respect to FMCG clients, competitive and market/category analysis, consumer understanding and segmentation, investment recommendations. Communication planning resulting in insight driven communication and channel recommendations • Identify targeted ‘Retail Media ‘ solutions (specific focus on digital opportunities) that account for customer, retailer and brand manufacturer needs to ensure a recommendation that represents a win for all parties • Partner media companies in developing multi-platform broadcast and/or digital content solutions as direct-to-client or agency recommendations +61 (08) 9243 1437
  5. 5. Consider… Communicating your way through economic downturns Today is not the time to stop communicating with your consumers. Continuing to build your existing connections/relationships will ensure that you are in a much stronger position (vs. those who choose, for whatever reason, to cut investments) when times of financial difficulties pass. This doesn’t mean being financially irresponsible, rather continuing to build your brand using strategic investments based on business performance and market opportunities. Now is the right time to identify opportunities that will bring your brand even closer to your consumers/shoppers and to identify, and invest behind, communication solutions that ensure ‘brand love’ converts directly to sales. With large multi-national companies declaring bankruptcy or requesting immediate government intervention to stave off liquidation; unemployment rates climbing; mortgage payment defaults; it’s no wonder that consumer confidence, and therefore spending, is very much in decline especially for big-ticket items (house, investment properties, new car, major renovations, overseas travel etc) around the globe. ‘Want’ is still there, however hard decisions governed by prioritorised ‘Needs’ are much more of a driving force behind consumer purchase decisions, whether to spend or save, or even take your money out of the financial institutions all-together. Yet, interest rates are at record lows (in many markets), cash is king (vs. credit), store-wide %-off promotions and sales are now a regular fixture among high-street retailers enticing us to buy. +61 (08) 9243 1437
  6. 6. Trends and opportunities… We are now seeing a rise in ‘Little Luxuries’; ‘Staying-in is the new Going-out’; ‘Value for Money without complete quality sacrifice’; Sense of inner/family well-being and care. Little Luxuries are all about consumers ‘treating’ themselves more regularly and as a reward for cutting back spending in other ‘bigger ticket’ areas. Food rewards such as special ice cream or chocolate; in- home spa treatments; DIY renovations such as painting/decking/garden design etc. ‘Entertaining’ at home is increasingly becoming a more affordable and viable solution to going out. Family dinner and a movie nights; pre- prepared meal solutions; drinks and nibbles ideas; home theatre rental solutions etc. Providing tangible value to customers/consumers continues to build brand love, especially in times of financial pressure at home, rather than starting next round of price-wars or temporarily achieving sales uplifts via promotions. Looking after yourself and/or your family is a natural thing to do, but also something that delivers a sense of well-being and care. More often it’s the seemingly innocuous things that become more important during times of greater pressure or stress. Insurance (health, life, home, content, car etc); diet and exercise; ‘squirreling’ accounts; DIY maintenance and servicing. Completing these little things does provide a sense of peace-of-mind and satisfaction that in looking after things, they will look after you by lasting longer, staying in better shape or ensure that you/your family are well looked after should some unforeseen mishap arise. +61 (08) 9243 1437
  7. 7. Trends and opportunities… Within, or as a result of, these trends there are communication opportunities and big ideas for advertisers (large and small) to connect with their consumers/customers in more engaging ways. Ways that are considerate of the individual/families current circumstances, but that are also longer reaching, beyond recessionary times. Building brand love and converting love to purchase more often than not is the goal of any communication strategy. To succeed when times are tough, shows understanding, a level of compassion/consideration and a willingness to pursue targets in the face of adversity. It is these businesses that are considered ‘masters’ within the industry in which they operate and it is these businesses that are largely hugely successful over sustained periods of time. +61 (08) 9243 1437
  8. 8. Contacting me… • If you would like to know more about me and how I might be able to help you…… • • (+61) 08 9243 1437 +61 (08) 9243 1437