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dotFM - The .FM TLD Registry - A Great Sounding Address.

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  • The topic was The Evolution of Internet Radio. Where do we go from here.
  • dotFM 2010

    1. 1. .FM Is The Premium Multimedia Domain Name © 1995-2010 BRS Media Inc.
    2. 2. © 1995-2010 BRS Media Inc. About BRS Media Inc: Recognized as One of the Bay Area's Fastest-Growing Private Companies by the San Francisco Business Times. The company also has the distinct honor of being recognized as One of the Fastest Growing Companies in America by Inc Magazine. The company has been included in the 2009 & 2008 "Inc. 5000" list of fastest-growing private companies in the USA. With a remarkable increase in revenue of 280.6% over the past three years, BRS Media ranked 1,355 on the Inc. annual ranking of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the country. In addition, BRS Media ranked No. 19 in the Top 50 Media Companies & ranked No. 53 in the Top 100 Businesses in San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, CA. B RS Media is a member of the National Association of Broadcasters, a charter member of International Webcasting Association and a founding member of Webcaster Alliance. These membership associations provide us with a direct affiliation with the largest group of traditional and Online radio broadcasters worldwide. 2
    3. 3. © 1995-2010 BRS Media Inc. dotFM ® - Building a Brand On Air & Online 3
    4. 4. © 1995-2010 BRS Media Inc. FM Stations Worldwide brand both On Air & OnLine using the .FM domain extension. LA’s #1 Hip Hop Station 4 México City D.F. 104.9 FM Moscow’s 89.9 Jack FM
    5. 5. © 1995-2010 BRS Media Inc. “ Take a look at the top 5 webcasters in each of the Webcast Metrics charts and you'll see an interesting pattern: Three of the five - largely the fastest-growing webcasters - use numbers as part of their brand names and URLs. Also, four of the five have a “.fm” extension ” – RAIN, Radio & Internet Newsletter 1) Digitally Imported 2) AccuRadio 3) 1.FM 4) 202.FM 5) Club977 5
    6. 6. © 1995-2009 BRS Media Inc. 6 CBS' social networking site is the fastest-growing online music network in the U.S., according to new statistics released today. features a free-on-demand music service, which has seen a 92% increase in the number of unique listeners since it was launched four weeks ago. CBS says the site got a "tremendous boost" after received on- air promotional exposure during the Grammy Awards and a Garth Brooks concert on CBS-TV. Nearly 20 million views watched the 50th annual Grammy Awards, it's the music industry's biggest night.
    7. 7. © 1995-2010 BRS Media Inc. dotFM has sponsored the Official NAB Radio Show for the past 12 years. Thousands of radio executives worldwide attend the annual fall broadcasting event. NAB Radio Show dotFM has already committed to sponsoring this years NAB Radio Show in 2010. 7
    8. 8. © 1995-2010 BRS Media Inc. Press Coverage T he site of world's first FM radio station, the tower is named in memory of Major  E. H. Armstrong , the inventor of FM radio. Fairleigh Dickinson University WFDU – 89.1 FM - 8
    9. 9. © 1995-2010 BRS Media Inc. BRS Media presented a detailed report on the State of Internet Radio at the National Association of Broadcasters Convention. 9 Online Radio is among the fastest growing segment of the Internet. Internet radio's weekly U.S. audience has hit 60 million, according to the latest Arbitron and Edison Research Infinite Dial study. Internet Radio 1996-2010
    10. 10. © 1995-2010 BRS Media Inc. 10 Today, dotFM clients worldwide are building and branding across Social Networks. Examples include: Twisten.FM , Blip.FM , Ping.FM , Dora.FM, Headliner.FM, Sleep.FM & More! .FM Is becoming The Premium Branded Social Media Domain Name Dora.FM
    11. 11. © 1995-2010 BRS Media Inc. dotFM ® - Registry & Registrar Services 11
    12. 12. © 1995-2010 BRS Media Inc. 12 The .FM TLD root zone is managed by UltraDNS (owned by NeuStar, one of the largest domain registry’s in the world.). UltraDNS manages the DNS platform for over 30 Top Level Domains, including many high profile Country Code TLDs like: .UK (United Kingdom), .HK (Hong Kong), .CA (Canada) and .IE (Ireland). UltraDNS provides cutting edge DNS service, including IPv4 and IPv6 and DNSSEC. The UltraDNS Directory Services Platform currently spans 14 locations (nodes) and five continents around the world. This allows them to offer the most reliable fully redundant DNS service anywhere. UltraDNS has a 100% uptime record! Top-Level Domain Registry Experience The .FM TLD has been on the UltraDNS platform since 2004, resulting in dotFM having THE most durable, reliable and secure DNS of any TLD worldwide! Espresso CC (CoCCA) EPP Registry Platform The .FM TLD Registry runs on the Espresso CC, a full-featured world-class registry platform for ccTLDs, based on CoCCA, the most widely deployed registry software in the world. More than 20 top-level domains and over 150 registrars, including most major ICANN registers, have fully integrated with the platform. The Espresso CC (CoCCA) base code is written in Java and adheres to the engineering specifications (RFCs) for registration, resolution, and WhoIs information. Espresso CC can also be configured for use with Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs) and ENUM. It supports IPv6 and DNSSEC. It is secure and standards-based. UltraDNS Managed DNS Service
    13. 13. © 1995-2010 BRS Media Inc. 13 BRS Media has been providing Top Level Domain Registry services since March 1998, upon successfully launching, marketing and managing the ccTLD .FM. In late 1998, the company also successfully launched a registrar gateway for the ccTLD .AM, with an agreement from AM Network Information Centre (now ABC Domain, LLC) on behalf of Internet Society of Armenia NGO (ISOC AM), the domain sponsoring organization for Armenia’s ccTLD. Top-Level Domain Registry & Registrar Experience For over 11 years, BRS Media has effectively provided BOTH Domain Registrar (direct retail) and TLD Registry (ICANN registrar wholesale) service(s) for the .FM & .AM top level domains. BRS Media has been providing Domain Registrar service since April 1998 with the triumphant launch of the first multimedia domain retail site, dotFM. dotFM launched during the NAB (National Association of Broadcaster) Convention in Las Vegas. For over 11 years dotFM has been a prominent sponsor of the NAB Convention. The yearly broadcast conference averages over 100,000 International media attendees. For over 10 years, BRS Media has effectively marketed and managed the domain registrar services for .FM & .AM TLD worldwide, this includes employing both technical and promotional means.
    14. 14. Registrar, Network Solutions featured a customized marketing campaign for .AM & .FM domains. © 1995-2010 BRS Media Inc. 14
    15. 15. © 1995-2010 BRS Media Inc. dotFM ® Trademark 15
    16. 16. © 1995-2010 BRS Media Inc. United States Patent and Trademark Office ~--- ~ Prior u.s. Cis.: 100, 101 and 102 SERVICE MARK PRINCIPAL REGISTER DOTFM Reg. No. 2,603,972 Registered Aug. 6,2002 BRS MEDIA, INC. (CALIFORNIA CORPORATION) 55 NEW MONTGOMERY STREET, SUITE 622 SAN FRANCISCO, CA 94105 FOR; INFORMATION SERVICES, NAMELY, PROVIDING ONLINE DIRECTORIES FOR LOCA T - ING COMPUTER NE1WORK ADDRESSES, DEMO- GRAPHIC INFORMATION, ORGANIZATIONS, INDIVIDUALS, ADDRESSES, AND RESOURCES, ACCESSIBLE THROUGH A GLOBAL COMPUTER NETWORK, IN CLASS 35 (U.S. CLS. 100, 101 AND 102). FIRST USE 3-14-1998; IN COMMERCE 3-14-1998. SER. NO. 76-185,515, FILED 12-20-2000. JNDA ORNDORFF, EXAMINING ATTORNEY Trademark(s) BRS Media Inc. holds registered trademarks on both dotFM® and dotAM® issued by the US Patent and Trademark Office. These trademarks provide security to protect the integrity of the brands. As well as, the overall impression of the .FM & .AM identity . 16
    17. 17. .FM is THE Premium Multimedia Domain Name. © 1995-2010 BRS Media Inc. BRS Media Inc. Named as One of the 5,000 Fastest Growing Companies in America by Inc. Magazine – August 2009 & 2008 BRS Media Inc. Named to San Francisco Business Times "100 Fastest Growing Private Companies" in the Bay Area. – September 2008 CONFIDENTIALITY STATEMENT The information, data and drawings embodied in this proposal are strictly confidential and are supplied on the understanding that they will be held confidentially and not disclosed to third parties without the prior written consent of BRS Media Inc. or authorized agents. George T. Bundy / CEO dotFM® c/o BRS Media Inc. 55 New Montgomery St. Suite 622 San Francisco CA 94105-3432 Contact: Toll Free US/CA: 1.888.DOT.AMFM (1.888.368.2636) +1-415-677-4027 ext 205 +1-415-677-4025 fax [email_address]